An updated design of a small kitchen: functionality and

Design of a small kitchen in a studio apartment

Renovated design of a small kitchen area of ​​10 square meters. meters

Homeowner Ellison MacDonald, who independently designed the design of a small kitchen in her house, went to this decision for more than 10 years. All these years, she put up with the many inconveniences that have overshadowed her everyday life.

For example, she could not open the dishwasher and the cupboard in which the garbage container stood, at the same time. That is, to clean the plates of food residues and immediately load them into the dishwasher there was no way. Such things seem insignificant, but they are the ones that can cause the most irritation.

When Allison's children grew up, she realized that it was time to change everything. The woman spent nearly a year on her own to rebuild the kitchen interior: dismantle, update and more rationally place the cabinets, and put a new floor covering of cherry wood. She finally moved the dishwasher and installed a retractable trash can near the sink.

Design of a small kitchen with electric stove

Object parameters

Dimensions: 8.8 square meters (3 x 2.9 meters) Layout: U-shaped Location: British Columbia, Canada Budget: 4500 US dollars (including the cost of equipment, furniture and materials) Features: solid cherry wood flooring, solid wood worktop, built-in pencil case with a sliding door and a modest budget To: in addition to the fact that the kitchen interior was hopelessly outdated, and its functionality left much to be desired.

Light set in the design of a small kitchen

McDonald was inspired by the reviews on the pages of specialized Internet sites. With their help, she learned to make various repairs, assembly and installation of furniture. It was not without online consultations and calls to friends of builders.

"At some point they just stopped picking up the phone, because I had too many questions," Ellison recalls with a smile.

The implementation of the projects took a little more time than it usually does, and besides there were a few failures, however, insignificant. In particular, for the first time Ellison cut the laminate for the countertop so badly that she had to buy a new panel, after which she acted more circumspectly.

Linoleum was dismantled, and its place was occupied by a modern floor covering of untreated cherry wood, which McDonald bought quite cheaply from his familiar builder: he had little material left after completing another project. The changes did not touch the tile apron, because the owner really liked his cobalt shade and the quality of the styling.

To solve the problem of space organization, Ellison moved to other places a dishwasher, a cabinet with tools for cleaning and a pantry. So she managed to clear the space around the peninsula. It was necessary to somehow compensate for the reduction in storage, and with this task the open shelves and the stand that stood under them coped well.

Bar counter in the design of a small kitchen

Wanting to save money, Allison bought most of the kitchen appliances through the site of private ads, but did not spare the money to buy a sink and refrigerator.

"It was a barbecue period," Allison laughs. "Even in January, when the snow was lying around, I baked a cake on the grill."

The woman did the repair in stages, installing no more than one cabinet at a time. She and other households had to spend some time without a stove.

The built-in pencil case, installed above the peninsula, accommodates a mixer, multivark, blender and other appliances.

Design of a small kitchen and dining room

In the kitchen there was a new sink and stove, and the ventilation system underwent modernization.

Alison McDonald admits: "I with pleasure did it all myself. I admit, strong expressions were heard from time to time in these walls, but I decided not to rush at all, and the result was the way I imagined it to be. "

Large window in the design of a small kitchen

The area of ​​your kitchen also does not exceed 10 square meters. meters? Tell us about how you solved the problem of organizing its space. We are waiting for you photo "before" and "after"!