What are the designs of holiday homes (75 design ideas)

Projects of holiday homes - it's a great option to make your dream of a country house a reality. However, there are a number of nuances that need to be considered when choosing a particular project variant.

In this article, read:

  • 1 Legal Issues
  • 2 Peculiarities of choosing the design of a holiday home
  • 3 Required attributes of giving
  • 4 The project of a small country house at 76 square meters. M Video
  • 5 Houses made of bricks, beams, straw -

Legal issues

First, when deciding to build a summer cottage, of course, they start with the choice of the project. At this stage it is better to get acquainted with the basics of legislation in the field of building private houses, since it is the regulatory requirements that stipulate:

  • reliability, functionality and security of construction;
  • the need to harmonize the design of the house with various kinds of inspections and with organizations providing utilities, etc.

Only after this, you can proceed to the selection of a design organization that has all the necessary permits (licenses, etc.) for the right to design residential private houses.

Elegant house

Elegant house with claims to a small nobleman's estate. A full-fledged two-story dacha from glued beams with a total area of ​​150 square meters. m.

Spacious holiday home

Spacious holiday home with a penthouse. Under one broken roof there is a house, a sauna and a spacious terrace.

Features of the choice of the design of the country house

Typically, design firms offer a large selection of typical projects of holiday homes for almost every taste. Often, a typical house design also provides the customer with the opportunity to make a number of changes to the building plan that do not need to be coordinated with the designer. Such changes usually include the ability to change the height of the ceilings or the angle of the roof slope within certain limits or to build a house in a mirror image relative to the original project, etc. In addition, at the request of the customer, a summer house can be designed for an individual project. Often, an individual project at home costs a little more than a typical one. Also, typical projects of holiday homes, as a rule, are already worked out options, which eliminated possible operational shortcomings, etc., which can not be said about individual projects that are subject to the requirements of the customer.

Compact house

A compact summer cottage "Dachnik-2" from SIP panels. The walls of the attic floor are highly elevated, which allowed to noticeably win in the area of ​​the bedrooms. The total area of ​​the house is 79.5 square meters. m.

Sandwich panel. Advantages - quickly built, there is no need to wait for shrinkage. Disadvantages - a material from organic, has absolute tightness, a service life of 25 years.

Sandwich panel. Advantages - quickly built, there is no need to wait for shrinkage. Disadvantages - a material from organic, has absolute tightness, a service life of 25 years.

House of foam blocks

House with a penthouse of foam blocks. If you are a plaster painter this is for you.

In individual project variants, the degree of building perfection will directly depend on the designer's experience and the features of the land plot for construction.

The main advantage of the typical projects is the availability of approvals already received from the regulatory bodies.

With regard to the specific choice of a model or the creation of an individual house project, here it is necessary to take into account the following basic requirements, which in turn significantly affect the project cost:

  1. Availability / absence of communications (water supply, sewerage, etc.). This makes it necessary to coordinate the project with utility providers.
  2. The presence / absence of heating (the need to install a boiler house and align with a number of inspections, utilities).
  3. Features of the landscape and the structure of soils on the site chosen for the construction of the dacha. This determines the choice of this or that type of foundation for capital construction.
  4. Expected length of stay in the house (summer season, year-round). This determines the choice of the type of house structure (temporary or capital), materials of building structures (stone, wood, etc.), as well as the need for insulation of building elements and installation of a boiler house.
  5. Area and configuration of the land. This parameter determines the size of the future house.
  6. The proximity of the land to special facilities (strategic, social, transport, for example, the railway, shops, etc.). This factor may in some cases exclude the possibility of capital construction or limit the temporary possibility of a full rest in the house (for example, excessive noise at certain times of the day, etc.).
House made of bricks

The house made of bricks is thoroughly, ecologically, for a long time and beautifully if you entrust its construction to real masters.

Country house project

The project of a country house 5 on 5,7 m. From a bar Mykonos », the area of ​​28.5 sq. M. Installation of the house 5-7 days.

Insulated frame house

Insulated frame house 54 square meters. m on screw piles. Such a house is made up of a ready-made set of materials according to the forces of a close-knit family.

As a rule, it is the above conditions and financial opportunities that determine the final choice of a particular house project among a variety of design solutions for country houses. In addition, one of the main aspects of project selection is the material from which the house will be built. So the modern construction industry offers several options for basic building materials for country houses, namely:

  • prefabricated prefabricated structures;
  • tree;
  • stone, brick, aerated concrete, etc.

It is necessary to say that the main advantage of frame prefabricated materials is the speed and ease of installation.

As a rule, the walls of frame dacha houses consist of a wooden beam (bearing and reinforcing elements), wooden shields and a layer of insulation.

A classic variant of country cottages is dacha houses made of timber. Such structures are erected quickly and have all the properties of natural wood. Summer houses made of timber perfectly "breathe", they keep warm in winter and cool in summer. However, the quality of construction and the reliability of the operation of such a dacha directly depend on the quality of the initial building material - timber.

Capital cottage house made of stone, brick or aerated concrete - this is a house designed for a long period of operation. As a rule, such buildings are equipped with a boiler house and are adapted for year-round living. This option is, of course, the most expensive and the most durable.

Home insulation made of straw

Frame house with a heater made of straw. Ecological and fire hazardous.

Prefabricated panel house

Prefabricated panel house for cottages. Assembling the house of the manufacturer's team 1 long June day.

Shield House

A quite decent panel house 6 by 4 meters with a closed veranda.

Required attributes of giving

There are several fundamental points that must be taken into account in the final choice of the cottage house project. So summer cottages should have the following required attributes:

  • as far as possible an isolated recreation area;
  • a terrace, a veranda (projects of country houses with a veranda);
  • the necessary number and sufficient size of windows that provide good illumination;
  • optimal one-story (single-level) house without stairs, hindering the movement of elderly people and young children;
  • minimum number of thresholds, steps, etc. (safety and speed of movement);
  • availability of communications, providing a minimum level of comfort and convenience, etc.

These are the main factors that ensure a comfortable and pleasant pastime at the dacha.

The project of a small country house at 76 square meters. M Video

Summer houses made of bricks, beams, straw -