Beautiful table lamps in interior design

Beautiful table lamps are one of the easiest ways to illuminate a dark corner, decorate a side table and add a romantic living room lighting or any other room. With the existing huge selection of colors, sizes and materials, everyone can find for themselves such a lamp that will not only complement, but also emphasize, transform, make the interior design more spectacular and atmospheric. In today's article on Dekorin you can see 40 beautiful table lamps in different rooms, as well as ideas and tips for using them as a home decor.

Large table lamps in interior design

7 ideas for interior decor with table lamps

Without proper lighting, even the most stylish interior design will seem incomplete. Each room needs a combination of general lighting, work lighting (for writing, reading, knitting etc.) and directional light, which emphasizes individual details of space and creates a mood. Table lamps combine at once the last two roles, because simultaneously perform in the house both working and decorative functions. The size, shape, style of the room - all this should be taken into account when choosing the ideal table lamp. Add light and reinforce the interior design with these ideas and tips!

1. Table lamp as the main accessory

Tip # 1: think about selecting a lamp for the room as well as you choose a piece of jewelry under a new dress. Do you have a light, bright and colorful sarafan? Then the best addition for him will be large, but monochrome, simple bracelets or earrings. Strict dark dress on the floor? Highlight his elegance with an exquisite fine work necklace!

Side table with table lamps

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2. Fashion for fixtures in 2015

Do you like to follow the latest trends in everything? Then choose simple and streamlined forms of table lamps, with a thin base and a shade in the form of a drum. They can add height and elegance to any room without shouting the rest of the decor. And is it necessary to search for the reason to give preference to the most fashionable model of lamps today?

Trendy Table Lamps 2015

3. A win-win timeless style

Lampshades of a cone-shaped shape, as a rule, are ideal for interiors in a mixed or eclectic style. Antique furniture is combined with you with Indian textiles and postmodern paintings? Then boldly choose a cone-shaped table lamp that will help to unite all styles and epochs together!

An antique-style table lamp with a ceramic base

4. Table lamps as a missing decor

Do you have a feeling that something is missing in the interior? Perhaps you chose single-colored objects for the room and now it lacks an interesting pattern? And, maybe, in the room everything is entirely rectangular and you somehow want to smooth the corners? Put in the interior a couple of suitable table lamps and you do not have to do anything!

Beautiful table lamps in the bedroom

5. The most effective table lamps

Which lamps are the most interesting and effective? Of course, in the world there are many unique and even crazy lamps, but here we still talk about models that are suitable for most interior designs. And the most effective among such "universals" are table lamps, in which the shape of the lampshade coincides with the shape of the base. For example, a base in the form of a cube - a lampshade in the form of a parallelepiped, a base in the form of a ball - a lampshade in the form of a drum etc.

Console mirror and table lamp

6. Interior games with scales

One of the latest fashion squeaks in interior design is games with scale decor, for example, when an outdoor vase rises above a sofa or a wall clock has unexpectedly gigantic dimensions, or vice versa. Such a design move can be performed with a lamp, only once it has to stand on something (table, chair), then let this object coincide with it according to the proportions.

Beautiful decor in the living room design

7. Correct placement of a table lamp in the interior

Have you chosen a suitable table lamp, and now you are looking for where to put it? Most designers like to decorate them with dark corners or reading areas (for example, near a chair or a bed). At the same time, table lamps look very beautiful on windows, in front of mirrors and various other surfaces that can reflect light and enhance the beauty of space. Everything depends on the interior and your imagination.

Bright table lamps on the sides of the fireplace in the living room

More ideas for decorating the interior of the table lamps will be prompted by our new selection of photos, which follows!

Beautiful table lamps in the interiors (photo)

Idea for a homemade table lamp

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