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Any variety of upholstered furniture is not only functional products, but also able to give any room a certain feature and create a quiet cozy atmosphere. In this article, we will try to understand what are the requirements and conditions for the purchase of furniture items, as well as select the most beneficial and relevant options.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Design of upholstered furniture, suitable for each room
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Upholstered furniture with taste for living room
  • Criteria for choosing a soft sofa
  • Features of a choice of a soft armchair
  • Photo of the best upholstered furniture in the interior

Design of upholstered furniture, suitable for each room

Let's try to consider in more detail the variants of products for each room of a modern apartment.



This room has some specific features, accordingly, and furniture should be special. This is due to the fact that it is the kitchen that is susceptible to the effects of temperature changes, high humidity, the presence of dust and grease, as well as various dirt from the products.

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Despite all these factors, every housewife simply dreams of a beautiful, clean and cozy kitchen.


Very often in this room are used soft sofas, not armchairs. Before you actively look for a suitable product, pay attention to a few details:

  • upholstery material that is used to cover the sofa should be easily cleaned from possible contaminants, it is better if it is removable and can be washed easily. The most actual material in our time is leather or leatherette;
  • the sofa should have legs, and not be located near the bottom of the floor, as this will prevent the accumulation of debris;
  • depending on the upholstery material of the sofa, select fabric and for chairs, as this will help to give your interior a special style and a perfect combination of its details.


Cushions are another important detail. Their coloring should be similar to the curtains on the windows. All listed requirements you can see on the photo of upholstered furniture.

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In any home, this room is a place to relax, where a person can relax, rest and regain strength.


At first glance, it might seem that the bedroom can look great with a minimal amount of furniture, but for it you can pick up a variety of different elements that can perfectly complement your interior. This includes not only the bed and bedside tables, but also a sofa, pouf or sofa.


The sofa is very comfortable if it has the ability to expand, as it can be used as a place for rest and sleep or just for gatherings. If the dimensions of the room allow, then you can buy a bed, but if you decide to buy for her quite inexpensive mattress of any stiffness, and if you need to buy a new one, it will be much more profitable than buying a new sofa.


For a small room using a soft ottoman, if space allows, then you can put a sofa or a soft chair.


Upholstered furniture with taste for living room

This room is intended primarily for the reception of guests, so the soft furniture for the living room should be designed for a large enough number of people. Again, it all depends on the space. Cabinet furniture is not exactly suitable for a small room, so an excellent choice would be a sofa with one armchair or pouf, which you can see on the photo of the upholstered furniture for the hall.

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Criteria for choosing a soft sofa

When choosing a product, attention should be paid not only to the material of manufacture, but also to the style of upholstered furniture.


Classics basically has one main feature - it has a fairly straightforward form. They have a small height, and the presence of legs is an optional condition.

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Elements of furniture of this style should include a backrest and armrests, and they can be both frame, and in the form of rollers.

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A special role is played by the color of upholstered furniture, it should fit the color gamut of the entire room.


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The sofa, which has an angled shape, is suitable only for a large room, as the sofa itself is quite large. This form is perfect for dividing rooms into zones, if you have a studio apartment, and it will also be an excellent way out, how to accommodate a large number of people. A detailed presentation you can get after viewing the photo of corner furniture.


A sofa bed is used in a one-room apartment when the room is a bedroom and a living room. When choosing this type of furniture, you should take into account some features of the layout:

  • the availability of free space, so that there is an opportunity to lay out the sofa as needed;
  • a sofa should have a division into zones, that is, if two people sleep on it, each of them should have a certain place for rest;
  • there are many different mechanisms, each of which is good in its own way; for example, the euro-book is very convenient, but quite bulky, suitable for an elongated room; the accordion is decomposed by stretching until the backrest and seat are at the same level; click-clack, this is the same euro-book, only the backrest has the ability to fix in a tilted position.


The amount of time that this product will serve you depends on how well the hardware is made.


Sofa-transformer has two models: a modular and full-fledged transformer, the second one has a distinctive feature - turning into a bunk bed.


Features of a choice of a soft armchair

The choice of this element of the interior also has several interesting varieties. Let's take a closer look at each of them:

  • classics - the most common option, having a sufficiently high backrest and armrests, for a special harmony sets are created from the sofa and a pair of armchairs;
  • a rocking chair is an excellent place to restore strength, though not quite suitable for seating the guests;
  • massage chair - great for a modern bedroom, but do not forget that it has a fairly large size;
  • armchair-bed - great for the case when guests can stay with an overnight stay.


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There are also several options for so-called separate upholstered furniture, for example, pouf, ottoman or couch, the choice of which depends, in any case, on your interior. These furniture elements are presented in the photo of modern upholstered furniture.

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Photo of the best upholstered furniture in the interior


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