Kitchen design in the country: ideas and advice

Kitchen design at the cottage

The dacha is a temporary, usually summer cottage in the wilderness, which the owners visit only in certain seasons of the year. They come here for different purposes. Some can not live without a quiet, leisurely vacation in nature in the summer: reading books in the gazebo, picking berries in the forest, kebabs on weekends in the backyard, going to the bathhouse and bathing on the river. For others, the garden season and the time of the endless canning of blanks for the winter begin. Whatever it was, giving though not the main house, but must meet all the requirements for a comfortable stay. Her room kit consists of the same premises as a normal apartment: a bedroom, a living room, a nursery, a kitchen, a sanitary zone.

Kitchen in a country house

If the summer house is small, and the kitchenette is also small, then on its cramped spaces one can realize a L-shaped, linear or parallel layout. In the first case, the working surface occupies two adjacent walls and an angle between them. With a linear layout, the entire headset is located strictly on one plane. The parallel arrangement involves placing furniture along two opposite walls. If the room is so small that there is no room for maneuver at all, then you should think about its integration with the living room. In this case, you can apply a luxurious design reception - an island layout. In it, the working area, together with the cooking surface, and sometimes the sink, protrude into the "open ocean" of the hall. U-shaped layout is used in rooms of medium size. Traditionally, the table top or sink is located under one of the windows, and the entire set captures three walls at once.

Kitchen set without lockers

Most often in summer cottages implement a combined version of "kitchen-dining room", so it is worth to allocate space for the dining area. As for the equipment, here it should be exactly the same as in the apartment, with one small exception. If active rest involves harvesting and its rolling into cans, then it is necessary to slightly "strengthen" the culinary zone. Plate should be bought with a lot of burners than in the usual. This is necessary to simultaneously prepare several dishes for lunch, to sterilize jars and to conjure over a fragrant brew for the winter. By the way, salads and jams in large portions are brought to standard in bulk bowls, and in some recipes the tare along with them has to be boiled additionally in hot water using dimensional pots.

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Scandinavian style

Under these processes, it is generally better to single out a separate two-cone plate or stove. Unfortunately, such culinary-zabotovochnoe witchcraft is problematic to create in the conditions of small spaces. Perhaps you will have to attend to the construction of a separate closed summer kitchen or its primitive version with open walls.

Kitchen on the veranda Authentic design  Ceiling beams in the cottage  Wooden country house  Modern design of the cottage  Outdoor cooking area

When combining with other rooms, be sure to use the zoning rules. This, at least partially, will help protect another room from the aggressive kitchen microclimate, which in the countryside is becoming "angrier" because of the constant canning, the steam curtain and the corrosive smells of brine or jam.

Summer cuisine Bar counter  Window wash  Elite interior  American style  Narrow kitchen

Popular stylistic solutions

The dacha does not impose any restrictions on the choice of interior design style, but there is a line of directions that are very popular. Summer house you want to arrange easily, carelessly and with a touch of color of the outback. This list includes:

French ProvenceStyle especially fond of the camp, where people say "to see Paris and die." Air interiors with the use of aged furniture, numerous decor elements and lovely flower patterns will allow to recreate in the country house the unique atmosphere of the French outback.
RussianColorful direction, which uses carvings, made with their own personal colorful rugs, towels and tablecloths with embroidery and old furniture. The house itself looks like a traditional wooden house for Rus.
CountryThe direction appeared in the US and represents the ethnic style of the American village. In the country, as in Russian interiors, the abundance of wood, forged elements, a two-colored cell in textiles and rough furnishings is used.

High ceilings White in the décor of the country house  Spacious veranda  Vintage Decor  Zoning kitchen  Wooden set

Of course, not only village trends are embodied in summer cottages. Elite summer houses can be decorated in accordance with the canons of modern, Japanese, colonial, Scandinavian, classical styles that will bring them closer to the status of a posh country cottage. Luxury décor modern and art deco looks luxurious.

Classical cuisine House of beams  Modern renovation in the country  Cooking Area  Islet in the kitchen  Interior of a wooden house


The kitchen is decorated in classic style in brown and pastel colors. As the basic shade choose light colors: ivory, coffee with milk, walnut, beige. The facades of the headset are decorated with relief moldings imitating stucco molding, and the windows are covered with luxurious Roman curtains. On the walls there are necessarily paintings or reliefs, and in the situation there is supposed to be a place for a miniature statue. The furniture has smooth, smooth lines of bends, and the ceiling is crowned by a dimensional crystal chandelier with numerous figured details. Such a kitchen does not have to canning, so dacha fun must be carried to summer in a separate room in a more relaxed and homely setting.

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Modern interior of the kitchen at the cottage Design of a small kitchen  Creative interior  Light furniture in the country  Shelves in the kitchen  Art Nouveau style


In the Provence there is a white. This color is used as a background on which gentle shades of lilac, pink, blue, turquoise, olive, mustard play. In the decoration usually apply wallpaper in a small flower. Curtains and tablecloth are decorated in a similar pattern. Furniture is desirable to use the old "grandmother". It is artificially ennobled with the help of light paint and decoupage technique, which seamlessly joins the style. Among the decorative elements give preference to numerous vases, plates on stands, caskets.

Style Provence Shebby-chick  Vintage Cuisine  French style  Provence в декоре кухни  Cozy interior

The kitchen is necessarily decorated with indoor plants and freshly cut bunches from its own flowerbed to a greater extent to raise the mood, and not to emphasize the interior.


Kitchen in the style of country is made in brown tones. This color is typical for wood, from which most of the interior elements are made. In the dining area put a massive, roughly processed table with a smooth stone countertop. Attached are wicker chairs with soft checkered pillows on the seats. On the ceiling during the finish you can leave the bearing beams, which will alternate with white plaster, as in the chalet style. Furniture, too, choose the old one with numerous flaws in the surfaces. The walls are decorated with tablets typical for the Texas "bulletin board." The wood in the finish sometimes alternates with brickwork. Forged chandelier hanging from the ceiling, complete the interior picture.

Country Style Country style  Loft in the interior of a country house  Country kitchen  Country Style в декоре дачи  Original interior

What should be the furniture?

In most styles, the use of aged or aged furniture is welcomed. Of course you should not decorate the kitchen with expensive antiques. Any unnecessary locker or table can always be ennobled. For this, the top layer of the cracked paint is scraped off and the surface is painted again. Then, as an addition, you can apply the original drawings to the surface, decorate it with eggshells, cloth, accessories. Of course, for the classical style choose a new refined furniture, but less pretentious Provence and country with ease will take the grandmother buffet in the interior. If the kitchen is scheduled for seasonal cooking and canning from morning to night, then this decision is practical. After all, under the constant impact of steam and temperature changes, any material will quickly become unusable, and the old cabinet or table and throw it is not so pitiful if it certainly is not a "family heirloom."

The combination of modern and rustic styles Design-design kitchens  Designer furniture  Wall paneling  Panoramic windows  Retro style

Choose between the stove and the stove

It would seem that the struggle between the stove and the stove has long been lost by the latter, and in fact it continues to "live" in the rural interiors. A modern unit that operates on gas or electricity in use is more convenient. All that is required of the hostess is to turn the switch on or to light the gas in the burner. The furnace will have to be melted (the beginner can take half a day for this), clean the ashes after two or three uses, systematically subject it to total cleaning, harvest and chop wood. Yes, this unit is really inextricably linked with a whole host of additional troubles, but they are pale in comparison with the unique aroma of the cooked food on it. If you also use themed dishes (pots and gley), then the dishes will be even more delicious. In addition, the oven has a large cooking surface, which is indispensable for large-scale culinary battles and country canning.

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U-shaped kitchen Stove at the cottage  Wide plate  Fireplace in the cottage  Grill in the summer kitchen  Stove in the kitchen

Materials used for finishing

In traditional ethnic styles, the kitchen can be trimmed cheaply and even using improvised materials. The walls are covered with wooden panels or covered with a lining, and polished boards on the logs are laid on the floor. The ceiling is sometimes left in its original form with beams, as some interiors are welcome (chalet, country). It can also be covered with light-colored plasters - a simple and practical option.

Interior finish of the cottage Wooden apron  Modular headset  European style  Zoning of the room in the cottage  Dining room in a country house

Do not recommend to cover the kitchen with usual paper wallpaper, it is better to use special washable models. In more expensive interiors use a tile for finishing the apron and the floor. This material is durable and durable, not sensitive to household chemicals and temperature changes. In the loft apply brickwork. Modernity, minimalism and castle style gravitate towards natural stone. The most durable version of the coating at the moment is considered a bulk floor. Its installation will cost a pretty penny, but you can forget about replacing the surface for many years. Parquet and laminate recommended to leave for finishing other rooms and replace them with a more practical linoleum with a neat pattern.

Modern interior in the country Green in the interior  Kitchen design for a tree  Design of a cottage  Kitchenette in the cottage  White furniture

Kitchen Palette

In the kitchen it is desirable to use light colors and warm colors. This room is often combined with the dining area, and hence the atmosphere should stimulate the appetite. Psychologists have long been proven that in the environment of blue, green or purple tones the desire to trapeze is lost. In small kitchens, a light palette also helps to visually expand the space. The prevailing tone is chosen from shades of white, pastel colors and variations of brown. Against their backdrop, new colors of peach, pink, wine, mustard, terracotta, coral, yellow will play. Of course, it is permissible to use light tones of cold scale, but in strictly metered quantities: lilac, blue, turquoise, lime, olive.

Cooking Area Wooden furniture  Spacious kitchen  Beams on the ceiling  Bright interior  L-shaped set


Do not forget about the lighting. It is necessary to have not only a central ceiling chandelier, but also local instruments that will help illuminate the dining area or worktop. The country styles are considered as safe country dachas. And not only because they are the most economical in terms of purchasing finishing materials and furniture. These styles embody the idea of ​​rest in the outback, their atmosphere further alienates a person from the noise of cars, urban dirt and the chronic "taste" of smog in the air. In such interiors you can go to rest, feel like a resident of a remote village and taste all the charms of his life. For someone, avoiding the benefits of civilization is unacceptable, and for others it will be a pleasant and useful experiment.