Rural minimalism in action - the original budgetary interior

Living room of a small country house

In today's exclusive story, we will introduce you to the magnificent decoration of the apartment, which was developed and implemented by the talented masters of the architectural studio MR.FRAG in the largest Australian metropolis of Sydney.

The main idea home decor consisted in the formation of a cozy and aesthetically attractive space, striking the eye with its functionality and practicality.

An industrial designer with many years of experience in antiquarian restoration and reproduction Frag Woodall has a great taste for the arrangement of apartments.

Therefore, when he and Naomi's wife bought an antique brick house of the 1930s, the specialist tried to transform it into a comfortable corner with a soothing and serene atmosphere, reminiscent of a summer Swedish house with an amazing view of the green park of Centennial Park in Sydney.

Unusual house a couple located in the popular and lively Kensington area. It has a small area of ​​80 square meters and a simple layout with two bedrooms and one bathroom.

The interior of the apartment was designed in aesthetically attractive and modern style with good lighting, neutral color scheme and textured materials in the surface finish, which allow to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere indoors.

The designer has executed the design of the wall surface in a white tinted palette that visually expands the space and fills it with incredible charm. Wooden floors and textured ceiling beams bring a suburban feeling to the decoration and perfectly fit into the overall style of the apartments.

The kitchen of a small country house

A bright range with brown accents is extremely elegant and spectacular in residential space.

The entrance of a small country house

In the following three photos you can see the layout of the apartment before the repair work.

The entrance of a small country house The kitchen of a small country house до ремонта Living room of a small country house

After the reconstruction, the bedroom began to have a fresh and inviting exterior appearance. Wall decoration in this area was made by textured wood with traces of knots, while the snow-white floor surface is perfectly combined with the framing of windows and bed linen.

Bedroom of a small country house

Pay attention to the decoration of the balcony before the repair.

Balcony of a small country house before renovation

After redevelopment, he received a bright and spacious appearance. Arched window openings allow family members to enjoy picturesque nature, green trees and sunshine. The owner installed a dining table on the balcony, surrounded by three black chairs.

Canteen of a small country house

In the second bedroom, the minimalist decor of the room is complemented by shutters in the Parisian style, original ceiling beams and a laconic furniture set.

Bedroom of a small country house

Before the reconstruction of the apartment, the bathroom was aesthetically unattractive.

A bathroom of a small country house

The architect used in interior design the old granary French door. It contrasts brightly against the snow-white decoration and is perfectly combined with vintage sanitary ware and aged accessories.

Bathroom of a small country house

For the design of the bathroom specialist used the restored wood saturated chocolate shade. Elegant white plumbing, a minimalist sink, a thin laconic mirror and magnificent ceramic ornaments complete the appearance of the bathroom.

Bathroom of a small country house

A small window opens onto the roof of a neighboring house. He not only brings dazzling sunshine to the space, but also allows family members to admire the beautiful blue sky, while maintaining a high level of confidentiality.

Bathroom of a small country house

In the next photo you are shown the layout of the apartments with the location of the main zones.

The layout of a small country house

Interesting house project from the studio MR.FRAG in the Australian metropolis Sydney is a fantastic creative masterpiece.

The wonderful location next to the stunning and picturesque green garden, magnificent interior decoration in a calm and serene style, reminiscent of a Swiss chalet, an amazing layout with a large number of functional areas, as well as a cozy atmosphere attracts close attention and public interest.