10 simple advantages of living in a small apartment

The advantages of living in a small apartment

During the year, we spend a lot of time searching for practical advice on how best to organize space in a small apartment. And this makes one wonder: many people are quite satisfied with their small apartments, and see in this dwelling more advantages than disadvantages. Here is a list of the ten most pleasant advantages of living in a small apartment:

  • such an apartment is easier to clean;
  • you are unlikely to buy extra furniture when saving space in priority - so you save savings;
  • small pieces of furniture are cheaper, and much;
  • when everything is at hand and always in front of your eyes, it is much easier to pay attention not to quantity, but to quality;
  • Your accounts for heating and cooling the apartment are much more modest;
  • a small collection of art produces a much greater impression;
  • One single accent accessory or subject will set the mood for the whole room (and sometimes - for the whole apartment);
  • in a small apartment, it is much more difficult to lose small items, such as control panels from machinery;
  • extra things that are difficult to hide from the eyes, are easier to remove from the road;
  • you can afford to decorate every room with something beautiful - for example, candles or flowers.

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