The layout of a small apartment for a creative person

The layout of a small apartment for guests

A room on the roof is just a dream. Presented in this article, the layout of a small apartment will make you think about buying a new home! A spiral staircase made of black wrought iron leads to a snow-white corner for sleeping, star research and creativity!

Located in a small tower in Amsterdam, this historic hideaway was turned into a landmark. In fact, artists all over the world dream of visiting here, in this place, charged with creative energy.

Room in the clouds

The room is equipped with a telescope, through which you can watch the stars or explore the city from above, and a bed, ideal for a dreamy holiday. Meals are provided for the guests.

Project with meaning

This space was designed by the designers of the i29 group as a space of unfamiliar emotions. They offer a unique experience that allows you to feel the art from the inside. Each visitor can temporarily become Alice, who came to Wonderland, feel like a little man on the roof of the world.

Beautiful view

Beautiful view

The unique view from the windows of this guest apartment makes it the home of inspiration in the center of Amsterdam. To visit here or even spend the night is a real success. Imagine how stunning the night sky is seen in the openings of these large windows!

Style and atmosphere

Designers have tried to make the interior of the apartment stylish and suitable for the visitor with any taste. Light walls and an abundance of white color support the idea of ​​airspace on the top floor of the tower.

Center for Peace

The historical center of Amsterdam itself makes an indelible impression. One has only to guess how the occupant of the room feels under the roof of the tower with a telescope!

How do you think, is it not time to book tickets to the Netherlands, in order to quickly visit this amazing place!