Wagon-house on wheels: a place for free people

Van-house on wheels in North Carolina

Wagon-house on wheels: freedom of movement

Wagon-house on wheels - an excellent solution for those who can not afford even the smallest of their own home. Julia Fowler from North Carolina just remade the legendary Fleetwood Prowler camper 1984 in her new home.

Julia and her friend bought a cheap five-wheeled camper, which required major repairs. It was necessary to remake 80 percent of the exterior, as the camper was badly damaged by the water from previous owners. It took about six months. Also, cosmetic repairs were made. The guys even have a couple of video tours on the interior of their van:

Fleetwood Prowler camper van - home

The most important member of the family appreciated the repair

In the roof, a window was made, comfortable designer armchairs with shelves, boxes, bags and other storage devices were bought.

Wagon-house on wheels: creative furniture

Creative furniture for creative people

Van-house on wheels. Save space: practical furniture

Practical furniture - the key to success

The kitchen has a retractable table top to save space. Metal surfaces are effectively combined with wooden surfaces. Above the sink is a towel stand - a wooden hand-made object. All cans with spices are attached to the shelf, so that nothing falls during the movement of the camper. Instead of a hanging shelf, an old skateboard board is used.

Wagon-house on wheels: kitchen

Renovated kitchen

Cozy wagon-house on wheels

Jar comfort

Wagon-house on wheels: skateboard instead of shelf

Interesting interior design solutions: a skateboard instead of a shelf

In the bathroom hang wallpaper from old maps. The sink is made of metal and is equipped with an original cork. Revitalizes the interior of the vintage entrance door.

Van-house on wheels: wallpaper from old maps

The spirit of travel in everything. Even in wallpaper

Van-house on wheels: a sink made of metal A freight home of Julia Fowler

A place where you can think about the important

In the future, the family plans to travel a lot and improve the exterior decoration of their house. Everything here is executed with love and with imagination, it is simple and inexpensive, it is felt, that owners adore the family center.