How to make a bookshelf by yourself: tips, photos and videos

If books play an important role in your life, then it's worthwhile to make sure that the house has a place for their safe and convenient storage. And why not combine business with pleasure and not equip this place yourself? Tips on how to make a bookshelf with your own hands and where to hang it, you can find in our article.


  • Preparatory stage
  • What materials are needed to make a bookshelf?
  • We make a bookshelf
    • Wooden shelf
    • Shelf in fabric
    • Rope Shelf
  • A few ideas for using book shelves for books

Bookshelf for a children's room

Preparatory stage

Of course, you can go to the store or the furniture market without any problems and buy a good bookshelf there, but is it not better to spend a little time and effort and make this accessory yourself, choosing the right size, the necessary design and color? We think you will agree that the second option sounds more tempting. Therefore, before getting down to business, it is worthwhile to think and give answers to some simple but very important questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the shelf? In order to diversify the decor? To maximize the placement of books? For books of a certain size or to expose them for show?
  2. What size will the regiment be? How many tiers will it have: one or more? Answering this question, it is worthwhile to conduct all the necessary measurements, to determine the length, width and height of all component parts.
  3. What load should the future regiment withstand? This is a very important question, because the answer to it will depend on the choice of materials, because someone needs a shelf for a couple of small books, and someone wants to put on it a collection of heavy encyclopedias.
  4. How and where the regiment will be attached. There are several ways of fixing. The most common options - to the wall or to the ceiling. Do we need additional mechanisms and stuff?
  5. We choose the design of the shelf. There is already a free flight of imagination and imagination. There are lots of options.

Beautiful and simple shelves for the children's room

What materials are needed to make a bookshelf?

It is simply impossible to answer this question unequivocally. The need for these or other materials for the production of bookshelves depends solely on their design and purpose.

For example, for wooden shelf you will need:

  • several boards of different sizes;
  • electric jig saw or saw;
  • self-tapping screws, bolts, screws for nails, etc .;
  • screwdriver;
  • glue;
  • grinding machine or sandpaper;
  • means for the treatment of wooden surfaces.

Stylish and brutal shelf for the living room

For a shelf made of cloth a set of materials and tools is completely different:

  • two pipes of small diameter, preferably iron, you can use the remains of the cornices;
  • Staples intended for fastening cornices;
  • the cloth;
  • sewing accessories.

Unusual tissue bookshelf

For the manufacture of rope bookshelf usually use:

  • rope or ropes of different width and length;
  • wooden boards;
  • hooks or nails, with which the shelves will be attached to the ceiling or wall;
  • drill with a set of drills;
  • means for the treatment of wooden surfaces and paint.

The material for making the shelves with your own hands, in fact, can be anything, just need to add a little imagination and creativity. Many use old unnecessary things: stairs, boxes, wooden boxes, cases from TV sets, various furniture elements and even cast-iron pipes.

Rope bookshelf for the living room

We make a bookshelf

There are a lot of options for design and manufacture, so let's look at three of them.

Wooden shelf

Having decided on the size and design, you need to prepare all the elements for assembly. To do this, from wooden boards with the help of electric jigsaw or saw we cut out the details of the necessary sizes, we process them with a grinding machine and a means for protecting the tree. When the parts are dry, we assemble the structure using nails or screws. A ready-made shelf can be painted or left with natural colors, it all depends on the interior design.

Creative workroom solution

Shelf in fabric

The option is even simpler than the previous one. Use screws to fasten the brackets to the wall. We process the edges of pre-measured pieces of dense fabric with the help of a thread and a needle, or we spend with a sewing machine. Further according to the width of the tubes, we bend the fabric from two opposite edges, forming holes. We put it on pipes, fastened to the brackets and the shelf is ready.

Rope Shelf

The given variant is surprising that for its manufacturing it is not required a single nail or a screw. In pre-prepared wooden boards, drill two holes at the same distance from the edges. In the received holes we pass a rope or a dense rope of the necessary length. Under each level we tie the knot to fix the boards. A ready-made shelf is attached to the selected place.

A bookshelf for a children's room with pink ropes

A few ideas for using book shelves for books

Hanging shelves are quite universal accessory, they can easily be placed in any rooms. We want to talk about several ideas for using hanging bookshelves.

A beautiful bookshelf for a children's room

Shelves in the corners rooms perfectly fill non-functional voids. Furniture to pick up in such "inconvenient" parts of the room is quite difficult, and small hanging shelves - this is exactly what you need. If one of these corners is behind the door, then you can put things there that you want to hide from other people's eyes.

Shelves on both sides of the corner not only will be a useful solution, then they will protect the household from striking against it.

Horizontal shelves on the walls with vertical stripes - an excellent design solution, but in this case it is necessary to observe a clear color scheme, otherwise a very doubtful composition will turn out.

Shelf shelf for kitchen

Modern and fashionable will look The shelves that fill empty niches in the walls. Given that such voids are usually of a variety of shapes and sizes, this arrangement will give the interior an originality.

Clear, even shelves of the same sizelocated under each other - it's boring and quite ordinary. Place them asymmetrically, and the interior will play in a completely new way.

What shape, size and style for the hanging shelf you would not choose, it will necessarily become a wonderful and appropriate addition in any interior. There are ideas about where and how to arrange a hanging shelf for books? Or maybe you came up with a new design and want to share it with us? Whatever it was, we will be happy with your comments.