Secrets of attracting money for feng shui

In the previous article we brought you 9 secrets of attracting love through feng shui. It's time to share similar tips on attracting money.

7 ways to attract money to the house:

  1. Keep the kitchen clean

Your kitchen is directly related to your ability to lure money. Keep the pantry and refrigerator well-tidied and organized. In time, get rid of stale food. Keep clean in the oven and on the stove, and experts in feng shui advise to equally use all the burners. Finally, remove all unnecessary from the dining table.

Kitchen Design by Feng Shui

  1. Use red, purple or green colors

Color has a powerful effect on mood, and red color is considered the most favorable and powerful. Think about walking on a red carpet or wearing a red tie. Green and violet shades work only if you really love them. You can paint them with one wall or put a matching sofa, but feng shui will not work, if at heart you do not like it. The bottom line is to increase the vibrations and strength of your home, and this is impossible to do when something does not suit you.

Interior design in red according to Feng Shui

  1. Make the entrance to the house more affable

It is believed that if the front door is discreet and unfriendly, then money is hard to find your way into your life. Renew the old paint, put a bright and fresh mat, put the pot with a potted plant. If you have a private house, then build a beautiful path to the front door.

Friendly look of the house by feng shui

  1. Eradicate the mess, add plants and water

To attract prosperity to the house, it is important to create a bright, healthy, inspiring and clean space in it. The confusion creates traffic jams on the path of good energy. Bring in the interior the vitality with indoor plants and flowers. Regularly ventilate all rooms. And for the full effect, get a fountain with circulating water. Fountains are important factors for attracting wealth in feng shui, because they symbolize money, prosperity and energy.

Fountain in the room of Feng Shui

  1. Decorate the house with a cheerful decor

If your bedroom is too neat and creates some "sterile" feeling, add something bizarre to it that makes you smile. In the role of such a thing can be a picture of a funny situation or a photo of your couple where you laugh together. This will attract positive energy into the room and will improve relations.

Funny bedroom design by Feng Shui

  1. Do not use water symbols

The flowing mixer in the house is a symbol of throwing money away. Any water symbols in your home reflect what happens to your finances. To improve their condition, repair the broken tap and remove stagnant water from your property. As for works of art and decor associated with water, it is better not to place them above the level of your nose (this applies equally to mirrors). For example, you can not place mirrors or water symbols over your bed.

Stylish White Bedroom

  1. Create a stylish home office

Many people who work at home do not have a dedicated place for doing business. This is completely wrong and frivolous. Even a home office should look solid. Place a large desk near the wall facing the door and the windows. Leave a free space for visitors, even if they are rare. The amount of space in front of you symbolizes the number of available options, so put your chair so that you can see as much as possible.

Attracting money for feng shui