The interior design of the apartment is 45 square meters. m

Apartment design 45 sq m

Design solutions that you want to apply when repairing a dwelling often become impracticable due to its small area. The property owners want to make the apartment as functional as possible, but this is not always possible: the bearing walls interfere or there is not enough money for all the designers' ideas. To repair did not remain incomplete, it should be clearly planned. All actions on arrangement of a premise are necessary for painting, in detail to work. If a person plans to repair himself, at this stage he will still need the advice of an experienced specialist (designer or builder). Optimizing the repair procedure will help to save money for the owner of real estate, reduce the time spent on finishing work. Much depends on the size of the room. Below are examples of the design of an apartment of 45 meters.

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Yellow cushions on a gray sofa Stretch ceiling in the interior  Floor lamp at the armchair  Partition behind the sofa  Shelves above the TV  Light floor in the interior

Features дизайна однокомнатной квартиры 45 кв. м

The design of the apartment is 45 square meters. m is most often associated with the transformation of odnushki into stylish apartments with a large kitchen (more than 10 meters), a spacious hall, a cozy room in a square shape. One-room apartment, in which 45 meters, it is difficult to call a small one, that's why many ideas can be embodied in it, turning a boring standard room into a beautiful one. Here much depends on the personal preferences of the owner of the property. He chooses the color scheme of the future interior. When repairing odnushki in a new building is best to use pastel shades: beige, white, ashy, grayish. This will visually expand the room, making it as spacious as possible. During the development of the design project, it is better to allocate the main areas of the premises in advance: the kitchen, the living area, the bathroom. This is required to select the desired color scheme. If the apartment has a family with a child (not one man or woman), the best interior solution will be the zoning of the living room with the help of different colors of walls, floor and ceiling.

Even for zoning, contrasting colors should be avoided.

Design of a one-room apartment 45 square meters. m  Low table in front of the couch  Bright apron in the kitchen  Desk in the corner  Chandelier over the dining table

Combination of two colorsRelevance for odnushki 45 meters
Black White
Red Green
Purple, orange
Gray, beige+
Ash-pink, pearly+
Cream, white+
Fuchsia, blue+

Yellow curtains in a light interior Sliding door in the living room  Hanger in the hallway  White furniture in the kitchen  Photo collage on the wall  The office behind the partition

Features дизайна двухкомнатной квартиры 45 кв. м

One bedroom apartment in which only 45 square meters. m, is considered small. Usually it consists of a small kitchen (6-7 meters) and 2 rooms (12-16 meters). The development of a design project depends on the layout of the rooms. If they are insulated, then you can not demolish the walls, only after working on the color scale of the premises. And an apartment with adjacent rooms should be converted. Adjacent rooms are isolated from each other. If this is not technically possible, then you can connect one of the rooms with the kitchen or the hallway, removing the walls separating them. With the help of this redevelopment, you can get a modern european. The lack of walls will give the room extra space. But alterations are undesirable, if a family with a child lives in the facility, then you need to try to isolate the rooms. This is done in several ways:

  • cut through the door from the room to the kitchen, laying the interior doorway;
  • to reduce the entrance hall, to increase the entrance room;
  • reduce the hall, increase the hallway.

The design of a two-room apartment of 45 square meters. m

Number of residentsIdeas
Parents + childcombined kitchen-living room;

a bedroom of parents without a window;

children's - with a window.

Parents + child2 nurseries with windows;

a bedroom of parents without a window;

kitchen-living room has 1 window.

The combination of white furniture and a blue apron  Dining area by the window  Brick wall in the interior  Decorative window on the wall  Color of coffee with milk in the interior

Stylistic direction

To the apartment looked harmonious, you need to perform the interior of all rooms in a single style (high-tech, minimalism, loft style, Scandinavian style, baroque, country, etc.). Some stylistic directions are permissible to connect, but you need to do this only after consulting a designer. To the interior looked majestic and dignified, you can choose the primary color white and dilute it with different color spots. Saturated shades will make the design complete. Wall decoration should be simple and concise. Extra patterns and moldings only interfere in small rooms. For small one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments ideal for Scandinavian style. The interiors made in this style look quite simple, but extremely cozy. In small rooms, the following color combinations look best:

  • pale pink, purple, blue;
  • cream, yellow, orange;
  • pearl gray, white, dark blue;
  • cream, orange, chocolate.

Apartment 45 sq m in Art Nouveau style



black (tone for furniture);

Art Decolactic;


dark brown;









light brown.

Tree on the wall  Different floor coverings in the interior  Bookshelves behind the couch  Bar stools at the counter  TV above the table

Separation into zones

Zoning is an important principle of interior design for an apartment of 45 meters. If we are talking about odnushke, then it is desirable to delineate the room into separate zones of the bedroom and the living room. This is done using a partition of plasterboard, a small cabinet, a screen or simply due to a different color scheme. For example, the bedroom area can be made in a pastel palette, and the living room - in juicy and saturated colors. The rooms can also be divided into zones using a multi-level floor and ceiling. The bed is put on the podium, and the sofa, fixed to the living room, remains on the floor. Zoning of the premises should take place with consideration of the elementary rules of illumination. If the room has 2 windows, then it should be zoned so that both in the bedroom and in the living room it was on the window. If the window is one, then on the unlighted part of the room you need to install more powerful fixtures.

Zoning of the apartment 45 sq. M Clock on the wall  The combination of a white table and dark sofas  Niches in the wall  Kitchen combined with living room  Floor lamp at the window

Kitchen-living room

One bedroom apartment 45 sq. M. m, in which the partition between the room and the kitchen was removed, is called the studio. Before carrying out such a re-planning, it should be clarified the possibility of its legalization. For example, in the Khrushchev with gas stoves it is impossible: the kitchen by law to have a door. Zoning of the studio apartment begins with the choice of floor covering. In the kitchen, it should be moisture-resistant, and in the living room area can be even to lay carpet or linoleum. This automatically delimits these 2 zones. You can also zoned the room using wallpaper of different colors and textures. And the kitchen area can be done in bright colors (and kitchen), a living room turn into a neat room in a classic style. Sometimes designers share a room area and kitchen bar, but it must comply with the overall interior style.

Kitchen-living room в квартире 45 кв м Lamp on chests  Lamps on the beam  Bright interior with a dark sofa  Decorative fireplace in the living room  White tiles on the floor


In a two-room apartment of 45 m2 one of the rooms can be equipped with a cabinet. For these purposes, it is better to choose a small room and repair it in an office style so that nothing interferes with the work. If you have to leave 2 living rooms in the apartment (for the child and parents), then you can go to the trick and reduce the large room, i.e. to divide it by a partition from gypsum cardboard. As a result, you will get 2 rooms approximately 10-12 meters with windows and 1 room in 6-8 meters without a window. It is from the latter that the cabinet is made. For the work area, the window is optional. Such a layout is suitable for one-sided, only in the end will be 2 rooms: with a window and without. In the office, you do not even need to put a sofa. It is enough to put high cabinets with books and necessary documents, as well as a computer desk with a chair. Since the cabinet will leave without a window, you need to worry about lighting. You do not need to hang a large chandelier,

  • Spotlights;
  • table lamp;
  • wall sconces;
  • Torso around the table.

Cabinet в квартире 45 кв м The deer on the wall  Work desk by the window  Wall-papers on the wall  The dark door in the interior  Cabinets along the wall


In one-room apartment it is difficult to designate the place of a bedroom without loss of functionality of a premise. If the room is set at least a meter bed, then the whole odnushka turns into a bedroom. It will be difficult to invite guests here. With the sofa, the room will look like a living room, but it is inconvenient to sleep on it. Therefore, the designer's task at this stage is to find a balance between functionality, beauty and convenience and to install in one room a bed and a sofa without losing style. Usually the problem is solved by installing the podium. The floor in one part of the room is slightly raised, and a bed with bedside tables is installed on the podium. It can be closed with a canopy (if the style allows) or leave behind a screen. The rest of the room is set up a sofa, a coffee table, some lockers. When using the podium, you can operate with shades of the same color:

  • the bedroom zone is made in gentle shades (light green, pink, ashy, etc.);
  • The area of ​​the living room painted in a more saturated and even poisonous shades.

Bedroom в квартире 45 кв м Laminate on the wall  Built-in lamps in the bedroom  Paintings on the headboard  LED Ceiling Light  Mirror on the floor

Built-in and hidden storage

In the rooms of small apartments, most of the things are usually stored. Therefore, you need to use every centimeter of the dwelling. Optimization of space is the main task when designing a small apartment. If it is a separate bedroom with a window, then you need to use the window space, which is usually undeservedly ignored. For this, shelves for books, statuettes and paintings must be installed right under the windowsill and on each side of the window. It will look stylish and unusual. All cabinets in the apartment must be up to the ceiling. Part of the room can be fenced off to create a wardrobe. Also in the apartment you can find a variety of places for clothing:

  • podium;
  • drawers under the bed;
  • special chests;
  • floor hangers;
  • обувницы;
  • small lockers;
  • tables with built-in lockers;
  • wall hooks.

Storage in the apartment 45 sq. M Orchid on the table  Blue carpet on the floor  Kitchen with corner layout  A figurine on the floor  Pot with a flower on the wall

Choosing furniture

Мебель для маленькой квартиры покупается максимально функциональная. Лучше выбирать двухспальную кровать или диван, куда можно поместить все постельное белье. Style мебели должен соответствовать интерьеру жилья. Смешение стилистических направлений недопустимо. Логичнее всего покупать мебель для квартиры в одном магазине у одного производителя. Если кровать и шкаф представляют собой единый монолитный комплект, это выглядит стильно и шикарно. Если такой возможности нет, то следует подбирать новые шкафы и столики, подходящие по цвету и стилю к кровати и интерьеру помещения. Нужно выбирать модульные шкафы и тумбы, которые смогут вместить все необходимые вещи. Сегодня существует много производителей мебели для небольших квартир. К наиболее известным относятся:

  • toughens;
  • Dana;
  • Dyatkovo;
  • Techservice, etc.

Bright furniture in the apartment 45 sq. M. Indoor sapling in the interior  Divan in the windows  Shelves from the stairs in the living room  Furniture with a facade for a tree in the kitchen  Modular paintings in the interior

Decor and Lighting

Декорирование квартиры зависит от общего стилистического решения комнаты. Интерьер помещения не всегда требует наличия обязательных декоративных вставок, статуэток, картин, комнатных цветов. При минимализме все эти детали будут лишними. Если же квартира выполнена в романтическом стиле, то милые мелочи будут кстати. Они должны быть подобраны со вкусом с учетом цветовой гаммы жилища. В прихожей нужно обязательно поставить зеркало в полный рост. Что касается освещения, то многое зависит от назначения комнаты. Bedroom не должна быть темным помещением, но большое количество светильников здесь будет неуместным. Стоит подобрать лампы для прикроватных тумбочек для чтения перед сном, а на потолке вмонтировать точечные светильники с регулятором яркости. Они превосходно впишутся в любой дизайнерский интерьер.

Lighting of the apartment 45 sq. M

In the living room and in the kitchen, chandeliers will be appropriate, and in the hallway you can hang wall sconces.

Patterns on the ceiling  Floor-standing vase at the couch  The palm in the corner  Maki on the walls  Yellow accents in white interior


When repairing a small euro-level apartment, the key task is visual expansion of the space. If you properly zonirovat room, the housing will look much more than its 45 square meters. m. For this you need to choose the most advantageous exclusive style of the apartment, functional furniture and competent lighting. It must be remembered that a strong color contrast is not suitable for small rooms, so it is necessary to avoid the combination of too poisonous shades. It is also not recommended to paint walls in dark shades, as they will visually reduce the apartment. The lighter the room, the more it will appear. And even in odnushke it is not necessary to refuse a double bed with an orthopedic mattress. You just need to buy the right furniture and accurately design the layout of the room in two parts: a bedroom and a living room. The decoration of the house really depends on the quality of the furniture.