10 steps to greening your home

Today, April 7, World Health Day is celebrated, and very soon it will be Earth Day, which is celebrated on April 22. In honor of these two events, we decided to devote a separate article to environmentally friendly repair, which will help to save not only nature, but your health - concepts inextricably linked with each other. Perhaps you will be surprised, but many environmentally friendly materials for the house are cheaper than conventional ones and are not inferior to them in quality. From reclaimed wood to tabletops from recycled glass - your possibilities for conducting ecoconscious repairs today are simply limitless.

Reuse of materials

1. Recycled glass

Marble and granite countertops are, of course, a class. However, the processes of extraction and processing of marble and granite adversely affect the environment, as well as the cost of countertops and other products made of these materials. At the same time, beautiful and sturdy glass countertops not only meet all the requirements of the environment, but also help to give the kitchen an unusual and modern touch.

At your choice, there are two types of materials of their recycled glass:

  • bio-glass, which is made of recycled glass and is recyclable;
  • countertops from fragments of bottles and other glass waste in cement mortar.

Both options offer a wide selection of interesting designs for every taste and are cheaper than the usual materials.

Beautiful table top made of glass Glass tiles and countertops in the kitchen Glass tiles in apron in the kitchen Table top made from recycled materials

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2. Old and meliorated tree (thermo-tree)

Using old wooden elements or a beautiful thermal tree not only makes it possible to preserve the forest, but also gives the interior an expressive character. Unlike "fresh" wood reclaimed or a thermo tree undergoes special treatment, as a result of which it can not absorb or give away moisture. Having a more dense structure, such wood is not only environmentally friendly, but also more reliable in operation.

An old tree in the interior Recycled wood in the interior Thermal tree in the house Old boards in the design of the living room

3. Ancient and recycled metal

Try using old metal elements in your house: like the old tree, they give the interior a mystery and a special charm, allowing you to save the resources of our precious planet. And do not be afraid of rust! Materials that have already lived life, not only make the house more interesting, but also correspond to the modern fashion for "industrial" or industrial style.

Ancient sink in kitchen design Interior decoration with metallic rust decoration Wrought-iron bed in a modern bedroom

Antique metal shells, lamps, beds or even street signs are a rather interesting way to revitalize the interior, but if they are not suitable for your design or taste, then you can simply use products from recycled metal, for example, like this furniture kit in the photo below.

Furniture from recycled materials

Choice of environmentally friendly decor

Now we will move on to another category of environmentally friendly materials - to those that are already made environmentally friendly, and do not come from the processing of old things.

4. Cork covers

Cork is a unique and environmentally friendly material, which is usually made of bark, collected without damage to the tree. A particularly attractive feature of the cork is its high resistance to moisture, fire or mold. In addition, cork floors, wall plates and other products can have a variety of patterns and colors that can give the interior a unique character and charm.

Cork floors in the living room Cork in the bedroom design Cork floor with beautiful pattern Cork covers in the interior

5. Bamboo flooring, wallpaper and other decoration

Bamboo coatings in their properties and appearance are quite similar to hardwood products and have high strength and moisture resistance. Not to mention the fact that bamboo grows much faster than trees, it can also be harvested without harm to the root system of the plant. Thus, bamboo wallpapers, floors, furniture and decor are the ideal choice for those who care about themselves and the world around them.

Bamboo flooring in the living room Bamboo flooring in the kitchen Bamboo striped floors in the interior Bamboo wallpaper in the interior Furniture and decor of bamboo

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6. Kitchen cabinets without formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is an extremely toxic gas that is used in the production of building materials and household products. Most often it is contained in plywood and chipboard, where it is recognized by the sharp smell. Take care of the health of yourself and your loved ones by buying furniture from natural wood or marked "without formaldehyde."

Furniture without formaldehyde Kitchen cabinets without formaldehyde Kitchen without formaldehyde

7. Water-based and non-VOC-based paint

This is not only about buying such a paint, but also about the need to choose wallpaper, fabrics, carpets and other materials that have been painted with a harmless water-based paint and contain a minimum of VOCs-volatile organic compounds. These compounds are dangerous because they release harmful molecules into the atmosphere of the dwelling with potentially long-term consequences for human health. Ask the seller or independently choose products marked "VOC-free" or "low-VOC".

Paint without VOC on water basis Wallpaper with water-based paint without VOC Eco-friendly carpet flooring

Achieving Harmony with Nature

Our latest set of ideas for eco-friendly repairs represents 3 excellent ways to respect the Earth and get additional cash reward for it.

8. Take good care of insulation

Well-isolated spaces consume significantly less energy. Today there is a wide choice of materials for insulation and insulation of houses, which will allow you to save on heating. Moreover, you can significantly reduce the cost of building a new house using energy-efficient structural insulation panels (SIP), which are not only cheaper than other materials, but also much easier to assemble, and have high insulation characteristics.

Building a house from eco-friendly SIP panelsHouse of SIP panels inside and out Beautiful and well isolated house Beautiful house from SIP panels

9. Use the sun to your advantage

Solar hot water collectors and panels to provide electricity to the house are not cheap, but pay off over time and do not harm the environment. Another way to use the power of the sun is to increase the amount of natural light in space. Why do not you install large windows that will bring light and heat to your house for free?

House with solar panels for autonomous electricity Solar panels for hot water supply Large windows in the interior House with large windows on the whole wall Large corner window in the house

10. Save Water

When you are going to change the plumbing in the house, try to choose toilets, shower heads and taps with low water consumption. The benefit of using them for both your wallet and nature is quite obvious, is not it?

Water-saving toilet bowl in bathroom design Toilet bowl that saves water Kitchen faucet and faucet, saving water Saving water with a nozzle on the shower

We hope that this article inspired you a little to create positive eco-changes in your house! I wish you good health and happy holidays!