Consonance of architecture and light: the interior of a

Interior of a small house from Escu

The interior of a small house represents functionality and coziness

The increased residential area of ​​this one-story country house in Sydney, built in the distant 60's, completely covers the trellised wooden screen. It forms a protective surface, which protects the interior from direct sunlight and the views of passers-by.

Exterior of a small house from Escu

The screen reliably protects the interior space from the sun and curious looks

Local company Bijl Architecture has reconstructed private properties in the area of ​​the Australian city of Belrose, having transformed previously tight interiors into a series of light-filled spaces.

Designers abandoned the veranda in front of the house in favor of increasing the living room area, which is protected from extraneous views and direct sunlight by vertical wooden slats.

The name of the project - Escu - is translated from Old French as a "shield".

The appearance of a small house from Escu

Designers have increased the area of ​​the living room, refusing to build a terrace

Facade of a small house from Escu

Escu means "shield"

"Covering the entire room, the screen in front of the building allows residents to watch the southern polar lights, as well as open the windows wide, while maintaining privacy," explains the designers of Bijl Architecture. The entrance door of a small house from Escu

The screen leaves an opportunity to observe the southern polar lights

A wooden screen adds to the naturalness of the appearance of the house, built of light brick and perfectly viewed from the side of the street. Also, the screen functions as a full-fledged balustrade, when the sliding glass doors that separate the living room are open.

A wooden screen brings naturalness to the exterior of a brick house

"The interior is a free and bright space," the architects add. - From the windows of the living room a screen is visible, the wooden slats of which are in harmony with the street vegetation, whereby a sense of connection with nature is created. " Patio of a small house from Escu

From the rooms you can see the screen, organically overlapping with the landscape

The sun's rays, breaking through the wooden frame, are reflected from the white walls, which makes the room seem light and spacious.

Interior of a small house

Due to the beautiful light and white walls, the room looks more spacious

The opposite wall is painted in emerald color, creating a contrasting background for furniture and decorations, among which is a chandelier from the New Zealand designer David Trabridge, a small wooden accent over the dining table.

Accent wall in the interior of a small house

The emerald color of the wall contrasts with the color of the furniture

In the corridor there is a wooden lattice screen, constructively repeating the one that is outside. It separates the new kitchen and dining room, located at the back of the house.

The screen is one with a wooden structure, including a rest area and a desk.

Interior of the office in bright colors

The continuation of the screen is a wooden structure

A simple combination of wooden structures and white walls in combination with storage systems and built-in furniture creates a sense of openness and unity of space.

Interior of the living room in bright colors

The combination of wood and white walls creates a sense of a single space

Mosaic on the kitchen apron, as well as hooks on the wall above the seating area - one of the few subtle color accents, the rest of the room is decorated in low-key colors.

Corner kitchen in white color

The interior is designed in calm colors and diluted with several color accents

Folding doors in the far wall open the exit to the patio and gazebo. Their presence allows residents to spend more time in the air.

Kitchen interior in white color

Folding doors lead to the patio

Small house with gazebo

If you have a gazebo, you can spend more time outdoors

A ceiling window above the kitchen island improves the natural illumination of space, and in the mirror surface above the working area the garden is reflected.

Small island kitchen

The skylight provides natural illumination of the working area in the kitchen

The company Bijl Architecture is headed by the architect Meloni Bale-Smith. Among her previous projects was a house suitable for any place in the city, with an asymmetrical roof in Dutch style.

Planировка маленького дома


Planировка маленького дома с меблировкой

Plan с мебелью

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