Luxurious bedroom in purple tones - 30 photos of design

To date, purple is a prestigious fashionable shade that is considered the color of rulers and can turn your bedroom into lush chambers. If you have decided that a bedroom in purple tones is what you need, then consider a range of available shades and design options for 30 photos in this article.

Bedroom in purple colors - choice of many

Under the purple color in the bedroom can mean dozens of beautiful shades. They make it possible to implement a variety of design solutions, which are chosen by people with different tastes and needs. For example, a bright violet color is often found in the room of a teenage girl. The combination of a purple-purple shade of plum with solemn white and silvery tones allows the young girl to feel in the bedroom, like a fairy princess.

Purple bedroom of a teenage girlBedroom in violet colors in a modern styleBedroom in purple with white accents

A dark shade of eggplant or dusky purple-gray is great for the design of a married couple's bedroom, who prefers to surround themselves with elegant luxury. These colors are well combined with dark wood, black and gray accents, and can also highlight bright details in shades of red, lilac, turquoise etc.

Purple bedroom - photo in combination with black Bedroom in purple - a photo design with a dark treeAlso read: What is the design of the bedroom in fashion in 2017? Ideas with photosPurple color in the interior of the bedroom - photo 2017The combination of purple with silvery tones in the bedroom

A bedroom in light light violet tones, such as lavender and lilac, will have a soothing and romantic effect. Add to it the softness and warmth will help the details of beige, mint, cream, light brown and other pastel shades.

Violet wallpaper in the bedroom and light colors Purple wallpapers, curtains and ceiling in the bedroom - photo Purple curtains in the bedroom - photo with a beautiful decor

Finally, purple can be an excellent choice for a children's room. Kids are very fond of cheerful purple tones, and knowingly: the scientists found out that they stimulate brain activity, are able to cheer up and improve oneself. And how beautiful is the purple bedroom of the child looks - on the following photos:

Purple color in the interior of the child's bedroom Design of a children's room in purple tonesPurple color in the interior of the children's room

Violet wallpaper in the bedroom or painting the walls

If you are little acquainted with the use of purple in the interior, start small: choose a purple hue that you like, and paint over only one wall in the bedroom. Typically, a wall behind the head of the bed is chosen for this, so you can not worry that a bright purple color will interfere with your falling asleep.

Bedroom design in purple tones with blue detailsBright purple walls in the bedroom behind the headboard Bedroom interior in purple tones - photos of purple walls

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Violet wallpaper of calmer shades, as well as with light patterns can be applied on all walls of the bedroom. At the same time, in interiors of small size, they are trying to combine with light furniture, curtains, carpets and other light, refreshing elements. Examples of this design are in the photo below:

Violet wallpaper in the bedroom in the style of luxury The combination of white and purple in the interior of the bedroom Purple bedroom - photo in combination with silvery

Violet curtains, bedspreads and other bedroom items

If you do not want to decorate the bedroom walls in purple, but you think somehow apply it in the decor, then pay special attention to the purple curtains and other interior textiles. Fabrics in light purple tones will contribute to an even greater relaxation in the bedroom, and bright and rich - to a joyful and inspired mood. Beautiful patterns and textures (for example, lace or velvet) on the curtains dilute the created atmosphere with elegance and luxury.

Purple bedroom with a dark gray stretch ceiling Modern purple bedroom in light colors Purple furniture in the bedroom - photo design with light walls

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Experimenting with the use of violet in the design of the bedroom, try to leave the floor, walls and ceiling in neutral tones. They will provide a calm background, which is necessary for rest and relaxation.

Bright purple color and wallpaper in the bedroom design

We offer you to see a few more photos of the bedroom in violet colors. We hope, they will help you to create the design of your dream, which will please you with the reincarnation of everyday life in floral paradise!

Dark purple eggplant color on the bedroom walls Bedroom design in purple tones - photo with bright decor Transparent purple curtains in the bedroom - photo in the interior Also read: Ideas for the design of the bedroom in the style of the chic chicThe combination of purple with dark tones and shine in the bedroom Bedroom in purple tones - photos with patterned wallpaper Modern bedroom design in bright lilac color Interior of a small bedroom with dark purple walls