Lifting bed: where, how and why

Lifting bed in the bedroom

Not all homeowners can afford the presence of a guest bedroom. In such cases, relatives from far away and late friends staying late are forced to spend the night on sofas, folding beds or, more interestingly, on inflatable mattresses. Some of these items absolutely look completely inappropriate and hardly contribute to improving the hospitality of the house.

The real way out of this situation is to install a lifting bed. Its main advantage is that, in general, it does not affect the appearance of space as a whole and with equal success can fit into the interior of the living room, children's bedroom, study and even the hallway. The very concept of a lift bed is not new, but many do not dare to realize this idea because of uncertainty about the reliability of the construction or fear of too high a cost.

It is necessary to remember the main thing: the meaning of the acquisition of transformable furniture of any kind is to expand the functions of space

Today's climbing beds are not the same as they were a couple of decades ago. Now they are most often made to order, taking into account the style and parameters of the interior. Here's what you need to know about the lift beds.

Lifting bed in white color

Project: installation of a lifting or transformable bed.

Purpose: to increase free space or to ensure its multifunctionality.

The most important feature of the lift bed is that to install it you need to increase from 30 to 50 centimeters of the wall thickness so that a mattress and a folding mechanism fit in the niche created. And already in view of this circumstance, it is necessary to understand where the legs of the bed stand when it is lowered down. And here's what's important: saving on building a wall will inevitably lead to a decrease in the thickness of the mattress and, as a consequence, a decrease in the comfort of the bed.

It is important to think through all the appointments of the room. Will it be a home office, a game room, a multimedia zone or a room for practicing yoga? You can always order a bed that will perform several functions by including additional elements in its design, for example, a small sofa or a desk.

Zoning space with a raised bed

Customers of this project wanted to install a lifting bed in the games room. They did not need a separate guest bedroom. Designer Cary Bernstein designed a built-in section with roomy cabinets and shelves for storing bed linen and toys. Incidentally, most people prefer to equip the space around the lift bed in this way.

Lifting bed made of wood

After you decide on the location of the bed and the appointment of the space in which it will be located, you can proceed with choosing a mattress. As in the case of conventional beds, there are many options.

Do not confuse this horizontal block with a sofa bed. Mattresses of lifting beds, as a rule, are much more comfortable, because they do not have a fold in the middle.

To assess the quality of a mattress can only be one way: to test personally. Before you make a purchase, you need to sit on it, lie down in different poses, and most importantly, do not hesitate to voice your doubts to the seller, if any.

Folding bed in the bedroom

It is possible to install only a lifting bed, or a block with additional sections, or ask the designer to design a full-fledged multifunctional module. The professional will take into account individual wishes and choose the option that will best suit the style and character of the interior.

Hidden bed in the closet

The cost of this bed depends on the type of mechanism, the size, the presence or absence of additional options, the installation method and much more. You can limit yourself to the standard model, which in assembled form looks like an ordinary cabinet, and spend about 100 thousand rubles. The custom version will cost in the amount of 150 thousand rubles. The work of a professional designer costs, as a rule, much more expensive.

Many reputable manufacturers provide services for the installation of their furniture - either on their own or through third parties. Otherwise, you can turn to any, preferably, proven, company that offers such a service.

Those who are inclined in favor of a custom-built module, we advise you to contact designers who have experience in similar projects. In addition, he must have contacts with qualified manufacturers and contractors.

Making a lifting bed with your own hands is hardly advisable.

Wooden bed of the lifting bed

The photo shows an example of the work of the company Resource Furniture, which for many years is engaged in the manufacture of lifting beds for individual orders. They help clients analyze the features of their interior and choose the system that best suits their wishes.

"Perhaps you have a guest room with a full bed, and you want to use this space as a home office or an additional living room," says Laura Anderson, PR manager at Resource Furniture. - We can offer a system with a desk on the side or a sofa in the front. These options allow you to get the most out of the space and give it more than one function. "

Blocks can be made of different materials, have a different configuration and finish. Some are laid down vertically, others - to the side. There are also those that rotate around their axis, allowing you to use both shelves and a bed without having to release these very shelves every time you need to go to bed. This is the system presented in the picture.

Modern style bedroom with a raised bed

The bed rises, and then the whole module turns around its axis, giving access to the shelves.

Hidden Lifting Bed

In this New York studio apartment, every inch of space is on the bill. To determine that the bed hides in the wall, at first glance it is quite difficult.

Small interior with a raised bed

The bed bed falls down over the sofa seat. His pillows become a headboard.

Double bed

For these apartments located in the condominium, Resource Furniture specialists have developed a system that allows customers to use the space as a children's playroom. And as a bedroom for their parents or housekeeper, when they stay overnight.

Child with a raised bed

The production of a full-fledged module by individual parameters can take up to three months. But in general, the duration of this process largely depends on the selected materials and equipment. Sometimes all components or parts thereof are produced abroad, and in such cases it is necessary to take into account the time spent on logistics.

Bright colors in the bedroom with a raised bed

A quality lift bed is worth it to spend time and money on it. It will last for many years and will benefit the whole family.