Stylish gas fireplaces as an element of the decor of the

Gas fireplaces are an integral part of many different styles of decorating the space of a house or villa. Modern interior details should not only be beautiful, but also practical. It is these two criteria that the gas fireplace perfectly meets.

Of course, it can not fit into any interior or mount it in an unsuitable place. In order to know exactly where this type of heater is useful, it is worthwhile to study its scope and functions more closely.

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Old and new fireplaces

For many centuries the fireplaces have ceased to be stationary heaters of houses. Of course, the old variants are still used for heating suburban dachas or estates, but they were replaced by modern models that received all the essentials from previous generations.

Gas fireplaces do not need a large space and they can be moved from one place to another.

Unlike ancient stone structures, modern gas fireplaces dispense with cleaning and replenishment of solid fuel reserves. In addition, they do not blow out combustion products.

But without a chimney, the design of the fireplace is still difficult to imagine. It is the pipe that removes smoke from the combustion of gas, is a distinctive feature from other models. As the name implies, the gas fireplace uses gas combustion to raise the ambient temperature to the required temperature.

The solidity and charm of the old fireplace requires an appropriate living room interior

The solidity and charm of the old fireplace is the center of attraction in the interior of the living room.

cast-iron fireplaces

Cast-iron fireplaces in your house will create coziness for ages.

Gas fireplaces с имитацией огня от берёзовых поленьев

Gas fireplaces with imitation of fire from birch logs.

Gas fireplaces

Cast-iron gas fireplaces will perfectly fit into the country style.

Gas fireplaces под старину

Gas fireplaces for antiquity-the autonomy of the installation and the heat in the house.

Inside you can see a few smoldering pieces of wood, belted by fire. These logs are more of a decorative object than a means for creating heat. As logs are special ceramic materials made in the form of smoldering wood. All this perfectly helps to observe the style without harm and danger to health.

Fans watching the slow play of fire in the fireplaces will feel absolutely comfortable next to such a device. The modern gas fireplace is one of the most popular and practical means not only for heating the area, but also for creating a special atmosphere in the room.

modern fireplace

The modern fireplace is the center of attraction and cosiness in your home.

Gas built-in fireplace

Gas built-in fireplace in the interior of the living room.

gas fireplaces

Gas fireplaces for living rooms in high-tech style.

Gas fireplace in the living room in a minimalist style

Gas fireplace in the living room in a minimalist style

Which species to choose?

Choose a fireplace is quite simple, if you know its future purpose.

Gas fireplaces are a popular addition to the style in the rooms of expensive apartments, houses, and cottages. Especially for decorating apartments there are simple functional models that are more pleasing to the eye than warm. They use a little fuel, but they look extremely impressive, they have small dimensions and nice appearance. A small gas fireplace can be placed on a wall, in a niche, almost anywhere, where it will be convenient for you to admire the lights blazing inside it.

Gas fireplace for the apartment

Gas fireplace for a large apartment.

Wall fireplace: will create a cozy and warm.

Wall fireplace: will create a cozy and warm.

Large gas fireplace in the studio.

Large gas fireplace in the studio.

Its design is very simple and easy, so it is mounted very conveniently. Such fireplaces for the house will help you to relax after a tiring working day for contemplating a game of flame. More weighty units - convectors-fireplaces suitable for cottages. They are able to effectively spend resources on heating a large area. Such devices are provided with all necessary sensors and filters.

To install such heaters, you need to ask for help from a specialist, since errors in such a complex and responsible case can not be allowed.

Significant difference from home models - the presence of an improved chimney, which allows you to output a larger volume of combustion products. Such gas fireplaces can be controlled through an advanced electronic control system. With the help of simple manipulations, you can choose the intensity of combustion, flame oscillation and the power of heating. Such fireplaces for cottages are not only a stylish decoration, but also a very effective source of heat even on very cold days.

Built-in gas fireplace in a classic style.

Built-in gas fireplace for the house.

gas fireplace with marble

A fireplace with a marble finish and a natural stone.

gas fireplace

Gas fireplace in the style of the Middle Ages for a country house.

The basic rules of operation of gas fireplaces

Having installed a gas fireplace in your home, it's important not to forget about the rules of operation of this equipment.

They are as follows:

1. For the heater to work, it is necessary to constantly replace the gas source: cylinders for most small models.

2. Melt the fireplace only in rooms that can be ventilated.

3. Without a serviceable smoke channel, the operation of the entire system may be disrupted. Therefore, it is worth checking with the instructions to the unit and learning how to clean the pipe. Otherwise, call for specialists to clean, if there was a blockage.

4. Do not use dry fuel to kindle such fireplaces, this can lead to a rapid breakdown of the heater.

5. Fireplaces for the house can be dismantled and with your own hands, but with fireplaces in the cottage it is worthwhile to behave carefully and it is better not to try to move them if there is no experience with handling similar devices.

Virtually all models are very simple to operate and do not require special skills. The instruction to them will help to solve most of the problems that can arise during the use.

The beauty of gas fireplaces - video

Gas fireplaces