Art nouveau in the interior of the apartment: dynamics and

Modern, being a reflection of the beginning of the twentieth century, reinterpreted the boundaries of art and gave the world new forms - elegant and sensual. Today, the modernist style in the interior is not an easy tribute to fashion, it's a certain way of life, based on the principles of movement, asymmetry and decorativeness.


  • History of style
  • Features of style
  • The main materials of Art Nouveau in the interior
    • Glass
    • Metal
    • Tree
    • Textile
  • Furniture in Art Nouveau style
  • Color spectrum
  • Lighting

Art Nouveau style

History of style

Almost until the end of XIX in Europe, eclecticism reigned, uniting and citing all previous styles. Static and straightforward, it gradually lost its appeal and required artistic replacement. In 1890, the works of W.Morris, A.Makmurdo and G.Obrist began to emerge a new style, based on abstract forms and flowing lines. Such a clear rejection of symmetry and clear geometry very quickly turned the world view of art and replaced the conservatism of the Empire and neoclassicism with the modern, rhythmic and sensual.

In the world of art modern came under various names, so in France it is called Art Nouveau, in Germany - Jugendstil, and in America - Tiffany.

Bright interior in Art Nouveau style

Features of style

The language of the Art Nouveau style is lively and flowing lines, abstract patterns with a shifted center of symmetry, floristic ornament. The whole concept of style is permeated with movement and plasticity. Modernity seems to flow through art, breaking its habitual forms and opening new facets. Especially it is noticeable in architecture and interior design. Houses in the Art Nouveau style have not only a single style, but also a living aura that transmits the pulsation of nature.

In modern, there is nothing static. Walls, floor, ceiling, decorative design - everything acts as plastic figures and carries an emotional meaning. That is why the main motive of modernity is the curling plant, beautifully ascending and intertwining forms.

The main materials of Art Nouveau in the interior

Favorite materials of the Art Nouveau style are glass, metal, wood and textiles. Their combination is allowed in any proportion, the main thing is that the grace of the lines is achieved by the harmony of human handmade and natural naturalness.

The right choice of furniture for the Art Nouveau style


Thanks to the American artist and the founder of the modernist style, L.Tiffany, the stained glass has acquired a new sound. Used by him floral patterns on colored glass, allowed to create additional lighting and add to the interior of fascinating sophistication. Today modern nouveau uses stained glass glazing not only in the design of windows and doors, but also as decorating furniture, walls, screens, paintings.

Pictures as a key element of the Art Nouveau style


Plastic-loving modernity with caution refers to metal and accepts it exclusively for decorative purposes. Forged elements, stylized for plant motifs, are aesthetic addition and give the interior a finished look.

The choice of the color of the metal is determined by the general background of the space. Silver color allows you to harmoniously combine light shades with dark ones. Melchior elegantly complement the colorful mosaic stained glass. Golden give the interior a veiled luxury and elegance.

Art Nouveau style в интерьере гостиной


Modern, like the Victorian style in the interior is abundant with the availability of natural wood. Particular attention is paid to the material when finishing the flooring. The most striking example of the modernist floor is the parquet floor, laid with a herringbone or patterned pattern. Also, wood is used for decorative decoration of walls, for example, when the upper part of the wall is covered with textiles, and the lower part is decorated with a plinth of solid wood.

As for the color gamut, all modern shades of wood are used in modern style. A dark tree allows you to create contrast and expressiveness. Light - play on the nuances and increase the color rendering of the interior.

Using a tree in the interior


In modern times it is considered a connecting element. For curtains, furniture upholstery, bedspreads, sofa cushions and tablecloths, usually a single-colored fabric matched to the color of the walls or floor is used. In exceptional cases, when the interior lacks plasticity and movement, a cloth with floral ornament is used.

The right color for the Art Nouveau style

Furniture in Art Nouveau style

The concept of modernity, based on plasticity and sophistication, was very clearly reflected in the furniture manufacture of the early twentieth century. The fashion included furniture, combining functionality and elegance. Massive countertops on thin legs, heavy cabinets with openwork doors, wide sofas, decorated with exquisite textiles.

Modern modern welcomes in the interior furniture of a bizarre shape, reflecting the plasticity of shapes and lines. The main material, as before, is a natural tree. True, today certain requirements are put forward to him. First, the color and texture of the wood, from which furniture is made, should be in harmony with other wooden interior items. And secondly, the decorative elements, whether elegant legs of the table or sofa, are required to reflect the forms that dominate the room.

Bedroom in Art Nouveau style

Color spectrum

As you know, color determines the style and atmosphere of the interior. So, the English style in the interior is associated with natural and restrained tones, the Romanesque style with bright and juicy, Venetian - with delicate and cream. Modernity in this regard is very multifaceted. In its stylistics can be present almost the entire color palette, most importantly, that its shades were soft and muffled.

Most often in modernity the following color combinations are used:

  • sand with sun-yellow;
  • linen with olive;
  • peach with mocha;
  • aquamarine white with cornflower blue.

Additional colors in modern style are used to emphasize the material or the subject of the interior. Their color should be as expressive and bright as possible.

Interior of the living room in Art Nouveau style


Functional and decorative lighting is an integral part of modernity. Therefore, when decorating the interior uses a variety of types of lighting: chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, lamps. As a rule, they have irregular shapes and decor in the form of floral ornament. Also very often for their decoration is used decorated stained glass mosaic and wrought weaving.