Style kontemporari in the interior and its features

Contemporary style in the interior

The desire to combine comfort and functionality makes it accessible to everyone. Style kontemporari in the interior - a skillful combination of inexpensive textures and materials, which will help to implement any design ideas. A discreet gamut of shades, practical and comfortable, easy to implement. He attracts a huge number of people, with every year confidently fixes positions in the design.

Luxury house in the style of Contemporary

Zoning. The desire to combine space in the house is relevant for this style. Even small areas can be made visually spacious. Contemporary is ideal for modern studios, small-sized and one-bedroom apartments. The room is divided into functional areas.

Ideas for zoning:

  • curtains;
  • screens;
  • arch;
  • translucent septum;
  • modular construction;
  • hedge;
  • small closet;
  • mirrors;
  • different levels of sex, ceiling;
  • glass thin electric fireplace.

Free space. Superfluous that cuts the eye, annoying objects that do not fit the interior, are removed. The room should be as clean as possible from unnecessary parts.

Living room в стиле контемпорари

Wide freedom. Contemporary attracts not only by preferring practicality, but also by the ability to easily transform the situation in the house, according to fashion trends, if the former bored. Ease of layout, interchangeability of interior items - a distinctive feature of the style. But at the same time it helps to create the history of a particular house, with its peculiarities only.

Open space living room and kitchen in the style of contemporary

Smooth outlines and simple furniture. Clear geometry, straight lines, laconic forms maximally adjust to relaxation.

Contemporary is often confused with Hi-tech. In it, another processing system, finishing metal, wood, plastic. More smooth and elongated lines, ovals, circles, ellipses, lightness, airiness, and hi-tech is rigid and constructive. But the futuristic elements of Hi-tech, the gracefulness of Neoclassicism, the eclecticism of Art Deco will perfectly fit into Contemporary. There are no clear frames and faces. It is admissible to mix and roll up styles.

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The abundance of light in the living room in the style of Contemporary

Colors and textures

In Contemporary, the harmony of material and color reigns, which adds to his tranquility. The subdued interior color scheme has restrained accents. A variety of complex shades of color is emphasized by the roll of matte and shiny surfaces. Saturated colors, as an addition, are also suitable for this style.

Basic colors of style:

  • beige;
  • white;
  • Gray;
  • brown;
  • graphite;
  • earth shades.

As bright accents use:

  • red;
  • blue;
  • yellow;
  • green;
  • Orange.


  • patterns (rarely, but permissible);
  • animal prints (leopard, zebra);
  • geometric print.

Color accents in the design in the style of Contemporary

Materials and invoices

The choice of materials was initially oriented to the needs of mass production of interior items. Hence the attention to affordable wood, metal, glass, stone, but at the same time very qualitatively processed. Even the plastic base of the floor lamp looks respectable, it can not be distinguished from an expensive tree. Contemporary does not like artificial bright materials, shiny surfaces, negligence. Calm colors, decent materials, laconic design. Contemporary is a bridge between the aesthetic past and the functional future. New technologies, development of space, new reading. A clear and elusive style that is slightly ahead of its time.

Materials in the bedroom in the style of Contemporary

Methods of surface finishing

Walls - this is a blank canvas, which gives freedom for creativity. The walls can be plastered or painted, wallpapered. Designers prefer to use gray or white color. Gray does not irritate the eye, can coexist with yourself in a different key. It is universally combined with any palette. You can enter bright contrasts, with which this shade will be successfully combined. White helps to expand the space, harmonizes with low ceilings, with bright tones. In the presence of light walls, you can add blue, green colors.

If the monochrome interior has light furniture, neutral floor, gray walls, then you can add bright pillows, ottoman for feet, decor on the walls. The modern painting (paintings are not framed with baguette), original poster, hand-painted, decorative panels, panels are very suitable.

Living room в светло-коричневых цветах в стиле контемпорари

For a floor the ceramic tile, a laminate, linoleum of a base scale will approach: muffled gray, dark brown. You need to play on the texture of the furniture. The floor should be neutral, set the dynamics so that the room seemed bigger. Use durable rocks of oak, ash. To finish the top you can choose a stretch, a false ceiling, whiten it.

In a room with a small area of ​​parquet, which is laid out diagonally, will expand the visual space.


The room should have natural and artificial light. Large windows should not be hung with dense curtains, the design of windows should be minimalistic. Good will look roller blinds, blinds, light curtains on the eyelets.

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Lighting интерьера в стиле контемпорари

The chandelier should be selected with a laconic design. Welcome illumination of niches, areas of the room along the perimeter. A table lamp, floor lamps, sconces in the sofa area create soft diffused light. They should not weight the design. These are original sources of light and scenery. Therefore, it is necessary to look at classical lamps that have a regular geometric shape, straight lines. Interior should not be overloaded with light accents.


Furniture имеет скорее нейтральных характер. Не солирует, позволяет прозвучать аксессуарам и предметам декора в интерьере.

Functional furniture attracts accessibility, price / quality ratio. Inexpensive stylish items that are available to people of average income can be found in any construction, furniture stores mass-market.

Comfortable and functional furniture for Contemporary style

The shape of the furniture and the general solution of space can be surprisingly amusing. In Contemporary, the very concept of convenience became an element of style. High streamlined backs of chairs, high sofas, attracting attention not only by their appearance, but also by rationality. Furniture of other styles is acceptable in moderation. Chairs, chairs of unusual shapes, but comfortable.

When choosing furniture for the interior should be guided by two rules: multifunctionality and shade.

Successful furniture for the interior:

  • cabinets with a huge number of shelves;
  • TV rack;
  • retractable bed with storage boxes;
  • wall;
  • a folding table;
  • built-in and wardrobes;
  • sofa bed;
  • Soft sections that transform into a bed;
  • furniture transformer;
  • a bunk bed.

Living room

Компоновка комнат в стиле Контемпорари в интерьере легко узнаваема и не перегружена лишними вещами. Living room требует освещения в разных зонах для комфорта. Где свет относительно яркий и мобильный стоит поставить несколько торшеров у дивана и камина. В отделке использовать материалы земляной палитры. Нейтральный цвет пола, приглушенное освещение, светло-коричневый комод будут уравновешивать интерьер. Добавление теплых красок может перекликаться с ярко-оранжевыми языками пламени камина.

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Bright living room

The use of decorative glass reflective surfaces contrasts with brutal structures. Visually increases the space of the transparent door.

Interior design in the Contemporary style dictates the design of the bedroom in calm pastel colors with the addition of geometric patterns, stripes. The windows should be as open as possible. The bed plays the main role. A wide place for sleep should be of small height. The bedroom attracts those who are tired of lush interiors and extra elements, radiates comfort, coziness. On wooden surfaces on the floor, a small carpet with a long pile of subdued tones is appropriate. But a patchwork of bright shades must be played with an unusual designer chair.


Продуманный подход к выбору материалов и сочетанию мебели необходим при оформлении дизайна кухни. Kitchen не должна казаться массивной. Здесь должны преобладать светлая отделка и мебель без излишеств, стойки из нержавеющей стали, стеклянные фасады, каменные поверхности. Ярких красок помогут добавить обеденные стулья необычной формы. Не стоит делать стены и шкафы одного тона, тогда дизайн поблекнет.

Kitchen в стиле контемпорари

Ceramic tiles - the ideal solution for the design of the apron kitchen. The rough stone apron will also look great. It is necessary to abandon photo printing, plastic panels. These are unsuccessful decoration solutions for the kitchen. Walls to decorate with wallpaper, paint or plaster. The worktop in the working area should be made of natural granite. Many lighting sources above the working and dining areas will open the right places. Chandelier in the center to choose a laconic with strict forms. The lighting on the ledge of cabinets is welcome.

Dark kitchen in the style of Contemporary

Tables and cabinets, slightly detached from the floor, create an effect of lightness. This impression is achieved due to an unusual reception - the legs of furniture are made of tempered glass. Functional and convenient in terms of cleaning the kitchen.


Do not overload the design with things. Designers are allowed to choose 1-2 things that differ in style. It can be unusual design projects or elements of other styles.

Accessories в спальне в стиле контемпорари Unusual accessories that will complement the style:

  • pillows;
  • textile chair;
  • picture of handwork;
  • curtains of individual design;
  • ancient carpet;
  • wooden panels;
  • statuettes in the style of high-tech;
  • house plants in glass pots;
  • blankets;
  • wicker balls of different sizes.