Design options for a one-room apartment

Interior of a stylish one-room apartment

Life in small housing involves finding an unusual and creative version of decorating, the rational arrangement of furniture sets, the selection of the right accessories and decorative objects that will not only form an aesthetically attractive, functional and comfortable atmosphere in the apartments, but also visually increase its area.

Minimalist partitions help to visually delineate the space and create the illusion that the apartment has more space than it really is. In the following example, the sleeping area is accentuated by the high wood trim of the walls, while the miniature kitchen is hidden from the outside view of the flowing drapes.

Curtains as a partition

Project by Nadia Geller

You can form a miniature living room, even in the tiniest room. To do this, select a strict sofa, sustained in minimalist stylistics, light wicker chairs and a glass coffee table that attach interior design incredible aesthetic appeal and charm, as well as visually do not clutter the space.

Small living room in a simple style

The guest of Roger Hirsch Architect

Mobile table is an ideal piece of furniture for a modest studio. It is not only a multifunctional suite, but also easily moves and occupies a minimum of area. This small cart is great for storing utensils in the kitchen, besides it can be used as a serving surface or a mini-bar.

Mobile table in the kitchen

Kitchen by Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

The neutral shade palette is a wonderful solution for finishing walls, floors and ceilings in a tiny apartment, as it will allow to optically increase the area of ​​space and fill the atmosphere with lightness and special charm.

In the next photo you can see an elegant living room, with aesthetically attractive stylistics, with a predominance of light colors. Textured brick in decoration of walls remarkably underlined by beige wallpaper and a textured floor covering.

Elegant living room in bright colors

Host CWB Architects

The use of unusual partitions for visual zoning of the apartments is a great idea. In this apartment, as an isolating element, old window openings were used.

Window partitions as partitions

Dining room from Living2Design

The work area can now be found in almost every home. This small home office was equipped with a laconic glass table and a graceful white chair.

Workplace in the living room

Кабинет от Greg Natale | Interior Design, Decorating, Furniture

Use the walls to store a variety of items and ornaments.

Wall organizer for decorations

Ceiling from Bosworth Hoedemaker

Use the kitchen apron to position the utensils and a variety of culinary accessories.

Cooking accessories on the kitchen apron

Kitchen by ADARC Associates Limited

High racks with open shelves enable the hosts to locate in unusual house a large collection of literary works and scientific collections.

High rack with open shelves

Corridor by Fiedler Marciano | Architecture

You have unsightly things that you want to hide from outside eyes: printers, subwoofers, cable modems, network filters and files. Use a flowing cloth to hide them under the table.

Table with curtains

Home Office in the Art Nouveau style

Use modular partitions on a rail base to arrange a modest apartment.

Modular rail-based bulkhead

Ванная комната от LDa Architecture & Interiors

Organize in a free corner of the apartments a small workplace with a laconic table-top and several book shelves.

Book shelves above the workplace

Visit the salon of FR James Construction

This solution is great for a long and narrow space. Dark wall decor creates an illusory sense of volume, while contrasting accessories and ornaments give the decoration incredible charm and expressiveness.

Dark accent wall in a bright room

Будуар от Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

We presented our readers an unparalleled selection of design options for one-room apartments that not only give them a visual volume and depth, but also create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in the atmosphere.

And you liked these solutions and creative decor ideas from talented masters? Which of them are most suitable for your apartment?