The project of a small apartment in new york - an ideal

Two enterprising architects Michael Chen and Kari Anderson from Michael Chen Architecture PLLC have created a design for a small apartment project in New York.

Project of a small apartment in New York

To say that it turned out well is not enough. Magnificent design in everything - in shapes and colors. It turned out to be a live twist. To the design concept is best suited old proverb - "small spool and roads"

The task of the team of architects was to create a living space for a single man living in Manhattan who likes to have fun and sometimes works at home. The ambitiousness of the project is to realize ideas in a studio apartment with an area of ​​122 m². The owner should not feel constrained and experience claustrophobia.

Flexible space is created by the transformable module. Various configurations allow you to turn a room into a bedroom, home office, kitchen cupboard or even a small library where the customer stores his collection of books.

Great functionality is achieved thanks to handles and handles located at different heights. Thus, the owner can open or close the module's sections that he needs.

Transformable bed in a small apartment

Bedroom in a small apartment

A bright island, executed in a chic blue color, was sheltered between a miniature kitchen and a cozy dining area in the style of mid-century modern.

Interior design of a small kitchen

Folding bar

Designers have provided for planning even in case of arrival of guests. Ottoman from Design Within Reach and chairs from Eames just for that. Simple white roller shutters on the windows allow sunlight to penetrate almost inside. A sufficient amount of light, very relevant for New York, is another undeniable merit of the project.

Spacious and bright living room

Another plus of such space organization is that the owner is forced to keep all things in order!

Bookcase in the interior of the living room Folding work area

Project of a small apartment with transformable furniture

At first glance it looks unusual. What do you think?