Artistic interior design of a small house

Interior design of a small house in Paris

Interior of a small house with an area of ​​51 m2

Studio NZI Architectes designed a stylish interior of a small house. Designers decided to leave unchanged one of the walls - stone, and the rest to decorate in white and install new large windows. For finishing the premises, wood was used primarily, and all the furniture was made in a modern style.

Wooden furniture in the interior of a small house

Tree in the interior

The area of ​​this three-level house is only 51 m.2, and to save precious space was used built-in and multifunctional furniture. On the ground floor there is a small kitchen.

Cabinets with a stove and a sink and a coffee table are upholstered in wooden light panels. Kitchen accessories are stored in lockers built into the inconspicuous staircase. The dining table, kitchen cabinets and the staircase itself are made of wood and perfectly in harmony with the stone wall of caramel color.

Kitchen interior in a small house


Dining room in a small house

Dinner Zone

Dinner Zone совмещена со светлой гостиной, оформленной в белом цвете. Всю стену от пола и до полка занимает большой книжный шкаф. Два дивана жемчужного оттенка сливаются с белыми стенами. Складные винтажные стулья без подлокотников не занимают много места и при этом привносят ощущение уюта и комфорта в комнату.

Living room in a small house

Living room combined with dining area

Interior of living room в маленьком доме

Interior of living room

The bedroom is on the third level, directly above the kitchen. The room retains part of the stone wall. The rest are decorated in black. In the office, located above the living room, you can see one of the most interesting elements - this interior glass opening panels.

Cabinet on the second level

Working area above the living room

Entrance door to a small house

Appearance of the house


Pedestrian street between houses