Tiny apartment, paris, france

Beautiful wardrobe

Oh, how many people in the world are concerned about the housing issue and how many complain about fate, dreaming of a slightly larger number of square meters. But stop! Look here and you will understand that all your complaints are unworthy of attention, you were luckier than the owner of this apartment, located in Paris, the city of love.

Its area is an incredible eight square meters. Only eight, do you represent? And even here the craftsmen found a way out. So your comfort is in your hands, no one forces you to sleep in a closet, you just have to try to find a solution, and you will definitely find it.

Bright combination of the facades of the door with the color gamut of the cabinet Interesting layout of the sliding cabinet system In the closet hidden stools A delightful phenomenon Multifunction cabinet Department in the closet for outerwear The dining table leaves the locker The kitchen sink is hidden behind the door Open door leading to the bathroom Beautiful bathroom interior Ultra-modern instrument in the locker The interior of the bathroom consists of small tiles

Such apartments in France are not uncommon, because of the catastrophic shortage of housing, all methods of solving problems were involved, including using long-forgotten premises and now there are whole blocks of similar apartments.

In this case, you see an interior solution that allows you to fit in such a tiny territory all the elements necessary for life and ensure the independent living of the owner.

Apartment layout Layout of the entire territory of a small apartment The layout of the small apartment space Particleboard layout 3D projection of the apartment On the projection, one can see a combination of everything in a small apartment