Style hi-tech in the interior - 25 inspirational photos

High-tech style in a bedroom with a panoramic window

One of those styles that do not become obsolete over time, due to the constant introduction of a new one. The style of high-tech in the interior of an apartment or a house is the most advanced, modern, high-tech style of the existing ones (while not overloaded with details and more suitable for everyday life, compared to, for example, futurism). Architects with designers use it when they want to emphasize the progressiveness, prestige of a building (or premises), while providing visitors with the comfort of a higher level.

Carpet in the bedroom Since the 60s, sci-fi books and film ideas, the style of pop art (popular, mass art) began to penetrate into architecture, design, marking the early high-tech, through out-of-the-way engineering communications, the abundance of metal, glass, new facade materials , as well as inside (as in the French National Center for Art and Culture Georges Pompidou, architect R. Rogers, Renzo Piano, the English building of the company "Lloydz", architect R. Rogers).

High-tech hallway Since the late 1970s, modern high-tech began to gain strength, which boldly demonstrated to the public the most incredible forms created from the same metal, glass and concrete - various huge curved ceilings, spherical shells, "icicles" and the like.

Living room in white Today, new inventions and advances in engineering are instantly transferred to the arsenal of designers and architects to make the interior as hi-tech as surprising as possible for its convenience.

Bedroom with TV

To whom does

As mentioned above, high-tech in the interior is suitable for wealthy people who love comfort, who knows the value of their time. Such people like order, straight lines, strict forms, do not favor bright, pastel colors, on the contrary, their eyes rest on black, white, gray.

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Bedroom with a white bed All technological innovations adherent interiors in the style of high-tech will test first. He does not need to explain what a smart house is, he loves functionality, can not tolerate souvenir dust collectors without a clearly expressed utilitarian purpose.

Black and white bathroom The abundance of light, white flowers, glossy surfaces, is unlikely to suit a family with two children. Rather, it will be appropriate for successful businessmen: a bachelor or a bachelor who are used to paying staff cleaning, to maintain the ideal house order.

Cold colors in the bedroom Successful young people who follow modern fashion will also appreciate the interior in the style of high-tech, as the latter implies a lot of free space with sufficient capacity, due to various hidden, secret places of storage, as well as being equipped with various entertainment, music systems - party lovers, which the guests will not soon forget.

Living room with large sofa The design of a house in high-tech style suits rationalists, materialists, pragmatists.

Toilet with black tile


To better understand the features of the style, read the following paragraphs with examples:

  1. Technological: voice, remote control technology, lighting. A kettle or a wall vent that you can turn on with the application on your smartphone when you are just driving up to the house.

Dormer window in the toilet

Blinds, curtains, screens, partitions, controlled by remote control. Alarm, smoke and conventional. Here are just some examples of engineering wonders and modern high-tech dwellings.

Kitchen with spot lighting

  1. Materials, texture: metal, glass and concrete, sometimes plastic. They are used always and everywhere: they are aluminum lampshades, descending long wires, panels for walls, furniture, ceiling, made of stainless steel sheets, chrome handles, glass countertops.

Black and beige kitchen set

The walls are made of colored, or from ordinary concrete, aligned, painted in calm colors. Successfully fit self-leveling warm floors, stretch ceilings. If the metal is not enough, you can even arrange false external communications, paying tribute to early high-flow, or metal columns, struts.

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Pink color for a bedroom in high-tech style If the fabrics are used, they are also technological: self-cleaning water-repellent fibers, metallized yarns, leatherette. As an addition, accent can be used contrasting texture - for example, a shaggy carpet with a long nap, linen cushions, curtains.

A bathroom in shades of gray

  1. Chromatic colors, that is, black, white, gray and its shades, as well as steel, silver, metallic. Of course, a harmonious interior does not imply hospital monotony, a color accent is required, such as a bright sofa or carpet, a picture of the genre of pop art or photorealism. Color accents will be clean, straight-line shades, clearly on a simple color wheel.

Bedroom with a white bed

  1. Lighting. High-tech backlighting is very much. Lamps are necessarily energy-saving, halogen, neon, often hidden. All zones and working surfaces can be illuminated separately from the others, and they are triggered automatically when driving (when the cabinet door is opened, when the master enters the corridor, when the main "upper" light goes out) or by the cotton, voice.

Backlight in the living room

Here you can have fun, for example, arrange color music when turning off the big light.

  1. Apparent simplicity and conciseness. In the style of high-tech lines, straight, uniform, smooth, smooth, visible furniture - in a minimum. All this together with the color scheme gives a feeling of coolness, purity, calmness, transparency. After the bustle of the city with its visual advertising noise, mud, in such an oasis of silence you will perfectly rest. Simple forms of accessories (for example, vases, stands) are also eternal, like the geometry itself: a sphere, a cone, a parallelepiped, a cube.

Living room with light floor

In various rooms of the house

A little about interesting design "chips" used for different rooms of the house when creating an interior in the style of high-tech:

  • In the bedroom, the main character is the bed. The bed-podium, with hidden drawers for underwear under it, will perfectly save space. For the bedroom, the effect of hovering the bed is also often applied: a hidden basement and a band lighting are made along the contour. Luminous cubes-tables, included by pressing, are also added. The wardrobe is recessed into the wall, merges with it. The door opens silently, pressing, then smoothly drives off to the side. Bedroom with lighting Very unusual, interesting solution for the bedroom are panoramic noise-proof windows from ceiling to floor from architectural glass (heat-saving and sun-reflecting). Part of the glazing can be done matte, the window is closed with simple roll curtains, blinds or laconic tulle. Think about the lighting - for a pair of separately controlled lighting on the edges of the bed. A private house with a large bedroom will allow you to install a fireplace, metallic, or looking like a pair of black and white rectangles.
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Photo wallpaper in the bedroom

  • High-tech kitchen offers glossy black furniture facades, ultra-powerful hood, either the same glossy, or a galvanized steel wide tube. Required illumination of the working surface, modern appliances, similar to the industrial or elegant smooth-glossy. The floor can be made of ceramic granite tiles, countertops - made of artificial stone.

Corner kitchen in high-tech style

  • In the high-tech living room you will see a huge flat TV (perhaps hidden behind a sliding automatic door), glass shelves of cabinets, or as if brought from the factory metal racks. The living room can hide an extra bed or seats in the wall, the table must be carefully laid out in various configurations. Take care of the availability of a first-class sound system - a home theater system. The abundance of light, characteristic materials and technical equipment, a good high-tech living room will resemble a spaceship.

Tile on the living room floor

How to choose furniture

When choosing furniture for rooms designed in the style of high-tech, you need to remember about all the above characteristics of the style.

White kitchen

We will go through them again taking into account the peculiarities of the furniture:

  • Solid surfaces. That is, if the walls are white, then they are white in the whole room. You can dilute the surface of the cabinet's facade with a second color, or put contrasting cushions, floor carpet.

Bedroom with access to the balcony

  • The furniture must be minimally necessary. Buy one, but a roomy, partially hidden cupboard.
  • Grace, laconism, grace: a rectangular sofa on thin legs, weightless chairs of thin clear plastic, an egg-like suspension chair. Light furniture in the bedroom
  • It is acceptable to use similar to professional tools, or real such items, for a residential interior: an armchair similar to a dental one, a cinema projector in the business center, a cooker, an extractor.
  • Technologicality - a clock, projecting time and weather on the wall, rotating, "growing", adjustable seats.