Ways to decorate the bathroom with tiles +50 photo

Decor tiles in the bathroom

The use of tiled finish in sanitary facilities significantly simplifies the cleaning and ensures the duration of maintenance. But the chosen tile decor in the bathroom should be appropriate. Before buying a collection you need to evaluate their stylistics and color scheme. The presence of decorative additions will facilitate the ease of creating an original design. For example, beautiful panels, mosaic masonry will help to stylize the room quickly and simply. Budgetfully to carry out competent registration of walls the independent decoupage will help. It can be carried out with cloth, paper, and glueing pictures. And you can use for this task special beads or other jewelry. Custom styling of individual elements will help cheaply and simply create a designer finish. But before carrying out the work, it is necessary to make an accurate calculation and purchase enough materials. To do this, you need to take into account the parameters of the finish, premises, as well as the desired thickness of the joints.

  • Border;

It is used for horizontal, vertical space division. Represents small rectangles.


  • Panel;

Can be medium and large sizes. They represent a ready image (drawing a picture for one element) or used to compose large pictures by composing elements with different parts of the picture.


  • Piece elements.

They are similar to border elements, but they have a large height and width. Used to separate the walls, complemented by patterns and abstractions.

Piece elements

Way of laying as a kind of decor

The conditions for laying tiles on walls and floors affect the overall design, especially the perception of design. Its gluing can be carried out according to the following schemes:

  • The rowman.

Assumes the arrangement of the elements strictly under each other. Thanks to this, the effect of dividing the wall into squares is achieved. Applicable only for perfectly flat surfaces.

Row tiling in the bathroom

  • "Brick" (offset).

The displacement of each row creates a special dynamics of design, allows you to hide the unevenness of surfaces.


  • The diagonal.

With this method, the decoration of square and rectangular shapes is used. It is fixed at an angle of 90 degrees - diagonally.

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  • With a shift.

It assumes the laying of large and small elements. Can be located as standard or at an angle of 90 degrees.

With a shift

  • "Herringbone".

It is carried out to simulate a parquet. Only rectangular long elements are suitable for work.


The most unusual laying is carried out for a ceramic plate in the form of honeycombs. This decoration makes the design stand out, expands the space.

Color spectrum

From the standard white and blue tones when decorating the plumbing facilities, it's worth moving away. They are beautifully replaced by beige, turquoise shades. To create a warm design is recommended to use light brown and pink colors. They blend well together, create a harmonious zoning of space. For small rooms it is necessary to choose pastel and other light colors. For example, shades of lavender, pale lime and light yellow will help to make space more, to conduct a competent stylization. For spacious rooms, the use of a dark blue, purple hue is acceptable. Exquisite is the combination of black and gold. But to supplement silver with black trim is not recommended: the finished design will be cold and uncomfortable. The presence of jewelry will help make the room original. But it should not be much, otherwise the space will be visually reduced. Select some parts of the room, to emphasize the decorations will help install bright lights.

Bright tiles in the bathroom Mirror over the sink  Bath with illumination  Crimson color in the interior  Glass shelves on the wall  Columns in the interior

Width and color of seams

The thickness and flow of seams between the individual elements of the finish in the bathroom play an important role. They can reduce, increase space, are one of the design elements. Therefore, when choosing a grout and crosses, the following features should be considered:

  1. Light grouting requires more care, as it often darkens. On the dark trowel, soap stains and dust will be clearly visible. An advantageous solution will be the use of a grout in the tone of the finish. Prevent the appearance on it of mold and fungus will help the addition of special antiseptic agents.
  2. The average width of the joint is 1-2 mm. Thick seams help reduce space. They are suitable only for large rooms, faced with large elements.
  3. The contrast between the colors of the finishes and seams distinguishes any irregularities and mounting errors. Therefore, sharp transitions between shades of tiling and grouting should be avoided.

Seams under the color of tiles in the bathroom

The same coloring of the finishes and seams makes the whole wall. Such design helps to hide any unevenness.

Light door in the interior  Orchid in the bathroom  The combination of white and green tiles on the walls  Window to the whole wall in the interior  Dolphins on the walls

Design and ways to transform space

With a careful selection of design finishes, you can beautifully and ingeniously play the space of any of the parameters of the room. A small square is not a verdict if you make the walls light. They do not have to be just white. For example, the finish may have the color of pearls. It looks good to combine light walls and dark floor. Raise the ceiling will help the inclusion of flat tiles in a more vivid coloring. The horizontal frame of the room will help to expand the space. In this case, the part under the restriction and the floor itself can be gray, brown. Small patterns are applicable for spacious rooms. But the combined bathroom is better to decorate one large panel with beads, people or other design. For the maritime style, this can be images of a dolphin, seashells, sunsets or sandy beaches. Floral panels with bouquets are more suitable for spacious rooms. For small-sized it is better to stop the choice on one medium or large flower: orchid, rose, tulip. In a spacious room, a dark wood finish is also acceptable.

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Red, black and white tiles in the bathroom design The combination of a lilac floor and green walls  Niche in the wall  Striped walls in the bathroom  Original sink in the interior  Mirror above the table

Decoupage of tile

Refresh the old design of the room or decorate the new finish quite easily, using simple decoupage tips. For the bath is suitable for individual decoration of the tiles (from the set or already glued to the wall). As decorations can be used dense napkins for decoupage, high-quality fabric (ideal cotton fabric with a small percentage of synthetics). Glue with a universal adhesive to the surfaces you can and beautiful half-beads. But after fixation, they must be well treated with lacquer. The simplest option will be the use of vinyl labels, which are simply glued to the surface of the walls. To conduct an original decoupage with the use of tissue or paper with your own hands, you can use the following instructions:

  1. The basis with a glossy or matte surface is treated with sandpaper with minimal abrasiveness. Degrease the surface. From the material for decoupage cut out the desired element;
  2. Impregnate paper or fabric with a special colorless adhesive for decoupage, attach to the substrate. Treat the surface with a dense flat brush, removing accumulated air;
  3. After drying the adhesive, apply a protective varnish of increased density.

Decoupage of tile в ванной Hearts and flowers  Patterns on the tile  Bathtub on legs  Fish on the tile  Mirror and lamps above the sink

Care of tiles

Proper cleaning of tiles should be done without the use of abrasive powders, metal and other hard brushes. Such surface treatment will lead to the formation of microcracks, where dust, dirt and soap will constantly accumulate. In the resulting damage, pieces of metal scrapers may get stuck, which will lead to the appearance of rust. Be sure to read the manufacturer's recommendations before cleaning the surfaces. These compositions should be purchased immediately after repairs and constantly used for cleaning. This eliminates the darkening and damage of individual elements, the abrasion of the protective glossy or matte layer. To clean the joints it is recommended to purchase special grouts. They will ensure that the contaminants are pushed upward, ensuring that they are easily removed.

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom

Compositions used for fast and effective cleaning of joints are aggressive. When using them, you must always wear a mask and dense rubber gloves.

White shell in blue interior  Mosaic on the walls  Motley floor in the bathroom  Window in the interior  Black faucet on a white wall

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Calculating the amount of material

Purchase of materials for finishing the house should begin with an accurate calculation of the required units. For wall lining (in-line method), the calculation should be carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. Multiply the height and width of each wall, respectively. Add the numbers obtained. Calculate the sum of the areas of window and doorways (height is multiplied by the width), subtract it from the previously obtained number;
  2. Multiply the length of each decoration element by its height;
  3. Divide the number obtained in paragraph 1 by the number of 2 points.

Black tile in the bathroom

When dividing walls, using different types of finishes, such a calculation must be carried out for each species. If there is a brickwork with displacement, then for work it is better to use a special program. Counting can be done both in meters and in centimeters. Calculation of the amount of flooring is carried out by dividing the floor area by the area of ​​one plate. With straight laying, you should add 5% to the received number, and for non-standard packing (offset, diagonal) - 10%. Such a safety net will help you to get enough materials.

Built-in ceiling lights  Полотенчушитель на стене  Mirror with shelf in the bathroom  Glass partition between shower and bath  Chocolate tiles on the walls


Creating a beautiful and stylish design of sanitary facilities requires careful selection of finishes. Owners will need to determine the appropriate style, color range of products. For simple styling, you can distribute different types of decorative elements along the walls. And you can just pick up an interesting masonry for highlighting zones, expanding space. This scheme of work will help to find the optimal design for a tiny room in the panel hruschevke, and for a spacious plumbing room in the cottage. Compliance with the chosen topic is not the only requirement. Make the interior stand out will help and the right choice of grouting for seams, determining their thickness and color. Using consumables in a non-standard version, you can conduct a modern interior decoration without significant costs. And to buy a sufficient number of finishes will help accurate counting. Calculate the right amount of materials needed according to the area of ​​the room, the peculiarities of the masonry. This eliminates the purchase of a larger or smaller amount of tiles and styling elements for the walls and the floor.

Niches with lights in the bathroom  Marble tiles on the floor  Green color in the interior of the nursery  Turquoise walls and ceiling in the bathroom  Flowers on the wall