Café design: photo of literate and decorated interiors

A good cafe design is as important as the quality of food and drinks that it serves. Invite your friends to go out to dinner and, if they are not very hungry, they will most likely want to go to the place where the best atmosphere reigns. Today Dekorin invites you to learn about modern trends in the design of cafes. From Sweden to Australia - we gathered here a photo of 15 popular institutions, whose interiors were awarded various awards in 2015-2016.

Rate the following photos of literate interiors in loft style, steampunk, provence, etc., and share with us in the comments: what design do you prefer for cafes, bars and restaurants?

1. Design coffee in loft style - «Higher Ground»

The Higher Ground Cafe was built in the building of the former Melbourne power station and is the best example of a loft-style cafe design. For all its restraint, the interior of the establishment attracts with its scale and variety of tables for ordering. It perfectly combines the old and the new, the love of nature and the industrial style, so in 2016 the Higher Ground received the "Best Cafe Design" award by the Eat Drink Design Awards.

Design Coffee in Loft Style Higher Ground Interior of the cafe Higher Ground - photo in the style of the loft Design cafe bars restaurants - photo literate interior Higher Ground

2. Cafe "Second Home" - a truly cozy interior

The warm and cozy design of the cafe "Second Home" really helps the institution to become the second home for its visitors. The furniture is made of natural wood, soft and impeccably clean fabrics, a fireplace oven, the aroma of fresh baked goods and all this - in a restored 1873 building. What else is needed for spiritual gatherings?

Interior cafes and bars - the best photos of Second Home Cafe Design of cafes, restaurants - confectionery Second HomeCozy interior design cafe Second Home

3. Design a small cafe in the style of Provence - "Highlands Merchant"

How can design emphasize the quality of food? The small cafe Highlands Merchant is a great answer to this question. It was done quite simply, but with the application of village traditions. Open shelves, white and blue color palette, furniture and handicrafts give the interior of the cafe Highlands Merchant the charm of a small provincial village lost in the mountains.

Design of a small Provencal cafe - Highlands Merchant Decorating a small cafe highlands merchant in the style of Provence Design of the cafe in the rustic style - Highlands Merchant in the photoPhoto of a small cafe shop - Highlands Merchant

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4. Decoration of the cafe of the bar in Japanese style - "Rabbit Hole"

An example of one of the most recent trends in the food industry is an organic cafe! Cafe bar "The Rabbit Hole" offers you to treat yourself to a useful tea with dessert in a completely unique setting. The interior design of this institution was inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, which unintelligibly combines gold and fragments of ceramics. Far Asia will always find something to surprise us!

Design cafe bars in oriental Japanese styleThe interior of Rabbit Hole Bar in oriental style with Japanese decorCafe Rabbit Hole - beautiful design

5. Cafe Bar Blackwood Pantry (photo of interior and exterior)

The design of Blackwood Pantry cafe combines the two most popular trends in interior design to date: loft style and pastel colors. The decision to combine such different things was quite bold, but the designers coped with their task 100%. Just take a look at the photo:

Modern design cafe in loft style and pastel colorsDesign of cafes and restaurants in the loft styleInterior cafe bar Blackwood Pantry in a modern loft style

6. Современный интерьер кафе Whistle & Flute

Кафе Whistle & Flute — глоток свежего воздуха в пыльной городской среде. Прозрачные стеклянные перегородки, натуральная древесина и огромное количество зеленых растений делают интерьер этого кафе просторным, свободным и уютным одновременно.

Design of a modern cafe Whistle Flute Современный дизайн кафе Whistle & Flute в промышленном и эко стиле Грамотное оформление кафе - фото интерьера Whistle & Flute

7. Дизайн ресторана Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Minimalism, loft, industrial ... Well, finally: a beautiful design cafe restaurant in the style of luxury. And this word accurately describes the interiors that you see on the following photos: calm and exciting, comfortable, but not too formal. And how successfully the colors are chosen!

Decoration of cafes and restaurants in the style of luxuryDesign cafe bars restaurants - literate interior Dinner by Heston Blumenthal photoInterior design in the restaurant Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

8. Виски-бар J & M (фото интерьеров)

Сегодня стало модным превращать в кафе старые фабрики и заводы. Но кафе бар J&M — не тот случай. Его создали на базе старинного отеля, а оформление было вдохновлено нелегальными питейными заведениями или клубами времен сухого закона. Идеальное место для ценителей крепких напитков!

Оформление кафе J&M - идеальный виски бар Интерьеры кафе бара J&M в мужском стиле Design cafe - the best interiors of 2016

9. Creative design of the Mamasan bar

The popular Mamasan bar is another example of an interior inspired by the Far East. Three floors, two bars, one kitchen and a huge amount of details in the spirit of Japan, Taiwan and Shanghai in the 1920s, flavored with the aesthetics of the cult film "Blade Runner". There's something to gawk at!

Design of cafes and restaurants in oriental Japanese style Cafe Mamasan in the old oriental style Decor and decoration of the bar cafe - photo Mamasan

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10. Design of a steampunk cafe - "Truth Cafe"

Occupying an area of ​​1500 square meters. m, the interior of this cafe was made in the rapidly stealing style steampunk. Interesting mechanisms, an abundance of leather, wood, brass and steel, as well as the pleasant retro-futuristic atmosphere of Truth Cafe will not leave fans of beer and rock culture indifferent.

Creative design of steampunk cafeFashionable cafe design - steampunk designStyle steampunk in the interior of the cafe - original design

11. Appetizing decoration of the cafe «The Cake»

A bright sculpture in the style of Jeff Koons occupies a central place in this chic Kiev cafe. Seducing to taste French confectionery, the interior of the Cake Cafe looks as if it itself can be used for food. What is the design and color of the walls?

Design of Ukrainian cafe - photo of signboard and entrance The best modern ideas for design cafe bars restaurantsDesigning a bar in the design of the Cake CakeModern design cafe confectionery in Ukraine

A similar example of such a cunning design approach can be seen in the Polish cafe Chocolate Bar, the city of Opole. It is enough to look at the interior photo to urgently want a portion of hot chocolate.

Modern design cafe bar Chocolate Bar

12. Fashionable and unusual - the design of the cafe Bicycle Bar

Located in the capital of Romania, the Bicycle Bar will take your attention with the original use of parts of bicycles and related products. Designers just took a few dozen rusty, sun-dried pieces of metal, polished them to shine and collected from them comfortable, stylish and memorable furniture, lamps and other interior items. The heart of the project was a simple idea, but how cool is its embodiment!

Creative interior design of a cafe with bicycles The interior of the coffee bar in a creative youth style What should be the proper design of the cafe - the design of the Bicycle Bar Design of cafes and restaurants in the style of hi-tech and industrial

13. Steampunk interior of the cafe Joben Bistro

Another amazing institution in Romania, the city of Cluj-Napoca. Joben Bistro pub is filled with fantasies in the spirit of Jules Verne and science fiction. The interior includes 3 rooms, each with its own characteristics. The first was conceived as an art gallery, with vintage photos on the walls. In the second one there is a bar with concrete decoration and a lot of bizarre details. Hall number 3 includes objects of all kinds. The intimate atmosphere in all rooms is highlighted by the contrast between dark walls and bright lights. Vanguardly and boldly, the design of this cafe inspires us with its industrial decor and friendly atmosphere.

hat cafe-bistro-DIZAYN-Interior DIZAYN-cafe-bistro interior design hatdesign-cafe-eben-fast-steampunk ideasdesign cafe-eben-fast steampunk

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14. Design cafe in the French style: Le Pain Francais

This luxury French-style restaurant is waiting for its visitors in Gothenburg, Sweden. Design studio Stylt Trampoli, which is known for using stories and stories as the basis for its amazing projects. The elegant combination of colors and textures with the use of eclectic decor in the spirit of old France makes the interior of the cafe Le Pain Francais magical and glamorous, cozy and hospitable at the same time.


15. Fantastic design of a small cafe Rocambolesc

We conclude our review of the beautiful bars and restaurants with this small cafe in Girona, Spain. A fabulous interior design in the spirit of Willy Wonka entices children and adults from the street through the glass front doors. Once inside, you already can not deny yourself a couple of servings of ice cream, that's for sure!

design-small-cafe-rockamboles original-design-cafe-rockamboles

As you can see, at the heart of the design of each of these beautiful cafes and pubs lay the original idea, which was then realized with the best trends in interior design:

  • Simplicity and minimalism;
  • The combination of incongruous in the spirit of loft style: old and new, industrial and decorative, modest and magnificent;
  • Amusing decor and fixtures in the style of industrial and steampunk;
  • Soft combinations of natural, neutral and pastel colors;
  • Use of natural materials and metallic accents;
  • Nostalgic elements in the form of old things, vintage decor, etc.

If you opened your cafe: which of the directions would you use? Science fiction, futurism, technology, cinema or, perhaps, national traditions? What do you think more contributes to a good rest and appetite? Let's discuss in the comments!