30 cozy rustic cuisines

Natural materials, bright textiles, simple or even rough furniture - all this creates a nice, warm and cozy environment, thanks to which the country style kitchens are always at the top of popularity. They do not differ finely thought out design, like ultramodern kitchens, or richness of finishes, like kitchens in classical style, but there is in them something that especially attracts people's attention. The abundance of decorative trifles and that quaint atmosphere that the kitchens exude in the rustic style are forced to constantly wander through them with their eyes, examining every detail, rejoicing in finding new ones and dreaming of an equally bright everyday life.

In this article, we present you the 30 best new kitchen designs in a rustic style. Some of them can be attributed to the style of the country, others - closer to the Provence or the style of the shaker, and the third in general combine several different styles, combined in a single whole with a typical rural decor: bright fabrics, painted utensils, picturesque paintings, dry flowers etc. Enjoy watching!

30 photos of cuisines in the rustic style:

White and blue rustic kitchenWhite kitchen with wooden details Kitchen island and dinette in the rustic kitchen Large kitchen in rustic style Black furniture in a rustic kitchen Rustic kitchen design with antique accents Cozy kitchen with fireplace in rustic style Rustic kitchen with red accents Rustic kitchen with open shelves Kitchen with different colors Rustic kitchen with green accents White furniture and green decor in the kitchen Kitchen design with high cabinets and yellow island Interesting design of the kitchen in a rustic style Unusual ideas for the kitchen Beautiful kitchen in a rustic style Kitchen with rustic decor Kitchen design with masonry and textiles in a cage Beautiful kitchen in country style Kitchen in a modern rustic style Kitchen with dark rustic floor Кухня в стиле шейкер Open shelves and bright dishes in kitchen design Luxurious and cozy country kitchen A simple rustic kitchen Stylish kitchen in a rustic style Richly furnished kitchen in a rustic style Varied furniture in the rustic kitchen Kitchen with beautiful furniture Rustic style kitchen with corner window