Apron for the kitchen: 30 photos of stylish examples to

A kitchen apron can not only protect the walls from spills and splashes, but also be the most stylish element of your kitchen design. Today, a wide range of beautiful materials is available: tile, stone, glass, wood etc., that it remains only to show a little imagination. For this we suggest that you look at the next 30 photos and be inspired by the view of the stunningly beautiful aprons for the kitchen!

1. Ceramic tiles

With such a variety of tiles that exists today, you do not need to spend a lot of money to achieve impressive results. Even matt tiles of a neutral shade can look luxuriously on the walls, if you put it in an unusual way, for example, "fir-tree", as in the picture below.

Kitchen apron from ceramic tileKitchen apron with a pattern of ceramic tiles

2. Tile with copper coating

Ceramic tiles covered with a thin layer of copper will become more beautiful and beautiful every year: after all, copper is living material, which eventually acquires a patina.

Kitchen apron from tile with a copper covering

3. Glass tiles

Bright patterns from glass tiles can beautifully revitalize the neutral design of the kitchen and make it much more stylish and cheerful. But even a single-colored glossy tile will look spectacular in contrast with the color of furniture or cement fill.

Apron for kitchen from a glass tile Kitchen apron from a dark glass tile Kitchen apron made of light tiles

4. Ceramic and glass tiles

Can not choose between ceramic and glass tiles? Then, maybe, it is necessary to stop on their combination? A similar apron for the kitchen will easily link among the various elements of the kitchen, for example, glass doors and a neutral kitchen island.

Kitchen apron with a pattern of different tiles Ceramic and glass tiles on the walls in the kitchen

5. Limestone and glass tiles

In this kitchen the combination of materials was created not by the manufacturer of tiles, but by the interior designer himself. Wanting to give this kitchen the effect of "the walls of an ancient castle", he chose for it large slabs of limestone, and for a high apron - a multi-colored glass tile of dark tones.

Kitchen apron with tiles mosaic

6. Glass tiles and stone

Another great example of mixing different materials! To create an original look, the designer set the thin bars of the tile vertically so that they can contrast sharply with the square tiles of the stone and create the effect of an iridescent waterfall.

Stylish apron for modern kitchen

7. Dostuk Galton

River pebbles are often used to decorate bathrooms, but is it really going to look worse in the kitchen? Our answer: of course not!

Apron for the kitchen from pebbles

8. Quartzite sandstone

It seems that this rustic-style kitchen was completely lined with stone. But in fact, quartzite sandstone is produced by small blocks, like tiles, which makes it possible to use it in any premises, even with gypsum board walls.

Quartzite sandstone as wall decoration in the kitchenNatural stone on the walls in the kitchen

9. Quartz and translucent agate

Do not like rustic style? Then choose a stone that looks brighter, more effective and modern, for example, like this translucent product made from natural agate. In the photo, he decorates a section of the wall above the kitchen stove, while the rest of it is made of quartz stone Caesarstone.

Apron for kitchen from quartz and agate

10. Marble and marble tiles

Probably, it is not necessary to say that marble is one of the most refined and luxurious materials for finishing the kitchen. Let's just note that this also applies to marble tiles, which simply looks amazing in the style of "chessboard".

Marble on the walls of the kitchen Kitchen apron from a marble tile

11. Полуматовый мрамор

Black marble "Toros" favorably emphasizes the beauty of the unpainted wood used for finishing this kitchen, and rivets the general views to its amazing white veins.

Apron for kitchen from semimat marble Matte marble in kitchen design

12. Narrow rectangular tiles

There are hundreds of ways to lay out the tiles on the wall, but we particularly wanted to note the following: instead of creating bright and unusual patterns, the designer of this kitchen laid the tiles in neat posts that visually increase the size of the kitchen and give its walls an interesting effect.

Stylish kitchen apron made of tile

13. Volcanic rock

How do you like this apron from a volcanic rock, surrounded on the sides by muddy glass blocks? Note that the same material was also used as countertops.

Kitchen apron made of transparent glass and volcanic rock

14. Steel apron

Do you want to see something even more original here? Then we invite you to consider kitchen aprons from industrial steel - the same material that is used in restaurants and hospitals.

Kitchen apron from industrial steel

15. Natural wood

Maybe a tree and the usual material for us, but as a kitchen apron it looks just stunning!

Wooden apron for kitchen

16. Quality plywood

If you do not want to use natural unpainted wood, then you can take an example from the designer of the next kitchen and install on the walls wide plywood boards, painted with a special waterproof paint.

Kitchen apron made of painted plywood

17. Recycled materials

Secondary use of materials is gaining increasing popularity in interior design around the world. Concrete mixed with broken glass has long been used as a countertop, so why not use this eco-friendly and extremely durable material like an apron for the kitchen?

Apron and countertops for kitchen from recyclable materials

18. Modular panels

Modern modular panels upside down our traditional perception of the kitchen, as a place for cooking.

Modular panels as an apron for the kitchen

19. Mosaic of glass tiles

Creating such a masterpiece takes a lot of time, but the result will please you and fascinate your guests for many long years.

Kitchen apron in the form of a beautiful mosaic

20. Treated glass

Glass panels for this kitchen were created specifically for the customer's order. The carved pattern is adjacent to the wall, while the smooth glass side is facing you, allowing you to easily control the cleaning. LED lighting emphasizes the shape and beauty of the patterns.

Apron for kitchen from glass

21. Slate board

The use of slate boards in the kitchen is, of course, a hot trend. Can I use them as an apron for the kitchen? Let's see: in the photo below the apron of the kitchen was painted with a special paint "Chalkboard", gives the hostess the opportunity to quickly make a note or keep all the ingredients from the recipe in her mind.

Slate in the kitchen

22. 3D tiles

A kitchen apron for many designers is like an empty canvas. What they will not come up with! For example, designer John Fish designed for the kitchen this unique walled aquarium with glass fish and bubbles inside.

Apron for kitchen from 3D tiles

23. Relief concrete

Can concrete look like a refined decorative apron for the kitchen? Look at the photo below, before hurrying with the answer!

Apron for kitchen from concrete