Griffel and chalk board: application in the interior +75

Slate in the interior

A simple slate in the interior can make a variety in any room. The idea of ​​using slate boards as a decor comes from France. There, such boards make out the entrance to the cafe, so that visitors are aware of the current menu. In the living rooms, this design was used later. But the variant of an unusual design was liked by many, and the boards are now considered to be full interior accessories.

The paint, which creates a layer for drawing with chalk, happens not only graphite, brown and green. Today, you can find the colorants of any shade, and they can be applied to the drawings and inscriptions of crayons.

There are even stickers that mimic the slate surface. They are glued to refrigerators and other interior items to give them an unusual look.

Yellow deer on a black wall

For walls, manufacturers produce not only paint, but ready-made slate wallpapers. The slate wall in the room is a new trendy trend that many famous designers use.

Chandelier with candle-lamps in the interior  Guitar at the wall  The player on the chest of drawers  Striped walls in the interior  Painted wall in the hallway

Slate paint

Slate paint, usually, restore the boards in school. This is a fairly cheap and reliable way to restore the surface of the scratched board.

In the design of the room, the following paint options are used:

  • Magnetic paintwork;
  • Paint in cans;
  • Alkyd paint for application by brushes or rollers;

Slate paint

Magnetic paintwork allows using the treated surface as a magnetic board, on which you can also write with chalk. Their secret lies in the iron particles added to the basic composition. In cans, the paints are easily applied to the wall. Only use them in a ventilated room, after covering all surfaces that can not be processed.

A simple slate is applied in a traditional way. The time of its drying is a little longer than in the above options, but it is possible to cover such a large area with such paint.

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Chandelier over the desk  Lamp in the corridor  Floor lamp in the nursery  Yellow frame on black wall  Window wash

Even on sale it is possible to find marker paints. They are called analogs of paintwork materials. The composition of such paints is ecological, and has an indisputable advantage: after drying the coating, it can be written with "water" markers of different colors. The price of these colorants is quite high, for example, one liter of paint can cost about 8,000 rubles, but it suffices for painting a plot of 6 square meters.

This kind of decor has its pros and cons. Let's consider them in more detail:

High abrasion resistance of the coating.Increased price, compared to other options.
Environmentally friendly, no odor.Use only for interior work.
Beautiful surface.

Hood above the stove

Of the non-obvious advantages can be called those that relate to life with young children under one roof. One slate wall will save all repairs in the apartment or house from the riot of little artists. After all, they can draw on it, painting the surface from floor to ceiling with new paintings.

Even on a slate or wall it is convenient to make notes. You can always draw something outlandish to diversify the appearance of the room.

Niche with wood in the wall  Shelves in the kitchen  Yellow accents in white interior  Bedroom with balcony  Chest of drawers near the wall

The approximate expense of this paint is calculated in 125 ml per one square meter of area. More accurate figures are on each bank.

The slate dries for about 24 hours. After, its hardness and strength can be easily tested with crayons and sponges. This type of coating is not afraid of scratches, but does not tolerate low temperatures.

Kitchen with black and white walls

This type of coloring matter can be bought in the store, and you can do it yourself. The recipe for the coating includes paint, water and gypsum. The proportions of the ingredients are 3: 1: 2. In addition, there is another recipe for this paint - a glass of acrylic and two tablespoons of cement. Kohler can be added to any of these mixtures.

From the factory analogues, the home production paint will be distinguished by the absence of marble chips in it. Manufacturers make their products strong and resistant, adding to the composition of various additives and stabilizers.

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Wall with photos in the interior  Flower on a bench  Watch on a striped wall  Dining room in loft style  Board over the table

Slate wallpapers

At the base of the slate wallpaper is waterproof vinyl of high quality. In the West, this kind of decoration has been used for a long time. In other countries, slate wallpapers are just beginning their ascent to the top of interior trends.

Slate wallpapers в интерьере

The wallpaper with a slate is self-adhesive. To place wallpaper on the wall, it's enough to simply separate the film from the main material, and paste it on the selected surface.

Striped carpet in the bedroom  Table-island in the kitchen  Children's table against the wall  The fridge fridge in the kitchen  Floor lamp near the bed

Eco-friendly and high-tech coating can withstand up to 10,000 erase and chalk cycles. On sale there are also films on which you can draw with markers.

The porous coating perfectly imitates the lead. It is pleasant to the touch, it is resistant to scratches, after removing from the surface it does not leave dirty marks.

Wall Shelves in the bedroom

These wallpapers are used in the interior of the living room, kitchen, nursery. They can be seen in the bathroom and the hallway. Another type of decoration is placed above the work surfaces so that the recording space is always at hand.

Kitchen combined with dining room  Kitchen interior with turquoise refrigerator  Column on the wall  Red armchair in the interior  Beams on the ceiling

In the nursery

The nursery is the ideal place for a slate or wall. All children love to draw on any surfaces without exception. To give them a place for creativity, the wall near the window can be made slate.

Slate wallpapers в детской

Griffin wallpaper and other covers decorate many children's institutions. There, this kind of decor is very popular. All the drawings on the lead can be stored for several days, and then washed off when the spectacle nestles.

White chest of drawers against the black wall  Wood in the interior of the nursery  Owl on the wall  Decor in the form of a fence in a nursery  Globe on the table

In the kitchen

In the kitchen, you can decorate the refrigerator with this decor. It is also possible to make a whole wall behind the dining area, like in a cafe, or turn into a writing board a simple interior door.

Slate wallpapers на кухне

As, more often than not, such coverage is rather dark, it is worth considering the effect of dimming in the overall interior concept. For small kitchens small slate areas are suitable, large areas can be decorated with slate coatings from the floor and up to the ceiling.

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Contrast of the black wall in the white interior  Bright pictures in the kitchen  Kitchen furniture with white facade  Semi-laminate  Kitchen with brick wall

In the office

In the office данный вариант отделки – не роскошь, а насущная необходимость. Рабочий процесс подразумевает создание спонтанных записей. Их можно легко и быстро разместить на грифельной стене. Хорош такой вариант отделки кабинета для творческих личностей. Именно у них возникают гениальные идеи, которые требуют немедленного письменного и графического отображения.

Slate wallpapers в кабинете  Floor of the boards in the interior  Letters on the wall  Workplace in the niche  Closet at the wall

The design of the slate of the entire room is a mauve ton. It is best to use this kind of decoration on one wall or part of it.

Modern furniture in the office

To avoid the notorious crumbs from chalk in the room, you can place special skirting boards on this wall, or use a chalk marker on a liquid basis.

Table with three workplaces  Red armchairs in the office  Window in the ceiling  Map on the wall  Cabinet with wallpaper in the form of bookshelves

In the hall

Slate wallpapers в совокупности с фотообоями великолепно смотрятся в прихожей. Можно наклеить на стену всего один рулон грифельного покрытия, и доска для записей готова. Используя такой интерьерный прием, можно не беспокоиться о списке покупок. Также возможно оставлять записки близким на самом видном месте.

Slate wallpapers в прихожей Wall from shelves  Bicycle on wallpaper  White door in the hallway  Red wall in a black interior  Corridor with brick wall

Unusual interior items with slate cover

Cretaceous or marker painting is applied not only on walls. Slate material can be found in the most unexpected places: on a table, on a chest of drawers, on a cabinet door and on a flower pot.

Furniture, which has a similar finish, looks non-trivial, easily fits into a modern interior. Graphite, as a base, is used for decoration of jars, candlesticks, watches and mugs. His creative influence extends to the most extensive areas. The main thing is that the imagination of the designer does not run low.

Furniture with slate coating  Chest of drawers  Fridge  Kitchen  Chair


Slate board in the interior can take a variety of forms. Some craftsmen, in this way, make out trays, utensils and book covers. Others use traditional coating options, which, more often than not, are placed on walls. Where can I use this option? Almost everywhere, but do not forget that this decoration should be combined with the rest of the room.