How to organize a house for a family with pets: interesting

Comfortable house for family with pets

A small house for a family with pets

The house for a family with pets, about which we want to tell you today, has not a very large area. However, thanks to the engineers Tine and Luke Orlando, it is equipped so that it can comfortably accommodate two owners and three of their dogs. Originally it was a small mobile building trailer.

Now it has become a full-fledged two-level structure with natural wood trim, modern plastic windows, a small outdoor railing with an open area for rest on the roof and a nice porch.

Wooden house for family with pets

The interior decoration is made in rural style: plank ceilings and countertops, flooring from dark wood and wooden cabinet furniture.

The living space is divided into several zones, each of which has everything necessary for living: kitchen appliances, a soft corner, a tiny but comfortable bathroom with built-in shower and a huge double bed on the second floor.

Interior of a house for a family with pets Wooden decoration of a house for a family with pets

To all this, numerous storage systems have been added, some sections of which have been converted to places for animals. In addition, dogs are provided with special drawers for feed and water.

The rainwater collection system, solar panels and composting toilet make this housing completely independent of centralized communications.

Brick decoration in the shower room Small bedroom under the ceiling

On the one hand, this design leaves an impression of some randomness and color disharmony. And on the other - it looks fun, unusual and bright. And what is your opinion?