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The arrangement of a one-room apartment of 35 sq. M is a rather problematic process. At such a small area, you need to fit everything you need for a comfortable stay. We undertake the task of helping you in decorating a one-room apartment of 35 sq m.


Often, when planning small apartments, people do not go out independently to design interior design.

This makes it necessary to apply for help to designers. Without special skills, it will be difficult to place a corridor, a living room, a kitchen and other areas on an area of ​​35 sq. M. However, we have found ways to solve this difficult task.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Advice of specialists
  • The layout of the studio apartment
  • Children's room in the "odnushke"
  • Conclusion
  • Photo design studio apartment 35 square meters. m.

Advice of specialists

First, use the minimalistic design of a one-room apartment of 35 sq. M. Do not load the room with unnecessary furniture and accessories. Place in the rooms only necessary and compact things that are able to transform. For example, a sofa bed.

design studio apartment-studio-5

Secondly, the mirrors will perfectly create the illusion of space in the room. Visually the apartment will look bigger and more spacious. Also, excess walls can be replaced by a fabric partition or, for example, a bar counter. Such decisions will release the space of a small apartment.

one bedroom apartment_59

The third is the color scheme. Light pastel colors harmoniously fit into the interior of a modern one-bedroom apartment of 35 sq m. The colors of the room strongly affect the visual perception.


You need to be careful in choosing the shades for the floor, walls, ceiling and furniture, so as not to damage the appearance of the apartment.


The fourth is the wardrobes. These cupboards perfectly complement the interior of a small and cozy "odnushki." Just imagine how much useful space you will save using the built-in wardrobe, instead of the bulky normal wardrobe! And if you make a mirror door - the room visually becomes much more spacious!


The layout of the studio apartment

Since there is very little space in the studio apartment, it should be used wisely. It is important to correctly delineate the areas of the room. You can divide space into zones using furniture, partitions or tulle.

design studio apartments-2

Kitchen area. Using the bar, you can perfectly separate the kitchen from the rest of the apartment. In addition, the counter can also replace the dining table. Another option is a folding table. It will be an ordinary coffee table, and if necessary put into a large, high-grade table, which will accommodate many guests;

compact-interior-studio apartments-33-sq-meter8

Bedroom. For this zone it is recommended to use a folding sofa, which is transformed into a large and comfortable bed. Separate the bedroom can be by using a cabinet or screen;


Living room. The perfect solution will be soft ottomans. They will create an atmosphere of coziness in the house and perfectly replace the usual chairs. The carpet will be a nice living room addition. He will make the apartment even more cozy. To save space, hang the TV on the wall;

studio apartment-09

Work zone. A wide window sill is a good alternative to the desktop. Under it, you can make boxes, which will store documents and other things you need to work. Installing blinds, you can do business in warm sunlight, or close from excess light.


Children's room in the "odnushke"

An important factor is that children grow rapidly. When planning, you need to take this into account, so that in 3-4 years the child was also relevant.

photo 3-design-living-detskoj-1

There are several recommendations for creating a child's room:

  • You should choose the part of the apartment that has more light and heat;
  • Use every millimeter of the room wisely. A child needs a lot of space for games, lessons, entertainment;
  • In the choice of wallpaper, consider the opinion of the child;
  • Consider the option of special children's furniture, in which the table and the bed are paired together.

children's design


Undoubtedly, in a small apartment it is difficult to arrange everything that I would like. Using our tips you will be able to properly design your cozy nest. It can contain everything necessary for a comfortable life and the apartment will not lose its external comfort.


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