Five ways to economically update the interior

The same situation in the apartment is boring and I want to improve it. How to do it without unnecessary costs? There are five ways to update the budget. Pleasure yourself today, and we'll tell you how.

Rest zone in the living room

Cozy recreation area

There is no accumulation of unnecessary things, everything is functional and at the same time cozy and pleasant for the eyes.

Harmony of light colors

Absence of unnecessary things makes the air in the apartment cleaner, so without regret throw out and give to friends all that creates chaos and disorder. Get rid of the memory daemon.

Clean space, free from confusion

Ways to update the interior of the set, one of them decorate the walls. The creation of compositions does not require much effort, but the result is fascinating.

Harmoniously constructed composition - the main decoration of the living room

Not all mistresses like to look after fresh flowers, refreshing the interior. There is a way out - get cacti. They do not require special care, but they look very original.

Garden on the windowsill

To create a comfortable environment, update the curtains, bedspreads and other textiles. This works, since it is difficult to imagine a bedroom or a living room without beautiful curtains, covered blankets and bed linen.

It's nice to lie down on soft, bright pillows with a book or tablet

One of the most important secrets of the correct interior is lighting. Poorly selected and installed in the wrong places lighting fixtures can ruin the finishing of walls or even cause a fire.

In each room, the lighting should be selected separately, there are no typical options.

Original lighting creates a fabulous feeling of coziness