Decorative painting in interior design

Among the many techniques and techniques used in interior design, decorative painting is considered the most original solution. Works with the use of decorative paintings are sometimes called monumental, as they provide for the use of a large space and are directly related to art.

Themes for drawings can be very different. Decorative painting can be abstract or contain a specific plot, performed in the style of antiquity or modernity. And the use of decorative fringe will bring the spirit of antiquity into the interior.

Decorative painting in the interior will add elegance to the interior of your apartment.

Decorative painting in the interior will add elegance to the interior of your apartment.

When creating a sketch of the drawing, it is taken into account where in the interior of the apartment it will be located, the appropriate color scale and style of design is selected. A huge selection of materials available to decorators, allows you to carry out the most daring design projects.

Using different types of equipment, mixing them, selecting appropriate materials, experts in decorative design implement any project and decorate the interior of the apartment on a good artistic level.

In this article, read:

  • 1 Types of technology
  • 2 Wall painting
  • 3 Alpheus painting

Types of technology

Artists, designers use in their work various types of painting techniques. One of the most difficult and labor-intensive technologies is a fresco. To create it, dilute mineral paints are used, applying them to wet plaster. It is important to place the selected pattern on the wall at once.

This requires a high level of skill artist-designer. Therefore, the fresco in the decoration of the interior is rarely used.

The next option is painting with oil paints. Works performed in this technique, allow you to reproduce a wide range of colors and successfully realize the artist's intentions. However, one must take into account that oil paints are applied in a continuous layer and disrupt the self-ventilation of the surface to which they are applied. Therefore, in the premises where such a painting is applied, it is necessary to exclude the formation of condensate, not allowing a temperature drop. In addition, the shiny surface prevents the normal perception of the applied image.

Another of the used types of decor - painting with the use of glue paints. The basis of such paints is animal glue and warm water. Sometimes, to make the paint waterproof, alum is added to its composition. But this composition of the paint complicates the work, since it is quite stringy.

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Painting in the technique of wax painting is often used. For its execution, two methods are used: hot and cold. When the hot method is wiped pigment on the wax paint, then this composition is melted and applied using a heated tool. In the second method, brush is used, applying special emulsions.

Wall painting

One of the techniques, quite often and effectively used to create a highly artistic decor, is the wall painting of the interior. However, drawing can decorate the design, and at the root of it spoil. It depends on how organically it is combined with the entire composition of the interior, and also on the quality of performance.

Modern trends in wall painting when creating interior decor provide for the rejection of realism and the use of laconic stylization.

In this case, the pattern can be bright, containing pure colors.

It will be appropriate to add shades of gold, silver, bronze. To increase the expressiveness of the picture, you can use a dark outline (black, brown, dark blue).

Given the location and role in the interior is determined by such types of paintings as the plot image, and painting frieze. The first view is a picture that can occupy the entire wall. Also painting, harmoniously consistent with other details of the interior. It can be a geometric or floral pattern, ligature, silhouettes of butterflies, birds. The second is an ornament, which in the form of a horizontal tape passes through the entire wall, usually closer to the ceiling.

Alpheus painting

Currently, when decorating an apartment, the most attention is paid to the originality and individuality of the decor. Just

quality performance is already scarce, uniqueness is needed. The application of the alfine mural is most suitable for this task. It helps to achieve complete completeness and integrity of the perception of any interior, regardless of the style of decoration.

Alpheus painting предусматривает в своем составе такие виды:

  • polychrome,
  • monochrome,
  • grisaille.

In polychrome painting, various flowers, ornaments, figurines, and elements of heraldry are used to create the pattern. The whole range of colors, bright color tones are typical for images performed in this technique.

Monochrome painting involves creating a single-color image using any shades of the primary color. In this technique, not only ornaments are created, but also landscapes and even fragments of monumental painting.

Grisaille. This method of painting assumes imitation of stucco molding and other elements of architectural ornaments. When performing work in this technique, different tones of gray and umbrist colors are used.

The use of decorative painting will give the interior a unique look and will emphasize a direct connection with art.