Kitchen in country style: secrets of rural comfort + 25

There are many beautiful cuisines (you could read about this in our article The most stylish kitchen for 2016). Some of them can be admired in the distance, but the country style kitchen is ideal for use. The village simplicity and the habitable kind turn it into one of the most comfortable and comfortable rooms in the house. Want to decorate your kitchen in the country style? Next, you will learn how to do it right, and you will find 25 photos for inspiration!

How to design a kitchen in a country style

Wooden furniture, bright textiles and the use of dishes as decor - the main features of the design of the kitchen in the style of country. In what order and how exactly is it necessary to select all these details?

The starting point for the design of the kitchen is furniture, in particular kitchen cabinets. Unpainted wooden facades of the kitchen are the country's visiting card style, but you can also choose lockers covered in creamy white, gray, pale green, blue and red tones. The combination of two shades, warm and cooler, will give your country cuisine an interesting and fresh look. Leave some doors transparent and add a backlight from the inside so you can see your favorite utensils and cooking tools.

Kitchen in country style with wooden furniture How to create a beautiful kitchen interior in the country style - 25 photos

When the interior area allows, the central element of the kitchen can be an island with a bar counter and an additional place for storing kitchen utensils. In a small apartment, a dining area with expressive chairs (wicker, forged, upholstered with leather or even different) can be arranged instead of it. Open wall shelves and vintage buffet will help beautifully decorate the kitchen interior in the style of country plates and other ceramic products. In general, when choosing furniture and decor for the country kitchen, it is worthwhile to focus on handmade products, including art painting, forging, wood carving etc.

Small kitchens in country style - photos in the apartment Vintage kitchen in rustic style - photo with cupboard and wallpaper

The rustic style of your kitchen can also emphasize the floors covered with wide boards or large tiles. Wooden beams on the ceiling, patterned wallpaper or tiles on the walls will also help bring the design of the cuisine to the ease and charm of rural life. And if you also manage to find a sink with a mixer, lamps, stove and other kitchen appliances in retro style, then you will be provided with a cozy atmosphere of country style!

Large kitchen in a rustic style - photo in the interior of a private house

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Choose the decor and curtains in the kitchen in the country style - 10 photos

When the repair is completed, and the appliances and furniture are already in place, it remains to add this all the appropriate decor. Decorative plates, a set of kitchen utensils, lace tablecloths, bouquets of flowers, animal figurines and vintage posters / calendars on the walls - everything that your grandmother's house could remember for you, is ideal for decorating a country kitchen. But do not overdo with the addition of these design elements - include them in small doses, evenly distributed throughout the interior. And do not forget to put a plate of fruit or homemade cakes on the table!

Country style in the interior of the kitchen - lamps and blue decor Rustic style kitchen design with open shelves Classic kitchen design in country style - photo from living room Rustic country kitchen with brick wall Beautiful decor and curtains in the kitchen of the country

Curtains in the kitchen in the country style should be chosen based on the color of the walls, furniture or any other element of design. Since they usually have a very bright and catchy appearance, it is important to make them blend with the rest of the interior. For sewing curtains in the country style, fabrics in a cage, stripes and bright floral patterns, as well as various ribbons, frills, brushes and picks are ideal. Most often in the country kitchens you can see magnificently trimmed Roman and other short curtains.

Checkered curtains in the kitchen in country style - photo in the interiorShort curtains in the kitchen in the country style - the best ideas Short curtains in the kitchen in the country style - photo beige Which is better to choose curtains in the kitchen in the style of country Yellow-blue kitchen curtains in country style

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Beautiful country kitchen - 10 photo interiors

Light and colorful, modern and classic, small and large - at the end of this article, we offer you to see how charming and diverse can be the kitchen in the style of country. Caution: when you view these 10 photos, you may want to drink a cup of tea with a biscuit!

Bright kitchen interior in country style - photos in black and white and red colors Kitchen in rustic style with white and wooden facades Open kitchens in country style - photos in mint color Yellow-green kitchen in a rustic style - photo in a private house Country style in the interior of the kitchen with white furniture Wooden kitchen in blue country style White kitchen living room in the style of country - classic design Also read: Cozy dining area in the kitchen - the best solutions 2016Country style in the interior of the kitchen in the apartment Kitchen design in a rustic style in red and green tones Kitchen decoration in country style - photo with dining area