Advantages and disadvantages of corner kitchen

Design of small corner kitchen

Kitchen installation is a very important and demanding task. After all, it is necessary to know how to do it correctly and properly, prepare for such a task. There are houses with huge, and very small spaces for kitchens. Each option has its own needs for installation. For those who have little space, you need a corner kitchen. This is the most economical option. But, for such a choice, it is worth considering several significant requirements:

  1. Fully occupying one wall.
  2. Use of suspended cabinets.

The top cabinets should be closed shelves, to store stocks, dishes, kitchen utensils, which is rarely used. In the lower sections, keep the necessary items. The washbasin and gas stove are under the hanging cupboards.

Corner kitchen design project

A small kitchen needs a large extract so that smoke and steam can escape from the room. Only so the furniture and equipment will last a long time.

Materials used for finishing the floor, ceiling, walls and furniture, it is worth to be strong and resistant to moisture. An unerring choice of colors for a small kitchen, these are light shades. Decorative elements should be in minimum quantities, since there is not much space.

Small corner kitchen with window

Kitchen in the room

In a large room, you can install a corner kitchen. This is done to combine it with the dining room, with a corner for relaxation or with a guest room. The territory is usually shared by a luxurious bar counter, which is part of the kitchen design. Above her shelves for glasses, wine glasses. By their appearance they decorate the interior. At the bottom of the bar, you can build cabinets with shelves, in order to store utensils. The dining table is further away from the kitchen. This means that it does not occupy the space provided for cooking, movement and its overall dimensions. The design of this kind is quite interesting and allows you to use your imagination completely. You can safely experiment with the color palette. The use of dark shades is welcome. Their main combination. On the walls, it will be appropriate to open shelves, which are elegant dishes or vases with variety of cereals. The hood is present above the stove, having a good draft and quality at the highest level. In this case, smoke and steam will not enter the premises. In this interior, the miniature kitchen will fit perfectly. Its design is chosen in accordance with the style, which is to taste.

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Small corner kitchen for a tree

Kitchen design in the interior with a window

In the rooms with windows, small corner kitchens are successfully installed. The lower part of the window opening can be used as a shelf for dishes, decorative vases or bottles, small appliances. This type of cuisine is determined in two ways, both having their own advantages and functionality. One method is to install it on the wall where there is a window. In front of him is a table top for preparing food or a wash basin. Daylight falls on them, making it easier to cook or wash. The downside is that less furniture is placed. Another method is to place the kitchen part in front of the window. Place under it is left free or put a small dining table. In daylight, it is more pleasant to eat. Furniture in the kitchen is made up of closed shelves and hanging cabinets.

Interior of a small kitchen with a window

The presence of a room for a kitchen with a window, allows for constant airing. You have to do this every day.

For windows that are in the interior for kitchen installations, it is wise not to choose curtains. This is done to always be light, but if you really want, you can hang tulle or short, thin, light curtains. The modern version provides for the presence of blinds. Colors are combined, choosing dark shades and combining them with light ones.

Drawers in the corner kitchen


Materials for finishing the entire kitchen should withstand high temperatures and be resistant to moisture. These are only high-quality and specialized options. The facade of furniture can be of several types:

  1. Natural wood;
  2. Chipboard;
  3. MDF.

Sink in the corner kitchen

Production of furniture from natural wood, remains the most popular and the best option. Kitchen wooden products look exquisitely, richly and solidly. To protect the surface, there is a special coating in the form of different varnishes. Another advantage of this procedure is to give a shine to the appearance of the furniture.

Drawers in the corner Particleboard is a modern type of furniture, which is made from wood shavings. Due to special coating and production, it is resistant to humidity. The main advantage of this material is its manufacturing in fire safety technology, that is, it is resistant to fire. In kitchens there is a high probability of such a process. Facades made of DPS, resistant to moisture due to coating with special enamel. To get different designs, they can be given different shapes and types. For this purpose, they are covered with plastic or acrylic.

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Saving space in a small kitchen

Kitchen appliances and a suitable place

In small corner kitchens special places for engineering are designed. Of course, there must be only the most necessary. This gas stove, refrigerator, oven, coffee maker. If there is enough space and there is such a need, the kitchen space for the microwave oven and dishwasher is allocated. In the apartment, the gas stove is installed where the pipe with gas is located. In a private house, it is possible to place a gas pipe where there is a desire to put a plate. Above her, except for the hood, there should be nothing. Under it you can make a cabinet for utensils, of course if it is not included with the oven.

Accommodation of kitchen appliances The refrigerator is allocated a space between two cabinets. Above him, they are joined by regiments. Or for him there is a separate place. For safety reasons, the oven has a place on the stainless steel countertop. Such material is resistant to fire and high temperature. This is the most practical option. You can also put a microwave. It is advisable that next to all equipment there are sockets. The coffee machine and dishwasher can be located at any convenient and desired place. Kitchen corner type is compact, but quite roomy.

Corner kitchen equipment

Lighting. Installation options

The kitchen should have good lighting, even on a small one. Kitchens have zones that need a lot of light. This is a zone for cooking, washing dishes or food, dining table, countertops. For this purpose, ceiling and wall lamps are installed. The classic style of design involves the installation of a small chandelier. In rooms without windows, a good solution is to decorate the ceiling with light ribbons. They give a soft and pleasant light. This will be a complement to the light. They also create a romantic atmosphere, which at dinner is quite appropriate. Wall brackets are turned on and off separately and at will. In the afternoon, you can provide the kitchen with natural light outside the window. If the interior design has this. With a bar, there is a modern lighting option. These are lamps in the form of glasses, wine glasses or beautiful shapes. They are placed from above and perfectly saturate the entire rack with light. For the final choice of lighting you need to know several factors and this:

  • Partial lighting connection so that there is a choice;
  • The ideal option for light bulbs, this is to give a neutral or warm light;
  • The lighting is mounted in the hanging cabinets, especially in the lower parts.
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Worktop lighting in a corner kitchen

Kitchen design in a recognizable style

The kitchen is chosen in accordance with the desired styles. The most popular styles are:

  1. Modern;
  2. Loft;
  3. Country;
  4. High tech

Corner kitchen in Art Nouveau style

Kitchen in the style of Art Nouveau is characterized by the presence of forms of curved species, asymmetrical lines, glossy surfaces, bed colors, combining wood and plastic, making surfaces in stainless steel, spot lighting.

To design the interior of corner kitchen in loft style is not difficult. It will have a large amount of space, a minimum number of cabinets that are quite roomy. Worktops are made of stone or brick. It's functional and safe.

Wooden surface for country style The country style makes the kitchen simple and natural. In the description of such kitchen it is possible to note furnish of furniture in old-fashioned stylistics, use of wood for its manufacture, gentle and warm shades in design of an angular kitchen, presence of decorative utensils from copper and clay, presence of wooden beams on a ceiling.

Corner sink in kitchen with window The design of the kitchen in high-tech style is characterized by the presence of glossy facades for furnishing furniture, the presence of materials with the effect of 3d, smooth lines, the use of LED ribbons for lighting, minimal amount of decorations, decoration in neutral shades.

Modern corner kitchen

The best ideas for scenery

Small kitchens need to be properly installed and in good decorations in order to complement it with beauty. It is very important that they are in small quantities, otherwise the kitchen will be overloaded. It is necessary to consider several ideas for scenery:

  • A small number of decorative plates with painted patterns or paintings, a wall clock, a plate with real or artificial fruit, a vase with fresh flowers;
  • A rack for bottles with drinks, usually a collection of wines, a modern wall clock, a soft stool or a miniature armchair, an elegant vase with artificial flowers;
  • Boards of unusual shapes, decorated with patterns in the form of patterns, hangers for mugs in the form of a spiral or wood, artificial vegetables, hanging on the empty place of the wall, pot of clay or ceramics with a living flower;
  • Mini bar with various drinks, soft corner opposite the kitchen, vase with fresh flowers on the table;
  • Elegant glasses over the bar, a few bottles with colorful drinks on open shelves of the kitchen, beautiful glass jars for storing groats.

Whichever version of the ornament your favorite kitchen comes up with, it will still be cozy, beautiful and comfortable.