Artistic forging in the interior +50 photo

Forging in the interior

Stylization of housing with the help of metal furniture, ornaments allows creating a unique design. That is why art forging in the interior looks really good and unusual. Stairs, sofas, armchairs, chandeliers - all this is made by craftsmen of iron, copper, aluminum. Their combination allows to achieve durability and an original kind of designs. They can be used for decoration of the yard, facades. When choosing the appropriate models, the basic stylistics, dimensions and characteristics of the structures must be taken into account. The color scheme also plays an important role. Many masters process finished models with patina, hammer paint. Non-standard transitions of tones, aging of designs allows to receive stylish models which will become a good addition to the ultra-modern and classical design.

Advantages of forged products

The elegance and attractiveness of art forging is its main virtue. Metal mirrors, watches, furniture allow you to create an original home. They can be used to decorate any part of the apartment. But also exclusive models have a number of other advantages:

  • Longevity (they are not afraid of moisture, models are resistant to mechanical damage);
  • simplicity of care (for cleaning can be used soft rags, pipidaster);
  • mobility (when moving, you can take with you the furniture you purchased, except for ladders);
  • versatility (suitable for premises with any style, you just need to choose the right model for the color, decorating features);
  • simplicity of combining (among themselves, with furniture and interior decorations from different materials).

Forged lamps in the living room Flower on the stand Forged bookcase against the wall  Decorative fireplace with stucco  The arch between the living room and the dining room  Floor vase in the hallway

What styles are used

When selecting non-standard metal ornaments and furniture, you must take into account the style of the interior. The predominant geometric forms, patterns, will allow to find suitable models. When searching, you can use the following hint:

  • Provence;

The model should include thin flower-leaf parts.

Forging in the interior в стиле прованс

  • Scandinavian;

Strict geometry, the absence of smoothed parts are the main selection criteria.

Interior in Scandinavian style with forging

  • rococo;

For such stylistics, products with refined lines, transitions to massive ornaments will do.

Forging in the interior в стиле рококо

  • Oriental;

The finest ornate interweaving, wavy transitions are considered the most suitable for this direction.

Living room in oriental style with forging

  • loft.

"Rough" transitions, sharpness, the predominance of exact geometric forms are the main selection criteria for such stylistics.

Forging in the interior в стиле лофт

When choosing the decorated items, you need to take into account the correspondence with the color scheme of the room in which they are installed. For example, for the Scandinavian style models with white, black, gray colors will do.

In the living room

A spacious living room is ideal for placing stylized models with metal ornaments. These include chairs, tables, sofas. Also in a spacious room can be installed:

  • stands for flowers (allow to create a special comfort and harmony, to release narrow window sills from pots with plants);
  • bookstacks for books and souvenirs (provide compact and stylish storage of various trifles, personal belongings);
  • a coffee table (suitable for tea drinking, storage of books and magazines, installation of vases);
  • chandelier (complement the overall picture and emphasize the created style of the room).
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Forging in the living room

If the design of the premises allows, then it should be supplemented with clocks, mirrors with metal frames and decorating. All selected models must be performed in the same style.

Panel over the sofa

Forged armchairs in the interior

Armchairs with metal frames as close as possible to the design of royal stylistics. Unusual models can be used for installation in halls, dining rooms. Some come in a ready-made lunch group, after which the whole family will gather for meals. Part is a complement of sofas, located in spacious halls. Many models are equipped with armrests. They can be refined or massive. Upholstery has a different design. For the manufacture of furniture often used jacquard and velvet fabrics. Ideal are paintings with patterns in the form of strips, filigree patterns. Abstractions and images of animals, people for metal furniture are not applied. They look inappropriate in composition with a massive frame. Less often, leather or suede is selected as an upholstery.

Forged armchairs in the interior

Forged stairs

Forged staircase in the hall completely changes the general appearance of the room. It visually expands the space. Select the design and type of stairs is based on the size of the hall (or corridor), its design. For a small area, a L-shaped staircase, a direct staircase, is suitable. But it is recommended to install exquisite screw structures in spacious halls. The decoration of the handrails must be precisely selected for the style of the room being created. When creating an ultramodern direction, it is recommended to stop the selection on a completely metal structure. For classical stylistics, it would be appropriate to combine iron railings with marble steps. For other directions, models with steps from wood are ideal. Taking into account these features will help to choose a ladder with the most suitable design.

Interior with a forged staircase

In the bedroom

Exquisite design of the bedroom is easily achieved with the use of metal furniture. It includes a bed, a dressing table with a mirror, bookshelves for books and flowers. An original addition to the sleeping bed will help and executed in a similar style of bench. It is important that to create an attractive design, you can replace all the usual furniture, lamps. For example, the usual sconces are exchanged for sconces with metal filigree skeletons. But the bedside table can be replaced with a bedside table with a refined frame and a glass top. Bring in the overall appearance of the room comfort and comfort will help and the installation of a coffee table along with a couple of chairs. They can be placed near the window or opposite the decorated pictures, the wall mirror. Such a composition will look elegant and elegant.

Forging in the bedroom

Wrought iron bed in the interior

The choice of a suitable bed should be based on its size, design. The most popular models are the ornate headboards with large head and foot. The presence of fine interlacing contributes to the simplification of design, the creation of a special coziness. For spacious rooms, beautiful models with a high canopy are ideal. They can be supplemented with curtains made of any fabrics: dense, light translucent. In the rooms close to royal style, such models are simply irreplaceable. Another interesting type are beds with a large filigree head and massive legs. With the right selection of textiles, they will not overload the space or reduce it. Ideal for such models will be light curtains with the finest patterns, stripes, silhouettes. But bed linen with plants, figures, abstraction should be selected with special attention: most of them on metal beds will look inappropriate.

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Wrought iron bed in the interior

In the hall

In the hall мебель с металлическим декорированием смотрится оригинально. В передней могут устанавливаться подставки для зонтов. Полезным дополнением станет зеркало в необычной металлической оправе. Для передней подойдут и следующие доступные модели:

  • benches;

Replace the usual benches, they can be conveniently changed.

Forged bench in the hallway

  • hangers;

Suitable for compact storage of outerwear, bags, hats, other things. Models can be wall-mounted, floor-standing. The first look like a stylized bar with hooks, shelves. The second can additionally be equipped with a banquet, bench.

Wrought Iron Hanger

  • keychildren;

They are used for storage of home, car keys.

Forged housekeeper

  • обувницы;

Can be a single metal structure, complemented by shelves made of wood.

Forged shoemaker

  • tables.

Have a height of about 1 meter. They are used for trifles, keys, installation of fixed telephones.

A forged table in the hallway

In the kitchen

Non-standard design of the kitchen will help the owners selection of modern sofas with metal figured legs. They can be supplemented by armrests, neat headboards. It is advisable to buy models with leather upholstery. The combination of leather with a metal base looks solid and stylish. The upholstery itself will be easy to clean from any dirt, including stains from colorants (coffee, wine, juice). Decorate the walls indoors with metal shelves. Filigree models will help make space spacious. Look good and metal pendant organizers. They can have the form of a rectangular, round, square ornate court. To her various kitchen utensils are hung. Involve models with original stylistics, simplicity of cleaning. But you need to take into account their great weight: the installation should be carried out using the most reliable fasteners.

Forging in the kitchen

Forged partitions

Simple zoning of any room in the dwelling can be done using metal partitions. Interlacing patterns of individual parts of the separator do not "load" the space. Filigree décor is suitable for the conditional allocation of a rest area, work. They are used to differentiate the area of ​​the dining room into two parts: for cooking, for eating. The metal of the partitions can be painted. The most unusual are the models covered with golden or silvery colors. The effect of antiquity emphasizes the originality of their design. The forms of partitions can be any: trapezoid, rectangle, crescent. They can be installed in frames made of wood or mounted without any additions. To a separate kind are the ceiling partitions. They are fastened over the rapids. Non-standard dividers do not occupy the space of premises. Optimal for creating an oriental design.

Forged partition in the interior

Forged cornices in the interior

On metal cornices it is possible to suspend multilayer or usual direct curtains. Models are suitable for secure attachment of fabrics with any density and weight. They are attached to the wall. The main types of models include:

  • Classic (single, double).

They are metal bars for curtains and tulle, only for curtains. Equipped with fixative crocodiles, rings. Usually supplemented with figured tips.

Forged classic cornice

  • With front decoration.

Consist of two parts: straps for hanging fabrics, volumetric metal patterns. The second closes the upper part of the fabric and the lower bar. Relate to a kind of lambrequins.

Cornice with front decoration

  • With side decoration (single, double).

The basis of the construction is similar to the classical type. But from the ends of the crossbar, the filigree parts drop downward along the wave. They are attached to the wall.

Cornice with side decoration

Wrought watch in the interior

The watch, which includes decorative metal parts, looks appropriate in any room. As additional materials for them, wood, multi-colored glass, ceramics are used. The masters also produce completely metal models. Their indication, dial, frame are made of iron, copper and aluminum alloys. There are metal models of desktop, wall type. The first have a strong frame-stand. The second can consist entirely of metal parts, equipped with a decorated frame around the body. The sizes and shapes of the models are varied. One of the most popular are "skeletons". All the details are clearly visible in them. There are "skeletons" of twigs and gears. In spacious rooms it is recommended to hang large wall models. With a limited area it is better to choose a desktop clock.

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Wrought watch in the interior Chest on the floor  Bicycle with a clock  Decor made of forged branches  Table with lamp between seats  Hours in forged rim

Forged mirror in the interior

Beautiful mirrors in a neat metal frame look elegant and elegant. The most popular are models with massive decoration. Such mirrors can be hung on the wall or simply installed indoors. Wall models can be equipped with a small glass or wooden shelf. It is attached to the supports under the mirror. Models equipped with a frame-stand, look fabulous. They can be located even in the premises where children and adolescents live. Due to the strong stable frame, the position of the mirror can be adjusted. The angle of inclination makes it much easier to carry out fitting of clothes. In addition, many models are decorated with metal leaves and flowers, stripes, nets. Their protruding parts can be used for hanging ornaments.

Forged mirror in the interior  Floor mirror in the room  Flowers on the rim  Pitchers at the mirror  Rim in the form of grape vines

Fireplace and forging

The presence of a real fireplace in the spacious hall of a private house creates a special comfort and comfort. For additional allocation of such an object in general design, metal gratings are used. They can almost completely close the furnace or just frame its lower part. To create the most safe conditions for using the fireplace, metal decorations can be fixed not on the brick, but on the glass that closes the furnace. The presence of a small handle makes it easy to open and close it, to invest wood. Metal decoration of the fireplace can be carried out around the furnace itself. For this stylization, the decoration is directly attached to the brick. It will perfectly complement the general view of the fireplace and the installation next to it of a metal pile, poker stands, scoop and other accessories.

Fireplace with forging  Firewood by the hearth  Portal of forged branches and leaves  Dogs on the fence of the fireplace  The woodpile by the hearth

Forging in the exterior

Decoration of the exterior of a country house is very easy to do with the use of metal structures. These include balcony grilles, porch peaks, lamp mounts. Also produced are metal ventilation grilles for equipping the roofs. But the most unusual elements can be considered models for the garden:

  • pergolas and pergolas (provide the comfort of recreation, family and friendly meetings);
  • bridges (for small ponds or simply for decorating a yard);
  • Arch (used for beautiful growth of climbing shrubs and flowers);
  • garden figures (look original and unusual, you can select a recreation area or zoning the site).

Metal canopies for the car are made. Owners of machines such a design will be very useful. It will protect the transport from precipitation.

Forged arbor


The use of metal structures for decoration is due to their excellent quality and reliability. Models can be covered with different types of paint, gilding and silver. Stylish designs can emphasize any stylistics of the room, make it more comfortable, practical and convenient. Can be used to zoning the space of large rooms or to give them a special elegance, sophistication. To select designs follows on the basic parameters: to the sizes, features of registration. In addition, you should check with the manufacturer about the characteristics of the materials used in the manufacture. This will help to avoid the formation of plaque, darkening of structures during operation. Observance of the recommendations of the master will help to preserve the original look of the model for many years.