20 inspiring living rooms in green

When it comes to choosing a color for the living room, we often prefer neutral shades. Most modern houses are characterized by the use of light, white, gray or beige background with the addition of various layers of bright decor and accessories. If you want to go the other way and make your living room more interesting and inspiring, then the green color will be the right choice for you! It blends easily with most other shades and is the perfect balance between relaxing freshness and bright beauty.

Green living rooms can be performed in a variety of themes and styles, because this color itself can be used in various degrees of its brightness and saturation. Let's get acquainted with 20 beautiful, relaxing and innovative design of the living room in various shades of green.

Luxury green shades for your living room

Those who want to create a cozy, warm and elegant space, it is best to choose lighter shades of green. At the same time, the dark, emerald shade of this color will bring to your living room such a feeling of luxury and splendor, to which there is simply no equal! And what are the shades of sage, olives and other beautiful colors that strikingly combine elegance and attractive shine ...

Living room in a dark green color Design of the living room in green and whiteGreen wallpaper in the modern living roomLiving room design in natural green color

As a rule, deep and rich shades of green are perfect for small rooms in which there is little light and dark furniture is already present. In turn, large living rooms with high ceilings and an open plan look very beautiful with walls painted in lighter colors. In addition, bright green shades should be used in rooms with a shiny and glossy decor, to create a perfectly harmonious balance.

Living room with olive walls Glamorous interior design

Combination of green with yellow and blue hues

Living rooms, decorated in yellow and green, are incredibly popular, as each of these shades emphasizes the best in the other of them. Especially tempting this color palette looks in gloomy autumn and winter months. A cheerful, fashionable and light combination of these shades opens endless possibilities for interior design!

The combination of bright colors in the living room Modern living room in yellow and green

The combination of green and blue is much more refined and complex. While the yellow and green hues create a warmer, more friendly atmosphere, a mix of blue and green brings a fresh summer breeze to the house!

Green and blue in the living room The design of the living room in green and blue Dark blue wallpaper in the living room

Green patterns and textures in the interior

If you are not sure that you would like to paint the walls of your living room in green, think about using wallpaper with a light green pattern or a heterogeneous texture. A complex pattern of walls can add a new dimension to your space. For example, patches of patina, damask, a classic cage or a natural pattern of Grasscloth plant wallpaper will immediately raise the attractiveness of your walls to a new level. And besides, with this design of the walls you leave yourself more options for choosing the other elements of the decor.

Natural wallpaper in the interior Living room in green and brown color Green curtains and wallpaper in the design of the living room Design of the living room in the style of Provence

Decor, curtains and other elements of green color

Do not want to install a green wallpaper? Then, to decorate the living room in a refreshing green color, you need to use pillows, bedside tables, chairs or even soft furniture of green shades. Curtains are also a wonderful way to add or remove this or that shade from the living room, without doing any special effort. Light walls, green curtains and the correct decor will give your home a light and carefree holiday feeling!

Stylish design of a small living room Green elements in interior design The combination of green and red in the interior design Refreshing design of the living room with green tones The stylish design of the living room with green and orange elements