Successful interior design in the lobby

At the entrance to the big beautiful house, the first thing that a person pays attention to is the hall. This room gives the guest a first impression of the whole house. Even if your house does not have a large hall, but only a small room right after the door, its design is a kind of business card. Everything in this room must match the general style of your house. All the details of the hall, whether the floor is tiled, the walls or decorative details should match the taste and preferences of the owner of the house.

Of course, all this will require not only creative expenses but also material ones. The design of the hall should be approached with all responsibility. This room connects with all the others, so when you finish it, you should try not to allow dissonance. After all, every room in your house can have its own design. For example, children's motives are more suitable for your children's room. Or, if your child is already more adult, he can come up with a child's design on his own. And if in the hall the color of the walls or furniture will differ dramatically from the child's next to it, then it may look a little ridiculous.

large hall design

When creating interior design of the hall, you should not use too effective elements. After all, in this room, guests usually stay for a short time and can simply not notice anything. The design should be pretty straightforward, but at the same time be in harmony with the overall style of the whole house.

When creating a hall design, you also need to consider its dimensions. After all, not every house or apartment boasts a large and spacious hall. Very often, especially in the houses of the old Soviet building, there is a narrow and long corridor from which you can get into all the rooms of the apartment.

If there are several basic elements that you should pay special attention to.

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Floor в холле. За день по нему могут пройтись множество людей. Поэтому пол должен быть износоустойчив. Современные производители предлагают множество различного материала для покрытия пола. Многие останавливают свой выбор на кафельной плитке. Можно подобрать плитку любого цвета и фактуры. К тому же она прочная и прослужит вам много времени.

But in addition to such flooring, you can pick up something more modern. Suitable linoleum with a clear graphic pattern or marble cover. Gain a lot of popularity such material as carpet. Ideally suited coating of natural fibers, such as raffia or sisal.

To keep the floor of the hall in good condition it is desirable to have a small tambour. In it, guests, and the owners themselves will be able to wipe their shoes in inclement weather. It is very convenient directly behind the entrance door to spread the floor with mat from coconut fiber or other natural material. Such a mat should have a width of 1 meter, and the length should correspond to the entire width of the hall.

An important detail is the color of the walls. The best option is the selection of neutral colors. They will fit well into the overall interior of the whole house. But if your guests, entering the hall to see the walls, painted in cheerful colors - this will increase their mood, and you, too.

Light and Lighting

If the windows in your lobby are facing the sunny side, and the room is always full of light, it is better to use yellow keys. Use light cherry or other warm tones better in a room with a lack of sunlight.

Modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of different materials for wall decoration. In addition to various types of paint, you can use wallpaper, textured paint, decorative plaster or liquid wallpaper. It all depends on the overall style of your home and your preferences.

Modern design trends suggest the use of decorative walls in the hall decorative stone. The use of such a material gives many advantages. First, the room itself takes an unusual design. Secondly, the stone is perfectly combined with other finishing materials. Thirdly, it is convenient for decorating corners and small "islands" on the wall.

It is not necessary to lay out with decorative stone all the walls in the hall. If you only have a small corridor in the apartment, then it can turn into a stone cave. Make one wall that does not have furniture, and use new material to decorate others. Also, the decoration of decorative fragments of individual fragments looks fine. You can lay out the corners in the hallway or the bottom of the walls with a stone. Remember that it is not necessary to achieve perfectly flat edges. You can give them a geometric pattern. If there are several doors in the hallway, then you can decorate the openings with decorative finishing - this will make the design more spicy.

In the hall, as in any room, lighting is necessary. Closed lighting fixtures are suitable for this purpose. Various lanterns or plafonds, with bulbs inside. If the interior of the house is aged in the old style, then it will perfectly fit the lights as on old carriages. Such lights will look beautiful on the sides of the front door.

Wall or table lamps also look good. But their light may not be enough for normal lighting of the hall, especially having a large area. Therefore, they should not be the only sources of light.

You can place stained glass above the entrance door. They will let in beautiful color spots. To make the light from stained glass more spectacular, purchase panels of transparent plastic and install them on top of ordinary glasses.

In modern apartments, the hall often plays the role of a long corridor. In this case, the lighting should be given more attention. It is better to use more than one light source, but several. Arrange them along the entire length of the room so that in all corners there is one level of illumination. If the apartment is dominated by modern design, then it is better to apply spot lighting. In addition, wallpaper or painting of walls should be done in light colors.


Another part of the hall is the ceiling. If its surface is flat enough, and you are not going to install additional lighting equipment, you can do with simple plaster. In the houses of the old Soviet building often the ceiling has unevenness. Therefore, additional efforts may be required to hide these defects.

The hall is not considered residential, so it is possible to use non-natural materials. Here you can apply plastic or plasterboard structures. Such a device of the ceiling coating will hide the unevenness. In addition, these designs will allow you to install additional lighting devices by conducting wiring between the panels and the ceiling.

In addition to these materials is gaining popularity - hinged ceiling. Of course, it will cost much more, and it should be installed by specialists. But its perfect flat surface and the ability to choose a practical any color make this ceiling more attractive. In addition, the mirror surface of the suspended ceilings visually makes your hall taller.

Black ceilings are gaining popularity. But for this color, additional lighting should be provided. Without it, your ceiling will be ironed out with a dark stain. Therefore, consider the lighting scheme in advance and install it during the installation of the ceiling.

It is also worth paying attention to the entrance door itself. To visually increase space in the lobby, paint the inside of the door in the color of the wooden texture. The outside is better to make it darker. If security allows, you can use doors with glass inserts.

Do not forget about the furnishing of the room. The hall does not serve as a place for a long stay of people. Therefore, the furniture should not be too much.

In any hall there should be a standard set of objects. To all people before you "go out into the light" you need to check your appearance. Therefore, on the wall before the exit must necessarily be a mirror. Better if it will be at full height. This desire will be enthusiastically supported by all women. The style of the mirror itself should correspond to the overall design of the whole house. If the emphasis is on modern technology, then the mirror should be light, and made of the latest materials. For fans of antiquity the mirror in a massive and openwork frame will approach.

Also in the lobby there should be a table for keys and correspondence. Do not install a massive table, even if it fits into the overall interior. It is necessary to put a small table, it is possible with a semicircular table top. If the mirror weighs next to the entrance door, then a narrow bedside table set under the mirror can well approach.

In the hall, guests and owners remove their outer clothing, so there must be a hanger for things and headgear. If you use umbrellas, then do not forget to install a special stand for them. The room must have a watch. It is advisable to install a small ottoman or chair so that it is convenient to take off and dress shoes.

The furnishing of the room itself depends on its size. If you live in a small apartment, then installation of a large table or even a chair may not be possible. But modern manufacturers can offer a large selection of furniture of almost any size. Also now it becomes quite fashionable to make tables or padded stools to order. It is very convenient. After all, you will make furniture of exactly the style and size that best suits the general style of your apartment.

For small halls, which prevail in urban apartments, you can use specially designed furniture hallways. They combine multifunctionality and small size. They already built in and a table for all sorts of trivia, and a clothes hanger, and a place for shoes. In addition, if your corridor is L-shaped, you can choose a corner furniture room of the size suitable for you.

When the house has a large hall, then it will look great forged furniture. The method of artistic forging allows you to make furniture items more reliable and durable. And to give them aesthetic appeal. If all the items are made by a good master, then they will meet all the requirements of functionality and ergonomics.

From this material can be made different pieces of furniture for your hall. It can be:

  • umbrella stand;
  • Forged bench perfectly suits the elderly and children. It will ease the process of footwear for them and help them to relax after walking;
  • mirrors in the lace frame;
  • beautiful forged hangers can be made both in hanging and in the floor version;
  • small tables-stands for various trifles;
  • wall lamps and chandeliers;

To decorate the walls you can use various decorative objects. It all depends on the size of the room and the overall style of the house. If you have a large and bright hall, then you can use large paintings or decorative ornaments. You can pick up a beautiful Victorian candelabrum and turn it into a lighting device. Il pick up a reproduction, and maybe the original, a picture of your favorite artist. If the style allows, then the paintings can be placed in a luxurious antique framework.

If you are the owner of a small corridor in a city apartment, then you should show your imagination. Look fine with a small frame with photos on the wall. They can be depicted beautiful places of our planet or all the same pictures of famous artists. Or a small sconce above the little table.