Modern bedroom design: the best ideas and photo 2016

The bedroom is the only room in the house that should uncompromisingly express the taste of its owners and envelop them with comfort. Every year, the design of the bedroom is given increasing importance, from choosing a comfortable bed and finishing with the practice of feng shui. In this article you will get acquainted with the main trends of 2016: what is the difference between the modern design of the bedroom, what ideas are especially popular and what materials should be chosen today to decorate the bedroom in a modern style.

The modern design of the bedroom on the interior photo of 2016

Modern bedroom design - trends of 2016

All modern ideas for bedroom design tell us that he should not blindly follow fashion. It is believed that the bedroom is well decorated when it combines comfortable furniture, your favorite shades, free atmosphere and beautiful decor, which will please the look.

And yet, every season brings something special to the modern design of the bedroom. Let's take a look at some of the trends in 2016 that will help you make the interior of your bedroom even more interesting and stylish.

Trend 1. Simplicity of design in Scandinavian style

Light gray and cream colors, warm wooden accents and an abundance of natural light - these are the main features of the Scandinavian design, which allow to give the bedroom a light and spiritual atmosphere. But still the best advantage of this pacifying style is a subtle and expressive decor: non-standard bedside tables, wicker baskets, table lamps and other accessories that are nothing like accessories.

Bedroom in modern Scandinavian style - photo Modern design of the bedroom in Scandinavian style

Trend 2. Wooden decoration

It would seem that the tree is a beautiful and eco-friendly material that has always been and will be in fashion. However, in 2016, the tendency to apply wood trim with the effect of antiquity was increasingly observed. The heterogeneous color of the "old" boards gives the modern bedroom design an amazing texture and warmth.

Picture of a bedroom in a modern style with wooden panels Wooden decoration of the bedroom in a modern style 2016

Trend 3. Expressive headboard

The design of the head of the bed is a factor that has a special effect on the style of your bedroom. Since today minimalism and Scandinavian simplicity of the interior are in fashion, the headboard comes to the fore and becomes the main decoration of the bedroom.

Get here 65 great ideas for decorating the head of the bed with your hands from Dekorin.

Bedroom design - modern luxury photoInterior of the bedroom in a modern style in beige and blue color

Trend 4. First-class wallpaper on the walls

In 2015, bright wallpaper for the walls survived the revival of its popularity. Designers moved away from quiet and monotonous models a little, starting to apply these wall coverings again for introducing patterns and contrast into modern bedroom design. If you wanted to install bold wallpapers here, then 2016 is the time for this!

Modern bedroom with bright patterned wallpaper Bedroom design in a modern style - best wallpapers 2016

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And since the bright and expressive headboards of the beds have become fashionable, it is impossible not to mention another way of emphasizing them in the design of the bedroom - using modern photo wallpapers. How do you like the idea?

Photo wallpapers in bedroom design on photo 2016 Modern bedroom design with beautiful wallpaper

Finally, a modern bedroom is no longer just a place to sleep. This is a sort of sanctuary that allows you to have a good rest, restore strength, do introspection and make plans for the next day. Therefore, the fashionable interior of the bedroom in a modern style can also include a home office, a reading corner, a mini bar and other elements. which allow you to spend time pleasantly and profitably for yourself.

Bedroom design in light colors - modern ideas 2016 Bright bedroom design - photo 2016 modern ideas

How to choose a bed and bedroom furniture in a modern style

When it comes to oversized bedrooms, the built-in furniture in the modern style is for them a real hit of our time. Built-in chests of drawers, cabinets and even cabinets allow you to visually expand the volumes of the bedroom and give it a unique style. For maximum effect, choose the built-in furniture with mirror or glossy finish, as well as cases with open shelves.

white bedroom in modern style with built-in furniturePhotos of the bedroom in modern style and blue color

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Stylish bedroom interior - 15 photos in a modern style

We will not torment you any more. Let's now just enjoy 15 beautiful photos on which the bedroom interior is presented in a modern style.

Bedroom design photo 2016 - modern ideas collection Interior of the bedroom in a modern style and yellow-blue tones Picture of a bedroom in a modern style with gray paint on the walls Modern bedroom design in lilac color Bedroom design photo 2016 - modern design ideas Modern bedroom design - photo with beautiful wallpaper Modern bedroom design - canopy photo

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Interior design of a bedroom in a modern style with a touch of luxury Modern design bedroom 2016 in white and with unusual decor Bedroom in modern style with two beds Interior of the bedroom in a modern style and luxurious decorRural design of a bedroom - a photo in a modern style Modern bedroom in gray and green colors 2016 Bedroom design in modern loft style Interior design of the bedroom in a modern style and with bright patterns