Children's room 12 square meters. m - 75 modern examples of

Childrens Design 12 sq. M

The decor and interior, of course, affect the mood of all household members. That's why parents pay so much attention to the decoration of the child's room, trying to turn even a small room into a real corner of the fairy tale. Design of a children's room 12 sq. M. m must not only be attractive and functional, but also safe. Therefore, its development needs to be thoroughly prepared.

Zoning of children's 12 sq. M

The minimum footage of a child, designed for one child, is 8 square meters. m, the optimal - twelve. The same number of meters is considered borderline permissible for housing, dwelling in which there will be two kids.

Work desk by the window  Armchair-pillow in the nursery  An ancient map on the ceiling  Photo wallpapers in the interior  A mat of figures at the bed

Traditionally, the layout of the nursery provides for three zones:

  • working;
  • game;
  • recreational.

Bunk bed in the interior

The working area is better to provide at the window to provide the area with natural light. It is enough to place the following items:

  • desk;
  • comfortable chair or chair;
  • a high-quality table lamp or a wall lamp for additional lighting.

The Swedish wall in the nursery

Recreational site combines a recreation area and a bedchamber of a child. The child's bed should be located in a sufficiently secluded place. But from this point you should definitely see the window: it will help to adjust the correct mode and make it easier to morning climb to school or kindergarten.

The design of the game depends on the preferences of the child. It is worthwhile to place a wardrobe for toys and a cozy soft carpet for casual children's entertainment. Such a coating also contributes to noise insulation, neutralizing some of the vibration in the floor, which can interfere with neighbors from the bottom.

Yellow curtains on the window  Locker by the window  Multi-colored wall in the interior  Chandelier in the form of a flower in a nursery  Automotive motifs in the interior

Methods for visual expansion of space

Compact space should be used as ergonomically as possible, optically increasing the area of ​​the room. To visually expand the limited footage, you can use several proven techniques, which also effectively affect the design of a cozy children's room 12 square meters. m.

  1. When decorating the room, choose the pastel palette: light colors add volume to even tiny rooms. A fine pattern on the wallpaper acts on the same principle.
  2. A large mirror is another tool of an illusory increase in the dimensions of a square. This accessory is especially important for the girl's children's room. For safety reasons, you can use an acrylic analogue mirror, which is considered less traumatic.
  3. The introduction of strips into the interior helps visually stretch the ceiling and expand the walls. In the nursery, you can approach the lines with imagination, for example, by applying to the walls a picture in the form of trees, the trunks of which make the ceiling visually higher.
  4. The abundance of light also creates the illusion of volume, so do not skimp on lights and additional lighting.
  5. The accent wall is a great way to change the proportions of the room, hiding the lack of free space. Therefore, the wall behind the headboard of a child's bed can be safely painted in a darker color, which in tone will harmonize with the rest of the room.
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Visual expansion of the nursery space 12 sq. M Slate wallpapers in the interior  Space on the ceiling in the nursery  Marine motifs in the interior  Suspended swings in the interior  Bed with ladder

Color palette and materials for children

The timeless pastel will support the child's peace of mind, visually adding to the room the missing square meters. For the children's room for the girl, soft and warm peach tones, traditional pink, exquisite beige and unobtrusive shade of appetizing latte will do.

In the interior of the premises for the boy can be used as canonic shades of blue, and more daring options with green, sunny yellow or orange.

Children's 12 sq. M in light colors

Red color in the design promotes an active way of life and improvement of academic performance, so it is suitable for kids who are difficult to wake up in the morning, and for teenagers who have lost interest in learning. Purple awakens creative impulses and helps the child to reveal his talent.

Stretch ceiling in the interior  Striped wallpaper in the nursery  Chest opposite the bed  Partition in the interior  The combination of light green and yellow flowers in the nursery

When selecting materials for childcare, carefully check the labeling using only safe, natural and hypoallergenic substances.

For walls, the optimal solution remains paper wallpaper and their liquid analogue on a cellulose basis. The latter option is easily dismantled in case of damage by a young artist.

Carpet in the form of stones near the bed

From wallpaper on the fabric basis is better to refuse: the textured surface can become a place of accumulation of dust, which is harmful to breathing even adults.

Safe variants of flooring for children remain cork, carpet, natural parquet board and eco-friendly linoleum. These materials differ not only in price, but also in the degree of wear resistance. Therefore, when choosing a cover, it is important to consider the temperament and age of the child.

Wallpapers for khaki on the wall  Partition between table and bed  Lamp on the bedside table  Lilac color in the interior  Work desk by the window

Furnishing and ways to save space

In the conditions of saving every meter in small-sized "Khrushchevs" and "brezhnevka", the furniture-transformer is gaining increasing popularity. A table-book, a bed-wardrobe and a multi-functional sofa skillfully combine two subjects in one and are appropriate in a nursery. Quality furniture will allow you to serve furniture for years.

Furniture in the nursery 12 sq. M

Hanging shelves also help to free space. But to install them should be approached with special responsibility, installing the fastening as safely as possible. When choosing the height of the suspension, do not forget to focus on the growth of the child.

Accent wall in the interior  Sofa facing the bed  Pot with flower on the floor  Brick walls in the interior  Gray laminate on the floor

A two-tier bed is indispensable for a room where brothers or sisters will live together. Such a sleeping place is optimal for both children of different sex who will divide the territory for two. The second floor is considered more dangerous and is usually assigned to the older child, even if the difference between them is only a year.

Tree on the wall

But a two-storey bed is also suitable for a single child in the family. At the first level of such a design, you can place a capacious cabinet with a meter height. This kind of bed will be especially liked by the active boy, who will have fun climbing up to the berth on the stairs.

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Corner desk also helps to clear the square. m and use space ergonomically.

Partition with shelves  White wardrobe in pink interior  Aircraft under the ceiling  Niche in the wall  Ottomans in the interior

Decor and accessories for children

Each meter in the nursery should be associated with comfort and home heat. The original design decor will not only complement the style of decoration, but also help create the atmosphere of this fairy tale for a little princess or mischievous kid-robber.

Decor in the nursery 12 sq. M

Romantic girls like accessories in the Provencal style. Soft toys, tildes, flowing curtains with a floral pattern, cute tablecloths with lace on the table for imaginary tea-drinking will bring a special note to the interior.

For a separate child's room, carpets are also important. Soft and warm pile will not allow the baby to catch cold during games on the floor, and a bright and juicy print will necessarily raise the mood. For fans of cartoons and admirers of superheroes, you can find a themed rug with a picture of your favorite character.

Bed in the form of a castle

Brightness and dynamics are added and soft cushions for furniture. With the help of interesting colors and unusual prints, you can place the necessary accents in the decoration.

Painting walls and ceiling - a great way to dip a baby in a fairy tale. Any baby will like to fall asleep under the painted stars and clouds. On the walls are appropriate paintings with images of magical heroes, castles, picturesque landscapes and cute little animals.

Children's crafts over the table Photo of the Moon  Shelf in the form of a house on the floor  Book shelves above the bed  Interior with slate wallpaper  TV on the wall

Room for the newborn

As for older children, the room for the newborn should be light, as much as possible soundproofed from the rest of the premises in the house. The influx of fresh air is another important aspect that young parents should not forget about. Good circulation of air masses helps to reduce the number of pathogens.

Room for the newborn 12 кв м

For the baby, who was born only recently, the interior also plays an important role. Calm soft shades will allow the crumb to sleep better and develop fully. Decor should not be bright and catchy, because in the first days of life, unfamiliar and bulky accessories can look frightening and dangerous in the child's eyes.

During the preparation of the room for the youngest household, it is appropriate to provide in advance a system of warm floors. Time flies quickly, and when a newborn member of the family starts actively crawling on the floor, the system with thermostats will allow to keep the heat in the room, protecting the baby from colds.

Armchair in the corner

In other respects, the interior of such a nursery depends on the preferences of the parents. It is important only to remember the need to use safe building materials and that in two or three years the renovation of the room will still have to be remodeled. Kids learn the world very actively and this often suffers from the finishing of the room.

Decorative fireplace in the interior  Letters on the wall  A chest of drawers in the windows  Pictures on the walls  A bedside table with a lamp by the armchair

Interior of a room for a girl

Little girls like the fabulous motifs used to decorate the bedroom. An elegant bed with a canopy, an exquisite bedside table and a fluffy carpet will make her feel like a real princess.

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Girls are more critical of their own comfort, prefer playing on the bed or at the table, so they need more furniture and things. When designing furniture for a young lady, take care that her room is fully provided with the necessary suite.

  1. It is better to choose a bed with large built-in drawers. In them you can store not only bed linen: toys or sports equipment also there is a place in convenient niches.
  2. The cabinet for crumbs-a fashionista should be capacious and open to access. A girl, even a kindergarten age, chooses to choose her own outfit, than to put on what her mother likes.
  3. The desktop should be completed with bedside tables with many boxes. Here the mistress can store both personal things, and accessories for needlework.

Children's 12 sq. M for girls Chain on chain  A curtain with butterflies by the bed  Mirror on the wall  Wallpapers with flowers in the nursery  Multilevel ceiling in the interior

Interior for a boy

Malchugan will need less furniture, but more space. Young defenders need active games, most of which take place on the floor. Of furniture, the boy needs only a good solid bed, an ergonomic desk with a chair and a wardrobe.

Children's 12 sq. M for a boy

The first class boy's clothes are less bulky than the outfits of his one-year-old girl, who needs to fit in one place and lush dresses, and numerous shoes. Therefore, the cabinet of a small man can be much smaller than similar furniture for a young lady.

Boys really like adventure themes, so you can decorate the interior in a marine style. Sea spirit will make you feel like a pirate who returned from distant wanderings, and the blue, blue and white colors prevailing in the decoration will have a beneficial effect on the psyche of the child.

Wallpapers with a car on the wall  Shelves in the headboard  Seat on the window  Bed in the form of a car  Workplace on the podium

Modern ideas for decorating a teen's room

What could fascinate in seven or eleven years, already at thirteen, can turn into a real irritant. Therefore, the golden rule of developing a modern design of a room for a teenager is to ask the opinion of the teenager himself. Usually the main requirements of the household are privacy and following the fashionable trends in design, which should be embodied in the interior.

Room 12 sq m for a teenager

Among the children of adolescence, the popularity of bright and colorful interiors of modernity and pop art, as well as restrained and strict motives of eclecticism, loft or Scandinavian currencies, are gaining popularity. But do not forget that in the thirteen years the child remains a child, so it is unlikely to completely abandon the pretty and cozy decor. But a young man at the age of sixteen is already able to fully independently develop and with you to embody the design he liked.

Niches at the window  Black curtains in the bard interior  Room with mirror cupboard  Acoustics under the TV  Wallpapers with inscriptions in the nursery

Children's room measuring 12 square meters. m is considered the best in terms of space for a comfortable stay of the child. From the first days of birth to the difficult teenage age, this place in the house remains the personal space of a young family member. When planning the design of this part of the apartment, be based on the safety precautions and preferences of your child.