An excellent example of a micro house design project

Design home micro home

Project micro home

Projects of micro houses have gained popularity among designers. In this article you will see an example of one of the implemented micro house projects.

Design home micro home из дерева Project micro home из эко материалов

The house is built of environmentally friendly materials

One of the advantages of owning a rotating micro house is the ability to move a seemingly stable structure, following the movements of the Sun. Or, on the contrary, in order to avoid sunlight in the room. Well, or if you become bored to live in a conventional house. Designers experimented with mobile home projects and came to the general conclusion that micro houses of similar design are the most suitable for achieving this goal.

Project micro home. Прототип

Prototype design for micro home

This house is designed for a very unusual prototype. The designer was inspired by the old shepherd carts, on which a small house was built for overnight stays. The micro house is completely made of environmentally friendly materials: pine boards, cork (used for insulation), wood (in the interior) and black material for outdoor coating.

Project micro home: ничего лишнего

Micro home design

Project micro home: лампа

The lamp is made of environmentally friendly material

Interior micro houses

Inside view

Micro home design легко меняется, благодаря функциональной мебели. Большое окно на одной из сторон дома делает помещение очень светлым и открывает прекрасный вид на лес.

Project micro home: складная мебель

Folding table-bed

Project micro home: кровать

Bed in unfolded form

On the opposite side of the window there is a folding table that easily turns into a bed.

Functional design of micro home

The bed occupies almost the entire space

In the unfolded form, the bed occupies almost all the free space of the micro house, and a wonderful view from the window opens before it.

So, the micro house presented in our article has a very simple, but at the same time, charming design. It seems to take you back in time, when people did not need a lot of rest. Thanks to the functional design, you can always change the look in the micro house and enjoy nature.