Design of a small hallway in an apartment - 50 photos of

design of a small hallway

In any house design determines the overall atmosphere, mood and style of the interior. The hallway is the first thing a guest sees when entering an apartment. Often it is difficult for owners to equip a small hallway due to lack of space and fear of piling up excess items. The design of a small hallway in an apartment is not easy, but very exciting, requiring a creative approach, as well as observance of certain rules. The problem of small rooms is the lack of useful space in the house, when the appointment of a room requires the placement of a certain set of things, and there is no place for all this.

Based on the experience of many owners of small apartments, there is a certain minimum set of pieces of furniture that must necessarily be in the hallway. These include:

  1. Cupboard. The most aesthetic and ergonomic option for the hallway will be a full cabinet, the interior of any room without it looks unfinished, somehow "uninhabited." The cabinet will significantly steal the entrance hall, but there will immediately appear a useful space for the placement of outer clothing, hats, accessories, umbrellas, scarves, gloves and others. A successful solution in the design of the hallway will be the conversion of a niche into a dressing room by embedding there a closet. Doors need to be equipped with mirrors to visually expand or extend the room. Even more will be the hallway, if several luminaires are installed above the sliding mirror doors. Additional useful space will appear thanks to the installation of side shelves along the cabinet.
  2. Hanger. This option is most suitable for the hallway, where the area is categorically small. In fact, the simplest hanger is a set of hooks with a shelf for the hats, sometimes on the factory kits there is a horizontal bar to hang the hangers. In general, the factory version of the hanger-rack for the hallway can not be better suited for the arrangement of a small area. Here and design, you can choose the right one, both the color and the configuration, so that in any particular case the solution will be found.
  3. A curbstone. You always need a place to sit, shine, or just wait for someone. Here, an armchair, a chair or an ordinary stool, but a great multifunctional option will be a curbstone. There is a place for sitting and space for different things like gloves, brushes for shoes, scoops, keys, papers and other things. In addition, for a small hallway, you can choose the most compact cabinet.
  4. Shoe shelf. The general economy of a place in an apartment forces to use and such subjects of furniture. After all, if the family is big, then all the shoes on the floor of the hallway will not be placed. Here, on top of each other, several pairs fit perfectly without a special pile.
  5. Mirror. The design of a small hallway without this crucial detail is impossible. First, it is the control of its own kind before going out. Secondly, it is a wand-rescue rod for many hallways, because mirrors have the effect of visual expansion of space.

Bench and hanger in the hallway

Bench and lockers in the hallway

Minimal amount of furniture in the hallway

Basic rules of the hallway design

The small area of ​​the hall does not at all mean that it will have to be deprived of something. There are certain tricks, resorting to which, you can solve the design problem in a small apartment.

  1. Color - for a not very large hallway, the interior must be exceptionally light. Pastel colors should prevail in the overall color scheme. Dark parts, of course, can be present, for example, a brown cabinet or a black pouf, a dark blue door and so on. However, they should not be enough, because the hallway, lined with black furniture and covered with dark wallpaper, will definitely seem less than it is. In addition, if we talk about the ornament on the floor or walls, then there are no large prints, only small patterns: flowers, peas, a strip. It is preferable to choose a one-ton coating.
  2. Light - a small entrance hallway should be fully lit, as bright as possible. There should be several light sources, then the interior of the house will play with bright colors. Shadows are best avoided, because the narrow entrance hall in the twilight becomes very small. Lamps next to the mirror or around it will intensify the effect of lighting, besides, make-up will be much more convenient if there is a lot of light.
  3. Mirrors - erase the boundaries of the room. If there is an opportunity in a private house or apartment to make the entire wall mirror, it must be used. The lateral mirror border visually makes the small hallway much wider, and the mirror, located on the whole wall opposite the door, will create the illusion of an endless corridor. The original idea is a mirrored front door. This solution will save money for the purchase of a separate mirror, as well as a place for its location on any of the walls of the hallway.
  4. Furniture - a tiny square entrance hall should not be cluttered. Small-sized apartment is initially better equipped at a minimum. The optimal set of pieces of furniture has already been presented above, now you can talk about the tones of the headset. The color of the furniture is not particularly important, the main thing is that the style be maintained, and all elements are in harmony with each other. This rule must be followed for the design of the whole house. For the interior of a small hallway is suitable corner cabinet, a small curbstone or pouf. On this you can, perhaps, limit yourself. A large set of furniture is not for this occasion. If a lot of people live in private ownership, then there are a lot of shoes in the hallway. For a small apartment with three or four tenants, the shelf for shoes is the best. Wooden, plastic or metal - it literally saves your space from the eternal pile of boots, as well as scattered slippers and sneakers. Agree, much better and aesthetic looks shoes, placed on the shelves, rather than standing in rows on the floor. And so it will take much more precious place, and a compact shoe shelf will help to put everything in its place.
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Entrance hall in white color

Before starting the repair, you should prepare the project in advance and calculate everything to the smallest detail, since the task of combining all the necessary items in one close space of the hallway is not an easy task.

Minimum furniture

Closet and hanger for the hallway

Advantageous solutions for sex

About this plane, too, do not forget, because in the hallway, carpets are not usually stitched, especially if the owners adhere to modern design. The small hallway can be decorated as stylishly as the rooms in the house, so you can not neglect sex. In apartments now use for design several types of floor coverings:

  • linoleum;
  • laminate;
  • wooden floors;
  • carpet;
  • ceramic tile.

The most simple in care, popular because of its cheapness and versatility - it's linoleum. It is easy to wash, and you can not be afraid that it will fade or creep away from water or detergent. In the hallway in a private house, it is advisable to lay a commercial linoleum, which usually stems in rooms with increased traffic. So there is less risk of damage to the material due to sand, heels and other negative factors. For the hallway, you can choose linoleum almost any color and texture, because it is not always exceptionally smooth. The variety of patterns will allow you to choose the right floor cover for any interior.

Laminate in the hallway

Laminate is now the most popular because of its high strength and resistance to various loads. The presentation of high-quality products can survive for a whole decade. Laminate is not afraid of any kind of cleaning, no moisture, no dust to him, too, are not terrible.

Floors of tiles

As for the wooden floors, it is quite possible to note: they are obsolete. Parquet as a kind of wooden flooring can harmoniously complement only the classical hallway, aged in an old and even chic style. And the usual polished floor from our Soviet past looks, to put it mildly, unattractive. Therefore, even to consider it does not make sense, it is unlikely that anyone will dare to leave such a floor covering in the hallway. And in general, the wooden floor is impractical: it is constantly necessary to take care of it, especially carefully in the hallway. Parquet has a high level of moisture absorption, it can be easily scratched, and it quickly loses its proper appearance. Therefore, for ordinary average houses, wooden cover is not good.

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Linoleum in the corridor

A small hallway will look very cozy, if you put a carpet in it. However, it is worth remembering that in this case, the floor will be executed in dark colors, because light is very difficult to clean, and it will be spoiled accurately. By the way, that's why the pile of the carpeting in the hallway should be short, otherwise it will retain street dirt and small debris.

Wooden floor in the corridor

For an apartment of compact dimensions, ceramic tiles on the floor are ideal. Stability to loads and easy cleaning - these are the two main weighty arguments in its favor. In a private house, a tile imitating a tree or a natural stone will look good. Slippery types of coverage should be avoided.

Ceramic tile floor in the hallway

In addition to the aesthetic load, one should be guided by practical arguments, since in the hallway the load on the floor is maximal because of high traffic, and often in shoes. Visually lengthen the hallway laying of the laminate in length, and widen the narrow room will help the diagonal drawing of linoleum. Tiles, too, better to put diamonds, so the design will be much more interesting.

The pattern is long on the floor

Corridor Accessories

Ceiling in the hallway

From the ceiling everything is much simpler: the lighter the better. The one-ton solution in this case is the most optimal and traditional one. It is not worth it to be wise here, so as not to overload the house with the details. A bright, monophonic ceiling is the ideal solution for almost any occasion, in particular, for a compact hallway. So the room will add lightness and extra volume. If the plane of the ceiling is perfectly flat, without flaws, cracks and bumps, you can cover it with ordinary water-based paint - the cheapest option without the wisdom and extra work.

Visual effects on the ceiling

When the ceiling surface is in a deplorable state, and it is difficult to fix it, you can resort to several ways of finishing the ceiling in the hall:

  1. Plastic panels - smooth glossy material slightly lift the space of a small hallway, and in the right places it will be possible to build local light sources. The variety of colors of such panels will help to improve the design of the house, if the choice falls, for example, on a soft pink or light blue ceiling.
  2. Stretch ceilings - very effective glossy material, hiding all the imperfections and not requiring careful care. The design provides for the installation of any luminaires, regardless of shape, quantity and complexity. Mirror effect of stretch ceilings will deepen the space of the hallway and make the design of the room incredibly exquisite.
  3. Gypsum board - with its help you can mount a false ceiling. The surface will be perfectly flat, besides the material allows you to make a multi-level design, thus allocating certain areas. In addition to zoning in gipsokartonnye ceilings at home, you can easily install small lamps.
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Plasterboard ceilings

Wall material

For the walls of the hallway you can use absolutely different materials. The room or bedroom is unlikely to fit into the plastic panels or lining, and the hallway of a small house will look decent with such decoration. But again, do not forget about the color of the coating. Dark or too variegated walls will narrow the room and crush on all sides. Large drawings in this hallway are also not needed. A stylish and laconic design will create a monochrome wall of beige, light green, gray or softly lilac. Longitudinal waves, thin strips, small flowers, bizarre patterns of medium caliber - all this can be present on the walls of the hallway, if the classic option does not appeal to the owner.

Textured finish of the hall walls

Light walls expand the room

So, let's look at the variety of materials for finishing the walls of the hall:

  1. Paper wallpaper - not the most successful option, albeit the most economical. The vestibule of any house is the place where street dirt and moisture from the clothes live, so the paper can not last long on the walls, the wallpaper will soon deform and lose its appearance, as they do not give way to cleaning.
  2. Liquid wallpaper - a durable washable coating, resistant to scratches and damage. The wallpaper remains unchanged for 5-8 years, besides it can be washed, vacuumed and wiped with chemicals. The design of the hallway, finished with this type of wall covering, can be anything: texture, color, a combination of different shades - anything the owner wants. After all, space can be divided into several zones, depending on the color.
  3. Vinyl wallpaper - practical modern material, convenient in everything: it is easy to glue on walls, easy to wash, clean strong impurities.
  4. Wooden decoration of the walls - an option though not too common, but very original. Especially spectacular and cozy will look in a private house. Not very practical, of course. It will be necessary to periodically clean the tree, cover with fresh varnish, watch for chips and other damages.
  5. Plastic panels - will save the appearance of the room with uneven walls, but will significantly reduce the space after installation. They serve for a very long time, do not burn out, are well washed, easily mounted, isolated from noise.
  6. Decorative plaster - a stylish solution for the hallway. You can put plaster texture and with patterns, but the shade must necessarily be light.
  7. Imitation of a stone - in a narrow hallway it is better not to resort to such a variant of decor. The dark stone on the walls will turn this part of the house into a cave. If there is a desire, it is better to stop on a white brick. Light walls with imitation of brick decoration will look very original.

Zoning of the hallway

Compact entrance hall

Zoning the hallway - will favorably allocate some plots. The stone can be put on the bottom, cover the wall around the mirror with colored decorative plaster, and the rest of the place with wallpaper.