Aluminum blinds: a variety of designs and designs

Today, one of the most popular types of decoration of window and door openings are aluminum blinds. During its existence, these seemingly familiar designs have significantly changed, they have acquired new decorative and practical properties. Now aluminum shutters on the windows are used in a variety of rooms: offices, residential interiors, cabins, as well as for the decoration of facades. We will devote this article to a review of popular models.

Main advantages of aluminum blinds

Aluminum blinds, with a photo of various designs which you will become familiar with in the article, have two main classifications - they can be horizontal or vertical. The horizontal assumes the transverse placement of the lamellas, and the vertical, respectively, longitudinal.

Aluminum blinds have a number of advantages that make them a priority among other curtains, namely:

  • light weight, combined with high strength of the material;
  • ecological cleanliness;
  • resistance to moisture, temperature changes, ultraviolet;
  • a wide range of color solutions, textures;
  • the opportunity to design a modern stylish, to the same durable interior.

It is worth adding that the aluminum blinds are multifunctional, since they can serve to protect against vandalism, to perform the role of the decor of the facade in the form of shutters, zonate space, etc.

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Horizontal aluminum blinds

The model of blinds with transverse lamellae is known to all for a long time already. But, unlike the previous strict designs, modern aluminum horizontal blinds have a stylish appearance and can perfectly match with classic curtains. They have a variety of colors, dimensional rows. Among other things, horizontal aluminum blinds (see the photo), located on the leaf, do not interfere with its opening at all, do not create noise effects when wind blows into the open window. They are more reliable than vertical analogues. Controlled by hand or by electric control.

Blinds horizontal aluminum, depending on the model, have a different width of the slats. Mounted on the blank part of the window, on the window (door) leaf, or directly inside the double-glazed windows. Unlike vertical systems, do not close the window sill, leaving its space free.

horizontal aluminum shutters, photo 8horizontal aluminum shutters on plastic windows, photo 9shutters horizontal aluminum photo, photo 10

Types of horizontal aluminum shutters on windows

Designs can be classic, decorative or perforated. The choice of this or that model depends on the functional purpose of the room.

Classic horizontal aluminum shutters on plastic windows can be glossy with a metallic gleam or matt. Their rigid monophonic lamellas perfectly complement the interior of the office, cabinet and other premises, where the severity of style is welcomed (for example, in the directions of loft, high-tech).

Decorative blinds have a lot of color solutions, which makes it possible to choose the right option for any color palette of the interior. A fairly new option - horizontal aluminum perforated horizontal blinds. The lamellas of such curtains have many small holes creating unusual lighting. Another plus - you can safely watch what is happening on the street, while remaining invisible outside.

Vertical aluminum blinds

Для красивого домашнего оформления оконного проёма зачастую используют вертикальные алюминиевые жалюзи. Они становятся значимым элементом декора помещения, особенно, в случае с панорамными окнами. К тому же, такое расположение ламелей способно на визуальном уровне «поднять» потолок, создавая стильный современный интерьер. Vertical aluminum blinds могут крепиться внутри оконного проема или к стене над окном (в данном случае часто применяют длинные конструкции). Такие завесы могут располагаться не только на окнах, защищая от нежелательного света, но еще и при зонировании помещения, ограждая определенный участок. Примеры оформления помещения вертикальными жалюзи смотрите ниже.

вертикальные aluminum shutters, photo 11vertical aluminum shutters photo, photo 12

Rolled aluminum blinds

One of the varieties of curtains are rolled aluminum blinds (shutters). When fully open, the lamellas are rolled up into a roll, taking up little space and giving the window a neat appearance. They are used, mainly as additional protection, in parallel isolating the room from dust, noise, excessive light. Mounted in two ways: on top of the window opening or inside. In the photo below, see examples of windows with roll aluminum blinds.

Aluminum outdoor blinds

Защитить помещение от жарких солнечных лучей вам помогут алюминиевые наружные жалюзи или рафшторы. Под воздействием палящих лучей солнца, внутренние завесы очень быстро прогреваются через стеклянные окна, добавляя положительные градусы помещению. Поэтому, смекалистые изобретатели придумали выносить конструкции на улицу, и это совершенно оправдано. Aluminum outdoor blinds на открытом пространстве хорошо обдуваются и не дают нагреваться пространству между стеклами. Это позволит снизить расходы на кондиционировании. Рафшторы также обеспечивают дополнительную защиту от проникновений, вандализма или случайных повреждений. Конструктивно они не отличаются от внутренних, также могут быть вертикальными, горизонтальными, чем способны значительно преобразить фасад здания.

aluminum external blinds, photo 13aluminum external blinds, photo 14aluminum external blinds, photo 15

Aluminum windows with external blind shutters

One of the original ways of decorating a window opening is to install shutters that can be located both inside and outside. They are wooden, plastic or aluminum. Windows with external blind shutters, photos of which you will see in the article, are able not only to protect the house from burglars, but also stylishly transform the facade. Most often they can be seen on the windows of private, holiday homes, as well as on the first floors of multi-apartment buildings. Especially elegant look shutter aluminum blinds for wood, which quite plausibly imitate the material, and the quality characteristics are much superior to it. Install aluminum shutters can be applied to both wooden and plastic frames.

aluminum windows with external blind shutters, photo 16aluminum windows with external blind shutters, photo 17

Aluminum blinds on the door

The installation of curtains for doors is used, usually, if there are glass inserts. Thus, the room will be protected from extraneous views and excessive flow of light. Solid doors of entrance doors to the house can be supplemented from the outside with aluminum exterior blinds, which we mentioned earlier. Vertical structures in some cases replace doors, making new decisions in the interior. Aluminum blinds are installed on the door in the same way as on windows: above the doorway, inside or on the leaf.

Aluminum blinds for office windows

Window curtains, which are also an element of decor, we recommend to choose according to the overall design and functional purpose of the room. For example, aluminum blinds on the windows of offices, meeting rooms, head offices select strict monophonic, in the priority can be a corporate color. The ideal option is a light metallic. In the reception you can place blinds with a logo and company symbols.

aluminum shutters on plastic windows, photo 18aluminum shutters on plastic windows, photo 19aluminum shutters on plastic windows, photo 20

Aluminum blinds in the kitchen

For the kitchen, aluminum blinds are the most acceptable option. They are easy to clean and perfectly protect the kitchen from the hot sunshine in the summer. In order to always keep the aluminum shutters in the kitchen clean, it is enough to wipe them with a damp, and then dry cloth, from time to time, in contrast to the fabric curtains that need washing. The height of the structures may be different. In small spaces, short horizontal aluminum blinds, or even better vertical ones, are preferred, which will make the room higher. They will also be the best option if there is a table top, a dining area under the window. In conditions of spacious kitchens you can use long curtains.

aluminum shutters to the kitchen, photo 21aluminum shutters to the kitchen, photo 22aluminum shutters to the kitchen, photo 23

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Aluminum blinds in the bedroom, living room

For bedrooms, living rooms it is very important to choose aluminum blinds, which will correspond to the style as much as possible. In the classic interior, you can place white or creamy long vertical blinds. In the bedroom of Art Deco style, short blinds with full curtains will look good. Lofty direction accepts a coarser design, so horizontal short blinds on horizontal aluminum windows under the metallic will be just right. Minimalism is well complemented by white designs, and a living room in the style of Provence or country - aluminum blinds for a tree.

aluminum shutters, photo 24aluminum blinds for wood, photo 25aluminum blinds for wood, photo 26

Summarizing, we can safely say that by placing aluminum blinds on windows, you can decorate a stylish modern interior for a long time.

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