Choosing a dining table

Unlimited choice quite often confounds. What style did you choose? Something antique, something modern or something timeless? A polished or beautifully painted table?

To a certain extent, this decision is predetermined by other objects in the room. And if they do not create strict rules? By the way, tables and chairs do not necessarily have to match the style, color or finish. In order to avoid having to regret your choice in the future, when choosing a dining table, use the tips given in this article. Next, you will learn how to choose a table that perfectly fits into your home and lifestyle.

Choosing a dining table and chairs

Size and shape of the table

Before you go to the store and choose the design of the table, you must perform a small homework - to determine what its size and shape suits you.

For ease of passage around the table, when people sit behind it, you need to have a distance not less than 1 meter between the edge of the table and the wall or the next piece of furniture. The more space, the more convenient it will be. Based on this rule, determine the optimal width and length or diameter of the table.

Note that rectangular and oval tables work best in rectangular spaces, as well as square and round ones in square-shaped rooms. Rectangular table must be wide enough for large dining plates on both sides + be sure to consider the space between them, which is necessary for serving dishes in the center of the table. 90 cm is a good minimum width for a rectangular table.

Rectangular dining table

If you do not have enough space, then cut the distance between the edge of the table and the wall or the next piece of furniture to 60 cm. This distance is enough to sit, but not so that someone can pass behind the seated person.

In addition, you need at least 55-60 cm of table length per 1 sitting person + extra distance, so that it is convenient to pass and sit between the chairs. This parameter directly depends on the design of the table and the width of your chairs.

Using the template

After you have estimated what size of the table you need, try making a template, for example, from newspapers, laying them on the floor in the proposed location. If space allows, make the template as large as it seems comfortable in your space. You will never regret that a large number of people can be at your dinner table. By the way, abroad, good customized or antique tables are often passed on to children or grandchildren as a family heirloom.

Antique dining table and chairs

So, spreading the paper on the floor, try to make an approximately full table setting. Arrange a few dinner plates opposite each other, place between them a large dish, on which, for example, a bird is served. All fit? If the serving is too dense in the corners, see if the table can be a little wider and longer.

If the table has only four legs in the corners, then multiply the width of the chairs by their number, which will stand on one side. Compare the result with the distance from the leg to the table leg. Ideally, it should be much smaller. Nobody will like to kneel at the dinner table during dinner.

If there is not enough room for a rectangular or oval table, choose a model in the trestle or pedestal style. With such a table, it will be easier for you to place chairs in the corners, than worried about preventing anyone from interfering with his legs. This type of table is also an ideal solution for arbours and alcoves.

Dining table in the style of a flyover and a pedestal (from left to right)

Remember that neatly rounded corners of the table are a must for families with small children.

Worktop height

When calculating the height of the countertop, note that most table models today have a kind of frame (skirt) to support the top cover, which on average has a height of 10-15 cm.

The optimum height of the table is when you sit comfortably up your knees. 60 cm - the minimum distance from the chair to the table top, which is suitable for most people. To avoid any doubt, before you buy a table, try to sit behind him, using an ordinary dining chair.

Folding tables

Would you like to buy a folding dining table? Today there are many different types. We recommend that you give preference to models that expand by adding additional surfaces to the ends of a rectangular or square table, rather than by sliding surfaces that converge in the center.

Why? There are two reasons for this. First, the table looks much better when it is a single piece of wood. Secondly, the gaps in the center of the table quickly turn into accumulators of crumbs, dust etc.

Folding dining table

Folding dining table

Folding dining table

Round tables

As a rule, for convenience of accommodation of visitors at a round table it is enough to have the following its sizes:

  1. for 6 people: diameter = from 137 to 152 cm;
  2. for 8 people: diameter = from 152 to 167 cm;
  3. for 10 people: diameter = from 167 to 183 cm;
  4. for 12 people: diameter = from 183 to 200 cm.

Again, try creating a table template in the intended location and see if you can add a couple of extra centimeters in diameter.

Round dining table and chairs


Saw-timbers из лиственных пород дерева, считаются лучшим материалом для изготовления мебели, потому что благодаря правильной просушке их волокна имеют меньше шансов расщепиться в дальнейшем. The most stable tree species that are used to make tables are figured oak, elm, walnut and cherry.Dining table from cherry

Dining table from cherry

For new elite tables mahogany is also used, grown in West Africa.

Pine is softwood and should not be used in desks for which it is expected to put something hot, as well as in rooms with high temperatures, weak ventilation, near heaters or batteries.

Cherry and walnut have a very beautiful structure, but you should avoid placing them in rooms that receive too much sunlight and do not have a moisturizer. They can shrink and shrink in the heat.Dining table from walnut

Dining table from walnut


Nothing can compare with pure wax, which is used to finish and protect the tree, but this table requires increased concern for yourself. Spilled liquids and hot objects will leave marks on its surface.

Modern varnishes are a more wear-resistant coating and can be used for matte, satin and shiny table finishes. Protecting the tree from stains, they will ensure the durability of your table, which is especially important if it is used daily.

Dining table and chairs


Chairs следует выбирать уже после того, как вы определились со столом. Перед покупкой не забудьте проверить, насколько они комфорты. Это чрезвычайно важно. Жесткие стулья с небольшим сидением не могут обеспечить комфорт при длительном использовании, например, во время праздничного застолья. Если стол, который вы собираетесь приобрести, рассчитан на такие мероприятия, то отдайте предпочтение стульям к нему с мягким сидением.

Dining table and chairs