Wedding decor: 11 ways to decorate

Decor with roses of wedding glasses

The wedding is not only beautiful photos on the background of the sunset, but also holiday chores. Organization of the event can be entrusted to a professional agency, which will take care of everything necessary. However, small details of the wedding script is nice to "play" yourself. Someone likes to decorate the solemn room. And someone likes to tinker with luxurious flowers. Also, the tendency to decorate glasses is becoming popular. The decoration of the wedding glass allows the couple to realize their own creative ideas to please the guests. In addition, this has a favorable effect on the budget. Therefore, let's consider the main varieties and styles of decorating wedding glasses.

The leg of the glass can be decorated with a spiral ribbon with an artificial flower. The latter will need to be fixed with glue. The use of rhinestones, beads or pearls on turquoise leaves of the flower will be remembered for all guests for a long time.

Before choosing lace materials, it is recommended to determine the style of the event. If we are talking about a classic wedding, then it is enough to decorate the snow-white lace with a decorative thread. If a couple wants a trendy bohemian style, then it is easy to achieve with the help of colored materials. The decor of wedding glasses in scarlet color is considered to be popular. Stylistics Rustic implies the use of pastel shades and lace fabric with a relief surface.

Decorating Glasses with Cloth Ribbons with beads on the glasses  Postcard and glasses  Decoration on the Glasses  Glasses with beads  Candles and glasses


In order to leave your own painting on the glasses, nowhere to study. Several trainings on the eve of the wedding allow you to quickly master the scrupulous craft. When doing the work, you need to take care of the cleanliness of the glasses. Despite a wide choice, saturated acrylic paints are the most popular. Before applying it to the surface of the glass product, the latter is degreased. Thanks to the careful preparation of the attribute of the festive table, the foreman carries out the drawing of exquisite drawings with delicate elements. Subsequently, the product is covered with acrylic lacquer.

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Attention! Before applying the lacquer, you should wait for the drying of the patterns.

Painting on wedding glasses

Demand stained glass and semitransparent are considered. With their help, a unique decor is created, self-sufficient in its aesthetic properties. To complement the stained-glass painting is hardly necessary. To symbolize the stained glass windows for a long time pleased the owners, you need to use homemade glasses as rarely as possible. This is due to the fact that the image is easily peeled off. But with the use of multi-colored inks, it becomes possible to paint large-scale drawings.

Additionally, the legs are decorated with a can. Most of the glass is hidden behind newsprint, while the paint is sprayed with a matte shade over the elegant leg. For fastening it is convenient to use an adhesive tape.

Costume and gown on the glasses Bride and girlfriends on glasses  Wedding glasses with patterns  Blue patterns on the glasses  Patterns in the form of cobwebs on the glasses  Butterflies on the Glasses


Decor with the use of colorful tapes is considered a common technique everywhere. The ease of its creation, as well as a large number of options have led to widespread popularity. The color of the material the bride and groom choose exclusively at their own discretion. He can be different: he has a rich tone, she also has several shades of light. However, the tape parameters must match. The same applies to the material of the tapes. Satin product is complemented with bows, rhinestones, roses, beads, etc. Such a design will hardly hit hard on the pocket. But the atmosphere of the wedding will be felt in every detail.

Wedding glasses with ribbons Rosettes from ribbons on the glasses  Tapes with beads on the glasses  Roses and hearts on the glasses  Glasses with ribbons from bows  Beads and ribbons on the glasses

Sequins and Beads

Supplement the acrylic paint with multicolored glitter. Mother-of-pearl bits of stars perfectly reflect light, creating the illusion of magic. This miracle is then pleasantly observed in family photos. Equals, like the rhinestones. The last shade itself a drink, wine or champagne. Tempt guests with a spectacular scattering. The range of rhinestones is also rich in choice. However, in combination with the drawing, even the smallest pebbles are capable of producing a revolution. The sequence of actions in this case is as follows:

  1. Decorative flower is glued in the center of the glass;
  2. Then the remaining parts of the plant have an aesthetic value;
  3. After that comes the turn of the beads. The use of beads halves refers to the "right" method.

As it allows not only repair in the house to make, but also to use the area of ​​glasses as much as possible effectively.

Attention! With the help of beads, an experienced designer can create a miracle. It is enough only to observe harmony in actions. For example, you do not have to draw a heart.

Wedding glasses with beads Beads on the Glasses  Flowers on the Glasses  Glasses with bows  Bows and beads on the glasses  Ribbons and beads on the glasses

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By means of feathers pompous and stylish ornaments are created. Glasses with such an unusual decor raise the mood better than the drink itself. Playful products are combined with all the previous options. Since the rainbow bows are few people surprised, the brides prefer to develop their own design. The accent with feathers invariably attaches importance to the whole composition, filling it with airiness and tenderness.

Decoration of wedding glasses with feathers Tapes and feathers on the glasses  Peacock feathers in the decoration of wine glasses  Beads and feathers on the glasses  Rosettes on a glass  Volumetric feathers on the glasses

Rose petals

Romance of the petals refers to the universal methods of design. Decorating glassware with the help of live flowers is somewhat burdensome, as material costs hardly pay off. The wedding celebration in the life of couples takes place only one evening. It is important that they are fresh, without the unpleasant odor. Raspberry and scarlet shades of roses are absolute leaders in the market of accessories. Fuchsia is also rapidly becoming fashionable. However, many prefer field chamomiles. They have their own symbolism, and the price of the stake is not worth it.

Ribbons and petals on the glasses Wedding glasses with rose petals decoration  Beads and petals on the glasses  Red rose petals on the glasses  Decoration from ribbons and petals on the glasses  Bows and petals on the glasses

Artificial flowers

Since living plants do not stand long, they are recommended to be replaced with artificial ones. There are no restrictions in the range and prices. Everyone chooses the quantity at his discretion. Instead of an atlas, organza is usually used. Petals are strung from the narrow side of the wine glass, and then glued together. If this is not done, they can easily fall into the hands. The advantage of artificial material is the simplicity of sticking small accessories. Rhinestones and colored beads are better fixed with a hot glue binder. In addition, ready-made glasses are used more than once, pleasing newly-newlyweds.

Wedding glasses with artificial flowers Glasses in gray and white colors  Bouquets of flowers on the glasses  Flowers and ribbons on the glasses  Callas on the glasses  Goblets with roses and ribbons

With the help of polymer clay

More intimate organization of the wedding involves fine manual work. Master the skills of creating clay decor is simple. Everyone in his childhood used plasticine, which in its viscosity resembles plastic clay. To use this technology, craftsmen will need the following components:

  • Polymer clay of a gentle shade;
  • Gloves for work;
  • Glue binder;
  • Work board, as well as a toothpick.

The rolled layer of material is divided into small pieces to make them look like petals already. After that, a ready-made flower is created. Polymer flowers are baked at high temperatures, so that they harden. Then the figures are attached to the glasses using glue. Since molding is considered scrupulous work, not all newlyweds want to lose for this time. However, the joint process demonstrates love and respect for each other. The groom's exposition in such a delicate matter will show the bride the correctness of the choice made.

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Wedding glasses with a pattern of polymer clay Rosettes on a bottle and glasses  Swans on the Glasses  Glasses with roses and swans  Handbells on the glasses  Candles and glasses с декором


С помощью золотого оттенка можно украсить что угодно. Тем более актуально его использование на празднике любви. Gilding наносится спреем повсеместно. Бокалы при этом не являются исключением. В ход идет как чаша, так и ножка. Если же необходимо только один элемент закрасить, то другой закрывается обычной газетой. Оставляя фрагменты без позолоты, добиваются удивительного эффекта. Для этого нужно обзавестись трафаретом или декоративными фигурками. Сначала они приклеиваются, а затем, после покрытия золотой пылью, снова снимаются обратно.

Wedding glasses with gilding Gilding на бокалах  Patterns of the same design on glasses and bottles  Glasses on the golden legs  Tray with glasses  Beads and roses on the glasses


Engraving, unlike all previous versions, has a drawback. To use it you need to contact the masters. However, the meaning of the image or text message remains for the newlyweds. Therefore, there is a realm for creativity. It can be a memorable declaration of love, the motto of the marriage, the diminutive names of each other, etc. Less common are elements of portrait painting. But in combination with a thin tape of pastel tones, engraving becomes pride and a relic of a married couple.

Engraving на свадебных бокалах

Attention! Engraving is noticed only at close range. Therefore, without additional decoration here is indispensable.

Wedding glasses and champagne Names on the glasses  Champagne and glasses  Glasses with ribbons  Glasses with names  Ribbons and Rosettes on the Legs of Glasses

Tall wine-glasses in the form of the bride and groom

To put on the glasses festive costumes, craftsmen must first create them. For the man cut several segments of white and dark matter. If the white material is wrapped around the glass itself, then the dark one is just the leg. Also with the help of black cloth, usual accessories are made: cufflinks, buttons, ties, butterflies, etc.

A woman will need a lace skirt with a satin ribbon in the form of a corset. Complementing the outfit with decorative sequins, the master gets a dress. They are then glued to the glasses.

Goblets in the shape of a bride and groom Wedding dress and a suit on the glasses  Butterfly and rose on glasses  Wine glasses  Rhinestones on the glasses  Goblets in the shape of a bride and groom


The decor of glasses for your own wedding has a lot of advantages before turning to the services of third-party masters. Love for creativity encourages the creation of masterpieces. You can master clothes for products together.