Design cuisine in the style of provence: the french charm in

The quiet rustle of lavender fields, the fragrant smell of fresh baked goods and the bright colors of the French villages will not leave anyone indifferent, but on the contrary, they will push a little bit of this coziness into your house. The style of Provence is original enough and does not look like other styles. He surprises with a combination of elegance, elegance and unique heat. Despite the versatility, the design of the kitchen in the style of Provence is most acceptable.


  • The main components of the kitchen, decorated in the style of Provence
    • Color spectrum
    • Materials
    • Lighting
    • Furniture
    • Textile
  • Important details in the design of the cuisine in the style of Provence

Kitchen design in Provence style

The main components of the kitchen, decorated in the style of Provence

The creators of Provence style deservedly are French farmers, who actively used it in the design of their small houses. Later Provence adopted the famous European designers. The main feature, thanks to which this style conquers, is its simplicity, which includes country notes. The decoration uses a lot of small, lovely and nice knickknacks that give the kitchen room in Provence style tenderness, lightness and elegance.

In modern kitchen designs, quite a lot of elements of technology are used, which give the interior austerity and even coldness, while the design in the style of Provence will make it more cozy and "home".

Interior of the kitchen in French style

Color spectrum

Interior in the style of Provence primarily implies an absolute naturalness, therefore, the color scheme is selected accordingly: mostly light natural shades and white are used. To create a warm, cozy kitchen the most suitable are beige, peach, sand, olive, chocolate shades.

Provence has an interesting approach to the color scheme of furniture. In addition to natural natural colors, furniture elements can be painted in light blue, green, purple and white shades. Dark furniture can only be used if the color scheme of the entire room is only in light colors.

Interior design of modern kitchen


When choosing materials for decorating the kitchen, the principle of naturalness and naturalness is also applied. However, it is allowed to replace natural wood and stone with cheaper and more accessible materials. The walls are treated with coarse plaster, several layers of paint or liquid wallpaper. It is interesting to look at the walls, first painted with a bright color paint, and then with a pastel shade. Also for the style of Provence, it is rather characteristic to use a stone on one of the walls. The kitchen floor is almost always decorated with tiles.

The interior in the style of Provence very "loves" the tree, so often in the design of walls and ceiling used wooden, varnished, beams or panels.

Lavender in the interior of the kitchen


In the kitchen of the Provencal style there should be as much natural light, so the windows are made as much as possible. Chandeliers are selected in accordance with the general color and necessarily hang over the dining table. In addition to lighting, they can become a real decoration of the interior. The working area is illuminated by spotlights and long single lamps.

Beautiful interior design of the kitchen in white tones


Basically, in the style of Provence, furniture from natural wood is used, which is processed according to the technique of craquelure, that is, it is artificially aged. Unevenness, slightly peeling paint, small cracks will only benefit and make the interior more colorful.

Furniture на кухне в стиле прованс обычно в светлых тонах, хотя бывают и темные гарнитуры. Дверцы шкафов могут иметь элементы плетения или резьбы.

It is original and very characteristic for Provence in the kitchen will look like a fireplace. If you do not have the opportunity to install a real hearth, you can use electrical analogs or a decor that resembles it.

As a dining room choose a simple square or rectangular table, with enough thick and massive legs. The walls of the kitchen are usually decorated with wooden hanging shelves, which display beautiful plates and other dishes, as well as small vases with flowers.

Flowers in the interior of the kitchen


Despite the fact that in the kitchen in the Provencal style there should be a maximum amount of daylight, the windows must be decorated with curtains. They can be made from any natural material, but preferably a coarse and well-holding shape, such as flax or slaves. The same fabrics are also used for tablecloths, napkins, potholders, pillows and covers for chairs. As a color, flower motifs, a cage or a strip are used.

Rarely, but still in the interior of the kitchen used small bright carpets handmade.

Design kitchens

Important details in the design of the cuisine in the style of Provence

In modern apartments and houses, you rarely see the design of the living room in the style of Provence, and even in the interiors of the kitchens, only some elements are used more than all the characteristic features. However, this is not at all scary, because the Provence is built on stylistic little things, such as:

  • live and dried flowers. Vases with bouquets must be present in the interior of the kitchen in the style of Provence. They not only add to the design of bright colors, but also give a special rural flavor. Among the flowers, lavender is especially characteristic;
  • figurines of domestic animals, especially appreciated by cocks and geese;
  • decorative dishes. Most often, beautiful ceramic plates and dishes are displayed on hanging shelves, preferably made and painted by hand, but also various cans for storing cereals, tea or honey;
  • paintings. The most characteristic for the style of Provence are paintings with still lifes or images of lavender fields;
  • Forged Products. Forged decor elements usually paint in white or other light shade. The peculiarity of forging for Provencal interiors is their lightness, elegance and refinement;
  • wicker baskets. They can be as large, in which it is customary to store vegetables and fruits, and small decorative ones;
  • bird cells. This unusual element of decor will undoubtedly add color to the interior of the kitchen. It is best that the residents of a wrought-iron house become real living canaries.

Provencal country cuisine

The refinement, tenderness and rustic simplicity of the Provence style will fill the kitchen with warmth and comfort, taking you to the far sunny coast of the Mediterranean Sea. How do you like this idea? Do not forget to leave your feedback in the comments.