Green color in the interior and examples of combinations

Green color in the interior

In the modern world, green is not used to create an interior so often, but for city residents, this color will be ideal - the color of meadows, nature, forests, grass. It has a calming and soothing effect on a person. Green color in the interior will bring in your home coziness, comfort and a favorable atmosphere, the main thing is to choose the right shade.

Each shade in the photo may look different than on the painted surface. First, paint a small piece, and that's why it's completely surface.

Light Olive Walls

Living room in green

What colors are combined with

Green works on the contrary. If the main shade is bright, combine it with pastel tones. If pale, then with bright, saturated tones.

  • Brown. A universal combination. Green is the color of nature, so it looks more organic and natural than a brown one. If you want to make the green color accent, but do not know what to combine, then the brown one is the way out for you. In combination, all shades of both colors are suitable. Wooden furniture and light green wallpaper will create a cozy, natural interior. If the main accent is brown, and the green color of the furniture, dilute it with white furniture. This design is perfect for a kitchen and bedroom.
  • White combines with any colors, but with green it will create a wonderful interior. White will dilute the dark emerald tones, blends well with light shades. This range is perfect for small rooms, visually expanding the space. A bright palette will be appropriate everywhere.
  • The black. By combining with black you will come across a lot of wagons. Do not choose dark green for combining with black. Bring in bright colors, dilute the black with an additional color. The golden color will complement the black, ottenit green, creating a refined interior. Focus on green, not letting black dominate.
  • Blue is the perfect neighbor for green. Blue - the sky, green - nature, the colors of the earth itself, will naturally fit into any design, create an atmosphere of lightness, pacify, pleasing the eye. Will be appropriate in any room. In the bedroom will create an atmosphere of relaxation, which will push to a fast, strong sleep. In the kitchen they will become faithful helpers at losing weight, because blue and green reduce appetite. In the children's room they will help to calm the child, having a positive mental effect. You can choose basic, both green and blue, combining them evenly or focusing on one. They can be diluted with other natural colors: brown, yellow, red, orange.
  • Red. Extremely rare combination, but with the right selection of such colors will make the interior "delicious." This plexus excites, induces to action, therefore for quiet people will not approach. Also do not use them in the bedroom. But the design of the living room and kitchen in the red-green range will make your interior original and interesting. You can create a red-green nursery, because not in vain in such a tandem design playrooms. Do not choose too saturated tones. If your child is active, discard those colors.
  • Beige. Harmonious combination. Green in the interior will dilute the calm beige. And the beige color fits well in the bright green decor. Tandem of two colors will create a soothing atmosphere. Add wooden furniture, then you will get a laconic, fresh design.
  • Gray. Gray-green room is good for bedroom. This combination of colors in the interior will help a calm, measured rest. On a gray background, the pistachio will look harmonious and effective. Since the gray is a cold color, discard neutral shades of green, otherwise it will look pretentious, choose bright colors. Combination of green and gray colors
  • Orange. Bright combination will make the room stylish, catchy. But it is not advisable to paint the rest zone. It fits well into the nursery, but the orange should be neutral, an additional color. Orange and green are the colors of energy, movement, warmth, joy. Suitable for creative people.
  • Yellow. Summer, bright combination. You have to be very careful here. The yellow color itself is catchy, so it's best to choose shades in calm tones. This warm tone, suitable for cold rooms. Ideal for the design of the summer house. But the apartment will also brighten up the winter days. Decorate any room, the main thing is to choose shades not cutting eyes. Before you choose the final colors, look at them: the eyes should not strain, water.
  • Pink. A combination of tenderness. One of the most popular colors for decorating bedrooms. Shades of green choose fresh, natural. But the pink will look like any. It is he who sets the mood in this tandem. For the nursery and bedroom, choose gentle shades, ideal for girls. In the kitchen, you can give a flight of fantasy, but do not overdo it with brightness.
  • Purple. The original combination. Creates associations with a flower bed, a field that gives the room freshness, positive. But, despite all the "naturalness", both of these colors are cold, so it's worth adding them to other warm shades. Complex violet with green is ideal for a bath and a children's room. It is best with green to combine floral shades: lavender, lilac. This range looks better in large and spacious rooms. If the room is small, it is green to make the main color, adding purple decorative elements.
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Bright pillows

In the interior of rooms

Green color is widely used in various styles. Each shade corresponds to its style. In the Eastern design, olive shade or jade dominates. Eco-style is inherent in natural shades. Tropical style chooses lime and dark shades. Sea - blue-green. Therefore, when choosing an interior from the beginning, you need to decide on the style.

Living room in blue with a green sofa

Each style is suitable for decoration of "their" rooms: sea bath, eco for bedrooms, etc.

A saturated dark green color of the wall In the living room, green is not used often. In the apartments there is little lighting and space - do not paint the living room completely. Make a bright accent on one wall or add wallpapers. If you decide to paint the walls completely, choose light colors. Dilute with yellow or beige furniture.

Bright living room with light green and beige Dark shades will create a luxurious living room, stunning with its refinement, but this should be done only in a very large room with a maximum of lighting. A lot of dark shades in a small space will create the feeling of an impenetrable forest that does not contribute to a comfortable pastime.

White and green in the living room The bedroom is a place of rest and sleep. Green calms, but do not abuse bright shades. Looking at which side the windows come out, use warm colors if the bedroom feels cold and cold if the sun regularly hits your window. The bedroom can be painted in dark colors, but do not overdo it. Choose a calm, deep tone. The bedroom should calm down, promote a calm sleep. Eco-style will do the most. Herbal scale, diluted with wooden furniture, other natural colors will create an atmosphere of the field. In such a bedroom it will be pleasant to fall asleep.

Bedroom in light green color

Pink and green combination In the kitchen you can experiment with color. You can create a bright, rich cuisine, similar to one big fruit. But do not forget that we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so do not overdo it. The kitchen has two main accents - furniture and walls. If you decide to paint the walls green, furniture should be chosen beige or cream. When using neutral green, the furniture set can be decorated with red, orange tones, this will make the kitchen bright, full, but will arouse the appetite. If the furniture is green, then the walls should be decorated in neutral colors.

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Light green kitchen

Bright green color of the walls and white kitchen Although the bath is more often associated with a blue interior, green color is well suited to it. Bath - room without windows. Do not choose dark shades. It is better to choose a light background with dark decorative details. The plumbing is often white, so bright pink when combined with orange dilute white. With many different colors, decorate the bath with a small tile on the floor, decorating the pattern on the walls. You can decorate the walls with a change of color or put a floral pattern.

Light olive bath Green is a universal color for the nursery. Not a boring color, but not catchy. Suitable for any child regardless of gender and age. He will become a magic wand in the thematic design of the bedroom: the zoo, the tropics, the forest, the tree house. Add bright elements: a red cabinet, an orange sofa.

Green and white in the nursery

Green armchair in the nursery

Thematic, with the help of green you can create not only a nursery, but also other rooms.

The house begins with an entrance hall. It must be a place where you do not want to escape. Since most of the corridor in our house is small or narrow, it is not worth designing an entrance hall in one color. A light green color will dilute the hallway, but the furniture should be put in a different color, better light.

Dark green and brown


The most common element of the decor is flowers. Will fit into any interior, add life to the room. Just do not clutter up their space. Arrange the room in a harmonious combination. If there is not enough space to give up floor colors, buy pendant pots. Small accessories fit well with orange and yellow elements. A colorful mat or a lot of bright pillows on the couch. In the bathroom there are towels and hooks. In the kitchen, the dishes can be combined with any design and add a touch of nature to your interior.

Green interior details Green is a forgotten color in design for many years. But it again began to be widely used the last time and not in vain - the green in your home will help to find peace and harmony.

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