40 stunning modular sofas in the interior

Modular sofa can have a variety of shapes and sizes, forming at the same time from several separate parts (from 2 to 5). The most common variant of such a sofa is a model for 2-4 places, with an extra chair, padded stool or a couch (corner sofa). At the same time, luxurious modular sofas, which consist of 3-5 large parts and can accommodate a large number of people, usually become the main decoration for spacious rooms with high ceilings.

Its popularity modular sofas deserve in the first place by providing a large number of seats. Well, who does not want to gather in his living room all friends and relatives to socialize, laugh, watch TV, but do not worry about the lack of seats or their inconvenience?

Another important advantage of modular sofas is the flexibility of their placement in space: they consist of several parts that you can freely move then and as you like (except for models in which the components are connected together). In combination with their restful view, this also contributes to creating a cozy, friendly and relaxing atmosphere in the room.

Beautiful modular sofas (photo):

It is not necessary to think that all modern modular sofas are cumbersome and are not suitable for small rooms. There is an unlimited number of options - for all types of premises and even for the street. We suggest you to make sure of this with our selection of 40+ photos of wonderful modular sofas in different styles!

white-sectional sofa white-sectional sofa-na-nozhkakh turquoise-modular sofa large-sofa-from-two-section large-sofa-of-three-sections large-sectional sofa sofa-is-several-piece sofa-pillows sofa-with-shelf-and-pouf sofa-with-extra-chair sofa-in-style-retro elegant corner sofa elegant-feminine-sofa interior-with-furniture-furniture leather-sectional sofa beautiful-upholstered-modular-sofa beautiful-design-room-with-sofa red-modular sofa bed-is-two-sofas loft-with-modular sofa small-sectional sofa small corner sofa minimalist-sectional sofa modular-sofa-for-a-small-room modular-sofa-for-view-movies modular-sofa-on-legs modular-sofa-with-bright-upholstery modular-sofa-in-bedroom unusual-form-sectional-sofa unusual-upholstery-sectional sofa low-modular sofa original-modular-sofa sectional-soft-furniture-for-living room sectional-sofa-for-large-room sectional-sofa-for-street complex corner sofa modern-sofa-with-add-ottoman stylish-modular-sofa comfortable-sofa-for-large-room corner-sofa-is-two-piece corner-sectional sofa