Bunk bed in the interior of the nursery

Bunk bed in the interior

At the birth of the second, third child, the question arises: where will they sleep? Well, if the apartment is large enough, there is the possibility to equip everyone with not only a sleeping place, but also a personal "working" space. If you have to live in a standard "socket", where a large family is always not enough, then you should consider buying a two-story bed.

  • quality - the materials from which it is made must be strong, environmentally friendly, preferably natural;
  • stability - in assembled form, even the minimum amplitude of the rocking of the structure is inadmissible. One of the children will not hold onto the top shelf, fall, will get serious injuries;
  • practicality - this piece of furniture is chosen comfortable, ergonomic. With a comfortable frame, mattresses suitable for children's sleep;
  • certification - in the documents accompanying the product, detailed specifications, maximum growth, weight of a person who can sleep on such bed should be indicated;

An unusual bunk bed Metal bunk bed Bunk bed from chipboard White bunk bed Bunk bed in a room in green tones Turquoise bunk bed

  • appearance - the furniture is chosen in such a way that the children like it, as much as possible corresponds to the style of the nursery, if there has already been made repairs. Otherwise, the design of the premises will have to be "adjusted" to the purchased cot;
  • security - it is above all. The scaffold should not be excessively slippery, ideally - be inclined, sufficiently thick, frequent steps. The upper tier is preferred with rim protectors against falling. The presence of at least one handrail is welcome, for which you can hold on ascending;
  • a smell - if from a product it is bad, unpleasantly, sharply smells, to get it it is not necessary. Over time, with a change in humidity, air temperature, the "fragrance" will only increase, and the evaporation of harmful substances can seriously disturb the immunity of those who will sleep on such a bed.

Orange-white bunk bed

When the layout is non-standard, the room is narrow, then the position will be saved by the built-in two-story structure. It can be mounted in a niche, between two walls, etc.

Pink bunk bed in a nursery for a girl Eco-style room with a bunk bed Bunk bed with storage boxes in steps Modern design of bunk beds Black bunk bed in a teenager's room Multifunctional bunk bed

Design of beds

They differ in design, length, width of berths, staircase, floor height, color. Classical two-level is made of wood, has a simple form, a very modest decoration. It is complemented by a real hill, a small sports corner with rings, swings, rope. When there are many children, and the height of the ceiling allows, the third floor is made, but the construction in this case is firmly attached to the wall. The building is completely without legs, it is convenient for the smallest ones, but then you need to pick up a thick enough mattress, think about additional floor heating.

Children's furniture with built-in bunk bed Bunk bed with lilac facade Children's room with furniture made of wood Yellow bunk bed Bunk bed with sofa  Children's room with a wooden double-decker bed

Two suspended beds are attached directly to the wall, do not have legs. The staircase is also attached to the wall, it consists of ledges, niches. These cots in a cramped bedroom are made folding. Or hanging can be the upper tier, the lower one - stand on the legs. The second "floor" is often suspended from the ceiling, while being attached to the wall. Many firms offer complex designs that combine two or three beds, a computer desk, a compact dresser, hanging shelves and so on.

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A room for a teenager with a wooden bunk bed

If the stores could not find a suitable model for the design, then it is made independently, to order, according to individual sizes, sketch.

Hi-tech style

High-tech style is well suited for children's "growth". Clean high-tech is acceptable for the boys 'room, the interior of the girls' bedroom is diluted with elements of the provence - a small amount of light draperies in pastel colors. A cot made in this style will be partially or completely composed of shiny metal, have built-in chrome lights. In general, the room will become multifunctional, almost all furniture can be transformed. Colors are preferable silvery, beige, cream with the addition of black, red.

Bunk bed in high-tech style

Romantic style

This direction of design is ideal for girls' room - an abundance of textiles, ryushechek, flounces, cute pads, little animals in pastel colors. The bed itself can be made of wood, made of particleboard, made in light colors, have smooth outlines, a small amount of decor in the form of painting flowers, gradient overflows. When decorating the "romantic" bedroom of the boys in the interior, darker colors, loft style elements, industrial, marine or other styles should be added.

Bunk bed in a romantic style

When choosing the style of the room, you should at least partially take into account the opinion of the children on this score, trying to please everyone as much as possible.


Bed in eco-style is made of solid wood, preferably with a complex pattern of fibers. The design can be a two-story "house", where for each child there will be a separate "nest" in which he can retire. The sidewalls are covered with dense curtains with vegetative patterns, decorative windows can be cut at the ends. In the design of a large number of homemade toys, decorative gizmos. Separate children's places are stylized under a natural environment - from sturdy snags is made of stairs, a swing is suspended on the same crossbar as a knot. Colors are better to choose tea, vegetable, warm.

Bunk bed in eco-style

If the children's area is located in a close studio apartment, the bed can also be separated from the rest of the room by long curtains.


Minimalism отличается максимально простыми контурами, ограниченным числом цветов, практически полным отсутствием декора. Кровать будет строгая, но изысканная, предпочтительно встроенная, с однотонным пастельным бельем, лестницей четкой правильной формы, без каких-либо лишних деталей, вставок. Вся остальная мебель в комнате тоже подбирается крайне простая, лучше матовая, однотонная, без «наворотов». В данном интерьере удобно обустроятся дети разного пола, возраста. Приветствуется небольшое количество ярких цветовых акцентов, предпочтительны сочетания черного с белым, желтого с фиолетовым, оранжевого с зеленым.

Bunk bed in minimalist style

Location of tiers

The "floors" of the bed are located one above the other or with a shift to the side - then under the upper tier there is a built-in wardrobe, a work place for the child. If there is enough space, the lower bunk is perpendicular to the top bunk - cross to the cross. The two-storeyed construction should be chosen so high that from the top bunk to the ceiling there was at least a meter, it was comfortable to sit under it, to clean up the bed. The lower floor is wide, foldable, in its place often is the "study" of the child. Also from under the lower crib can be put forward an additional part, making the space double.

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Children's room in for two teenagers Brown-white bunk bed Soft toy on the bed Pink bunk bed with work area Bunk bed with sofa на первом этаже Brown double-decker bed

Bunk beds for two children

When children of different ages, the younger child usually sleeps on the lower shelf. To save space, the structure is equipped with drawers under the bottom of the lower berth. If the ladder is made with spans, the boxes are located there. Under the upper "floor", compact storage spaces are also made. The bed can perform the function of zoning - on each side of it there will be separate gaming, workplaces for each of the children. If children are of different sexes, they are already more than seven years old, then separate rooms for changing clothes should be equipped in the room.

Room in blue and white colors Room in orange color Bright colors in the interior for children for girls Bunk bed in the form of a house Bunk bed-transformer Two-story bed-transformer

Bunk beds for parent and child

In this case, the lower tier can be half-torn, double - while the little man is small, the mother can sleep next to him. After there will be more children, the elder will go to bed upstairs. In another variant the child sleeps on the lower tier, the parent is at the top. In a modern small studio apartment on a two-story bed, a family of three people will fit - from below, on a double bed, parents, a child upstairs. In case this is a spacious loft bed, the parents will be placed at the top, the children at the bottom.

Bunk bed for parents and child Two-story bed for parents and child A room design with a bunk bed Cell in the interior of the nursery Bunk bed with pillows  Pillows on the first floor of a bunk bed

In large houses, where there are often many guests, a two-tier structure can be designed entirely for adults. On the lower tier, instead of an ordinary cot, they have a double folding sofa.

Beds from two levels for use by one child

Bed-loft is more suitable for decorating a teenager's bedroom. Big boy, the girl can easily climb up, not afraid to sleep on the second "floor". Under the plane of the cot, a computer table, a written work, a built-in wardrobe for clothes, a shelves for books, discs, souvenirs are mounted. The height of the teenage mattress should be 12-15 cm. The younger one is also equipped with a sports, play corner - a hill, tent-houses, horizontal bars, other decorations. It is desirable that the above-described details are removed - as the baby grows, they are replaced by others.

Red curtains in the nursery The wall of chocolate color in the design of the nursery Pink-beige baby with bunk bed Purple loft bed Lilac Loft Bed Shades of blue in the design of a child

Transformers Beds

There are such structures, where the height of the second "floor", the length of both is adjustable - the cot grows with the children. In some models, one or both shelves can rise vertically to the wall in the daytime - like in a train, at night being used for sleeping. The lower daytime "turns" into a table, a folding narrow sofa. If there are three children, there is an additional plane under the lower bunk. At night she pulls out, forming an extra bed, in the afternoon "hides", the mattress lying on it at night, with the onset of the morning becomes a back, as on a sofa.

Burgundy color in the interior of the room

Materials used to make bunk beds

From materials are traditionally used:

  • different types of wood - they are strong, wear-resistant, durable, look aesthetically;
  • wood chipboards - budget, but do not last long;
  • of metal - durable, practical, but not suitable for every style;
  • MDF - a beautiful inexpensive option;
  • bent glued plywood, thick plastic - are used for the manufacture of individual parts.
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Yellow and red bed linen in a bunk bed Metal two-story bed Red armchairs Striped bed linen  Green furniture in the nursery  Bright children's room

Wood for a bunk bed is selected strong, without dropping knots, burrs, chips, cracks. Preferred are: mahogany, oak, beech, spruce, Scandinavian pine, birch, hornbeam. The tree does not release toxins into the environment, but the manufacturer should always require a document on the radiation safety of the material - an environmental certificate. Individual suppliers indicate the origin of sawnwood. In the manufacture of chipboard, MDF, waste wood processing, various film materials, formaldehyde resins, many of which have varying degrees of toxicity. Paintwork materials, film coatings should also be selected as harmless as possible.

House for dolls

As the filler of children's mattresses are used various materials - coconut, polyester fiber, natural latex. They are necessarily selected hypoallergenic. Covers are preferable from natural fabrics with a stable coloring - teak, bamboo fabric. Mattresses need orthopedic, medium hardness.

Convenience and safety

On convenience, safety should be taken care of in the first place, especially if the children are small. If you plan to accommodate four children in a bunk bed, then the "floors" should be double, the ladder should be available on both sides. The second floor is equipped with low handrails, handles, handrails, for which you can grasp, with a descent-ascent.

Fantastic two-storey bed Interior of a nursery with a wooden bed Black and white wallpaper in the nursery Child with large window Multifunctional children's furniture with a double-decker bed Orange bedspreads on the beds

Depending on the location of the stairs, the two-tier structure can be:

  • vertical - does not take unnecessary place, but the most traumatic;
  • inclined - a bad option for small rooms, so it should be fairly narrow, but this will also affect security;
  • with the "podium" - has drawers under every step, even a baby can climb it.

Shades of green and orange in the interior of the nursery Bunk bed for adults Drawings of flowers on the wall Bed made of wood Bed-loft made of wood Two-story bed in green-brown color

The cot, ladder must withstand the weight of any adult person - up to 150 kg. Parents periodically have to climb there to remove toys, to change bed linens, etc. Children's furnishings should avoid any sharp angles - they are the most traumatic. When buying any furniture you need to carefully inspect, check all the fasteners, moving parts - the quality of the connection of parts directly depends on the safety of operation of the product. The space around the bunk bed, just in case, should be covered with thick soft rugs - this will reduce the likelihood of serious injuries from falling from the top bunk. Fireproof furniture covers are also offered by most manufacturers.

A room for a teenager in the American style Compact two-storey bed Comfortable bed made of wood Bunk bed for three people Children's pirate style Colorful print wallpapers

"Color safety" is a modern term, meaning that the coloristic decoration of the interior should be as harmonious as possible, not irritating, soothing. The shades are chosen taking into account children's preferences, because they, rather than their parents, will have to live there.

When a two-story bunk has carved or too thin legs, the strength of the structure is in question.

The ball on the floor


The bunk bed will become a real rescue for a close one-room apartment, a small children's room, a room for two or three children. If the children are even larger, the number of double-decked beds is increased. Teenagers and tired adults will like to sleep on the "second floor", where no one can get them. The younger are interested in climbing upward, inventing various games. There are many design ideas for bedroom design for two or more children. To save on the purchase of this product is not worth it - the health of small family members is still more expensive.