Mint color in the interior - 35 photos

Not surprisingly, the color of fresh mint has gained such popularity among modern designers, becoming a real hit. A gentle mint color in the interior always looks harmonious, it can be used without any restrictions, it does not irritate, but it has a beneficial effect on the psyche. This shade is ideal for a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom. In addition, it will suit any style of interior, from "country" to "high-tech"!

Mint shade creates an easy and playful state, eliminates stress, mental tension, lifts the mood.

Fresh mint shade in the interior can be both a base and a stylish accent. In addition, mint is combined with a whole range of other shades:

  • With bright yellow: a cheerful, summer and juicy ensemble is created. In this version, the mint should be light, and used as a base (walls, textiles). And bright yellow can be stools, shelves or upholstered furniture.

The combination of mint and bright yellow in the interior

  • With black - very stylish and modern. Black base with mint accents is an interesting option for a bathroom or modern style kitchen. A gently-mint room with impregnations of black details will look very harmonious for the living room, bedroom or children's room.

The combination of black and mint in the interior

  • White is the ideal "friend" of the mint. They complement each other magnificently, creating incredible lightness and freshness. Especially if mint wallpaper or textiles are supplemented with a white strip, peas or ornament. Mint room can be supplemented with white curtains, white upholstered furniture, a table, puffs.

The combination of white and mint color in the interior of the children's room

  • Blue, blue or juicy green - any blue-green shades perfectly combined with mint. There may be many, but the base must be one - better than light, like weightless. And azure blue, sky-blue, grassy-green or turquoise accents will add vitality to the interior and harmony of the ensemble.

The combination of mint with shades of blue in the interior

  • Noble brown will look very good in the mint kitchen. Brown furniture or wood panels are very nobly stressed with soft mint wallpaper, tiles, curtains.

Winning combination of mint and wood in the interior of the kitchen

  • To the mint base also bright colorful details, for example - colorful cushions, blankets, pictures and panels are perfect.
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Variegated details on mint base

Important! To this shade aggressive colors - red, crimson, fuchsia are not very suitable.

But the combination with a gentle and noble coffee, beige, blue, white - very well and stylish!

A successful combination of black, beige, blue and mint in the interior of the living room

Delicate bedroom

The bright bedroom always looks clean, light and cozy. Therefore it is the mint color in the interior of the bedroom that looks particularly successful! And no matter what size a bedroom, a small one or a spacious one, and it does not matter what style it is designed. For a bedroom it is better to choose mint-gray, delicate white-mint, the lightest and pastel shades. And for accents to take white, beige, ivory, champagne or peach.

Mint color in the design of the bedroom

A cozy romantic bedroom of retro style will look very noble and aristocratic in this color scheme. There must be a lot of wooden parts: furniture with natural "scuffs" for antiquity, decoupage, lace curtains, flower ornaments on textiles. No heavy or too bright details - just tenderness and freshness. You can add a little pink accessories or white porcelain, but bed linens, curtains or pillows can be white.

Tenderness and freshness when decorating a bedroom

Modern bedroom style "modern" can be very stylish, if you use glossy textures, add silvery or metallic accessories, and simple laconic furniture. White shelves and chests of drawers, clear simple lines and forms, absence of unnecessary details are the principles of modern interior. You can add a more intense green or blue shade to the light mint base.

Modern interior with mint base

Fresh mint bedroom will "play", if you combine bright, colorful details. For example, colorful cushions in a bright strip or polka dots, contrasting curtains with a combination of yellow, blue, orange. Bright, juicy accessories and furniture elements - puffs, banquettes, shelves of different colors, fluffy bright carpet, chair-bag. This bedroom will be very cheerful and juicy.

Mint bedroom with colorful details

Textile for bedroom in mint shade  Noble brown in combination with mint color  Mint bedroom combined with bright and delicate colors  Wooden floors and furniture in a gently peppermint room  The interior of the bedroom combined with mint colors with shades of blue

Freshness and cleanliness of modern kitchen

A gentle, cool mint color in the interior of the kitchen will look very advantageous. Such a kitchen will always create a feeling of coziness, ideal purity, novelty. She will want to sit every day for a long time, resting her soul. But in the kitchen it is advisable to apply the mint tone in dosing, diluting it with other details.

Mint color in the interior of the kitchen

For example: kitchen furniture of a mint shade, in a combination to beige walls, a tile with brown accents (accessories). You can also add beige or white textiles, curtains, napkins. But stools, chairs, a dining table and kitchen sets can be easily decorated in mint color, adding a few more tiles of this shade to the kitchen work area. It is also possible to create a white kitchen, and make a work area on the work area green and blue, add dishes, decor, curtains of the same color.

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Kitchen furniture mint shade

The second option is the mint kitchen base (walls, tiles, textiles, table) with bright accents in the form of furniture, towels, separate parts on the walls, paintings, panels, shelves. Very well - add ornament, geometric patterns, floral motifs, drawings.

Bright accents on the mint base in the interior

Invoices can be any. In this color, plastic, metal or film, wood, ceramics, and glass look great. Perfectly looks a green-blue kitchen with silver and sparkling steel. Metal objects - a kettle, dishes, decor - will look very impressive in combination with a shiny white tile on the floor, as well as gentle mint walls, shelves, furniture. The natural tree will also look good against the general background and will emphasize the individuality of the kitchen interior.

Kitchen interior with a combination of mint shade, wood, glass and metal

Stylish Living Room

The interior of the living room gives a lot of room for imagination. The main thing is not to "overload" this space with too bright, dark or heavy details. If you like light refinement in interior solutions, then tender mint is your option. Especially for the living room, the main room in any house.

Interior of the living room with a touch of delicate mint

Because the gentle green and blue shade positively influences the psyche, soothes and gives a good mood, it simply needs to be used in a room where the whole family gathers or often there are guests! In such a room there will never be quarrels, and the relationship between those present will only improve. Fresh tenderness of the interior will have an amazing effect on the household with the guests.

Interior with a greenish-blue tinge

Very good option, especially if the living room is not very large - a wall with furniture in a single color ensemble. It is better to choose mint with a gray or green podton, not bright, but muffled and unobtrusive. But that in the room was not too monotonous, add variations!

Using a muted mint shade on the wall in the living room

To such a gentle base, the cheerful and juicy details are perfect. Bright orange cushions in blue stripes, a green blanket in white polka dots, a fluffy bright blue mat, a colorful flashy picture or yellow curtains. It will be stylish and very unusual! Do not forget about figurines, vases, red or orange flowers, soft toys. Such a lounge will cheer up after every working day, and guests from it will be impossible to send home!

Bright details for a gentle mint base in the interior

To make the living room more calm, instead of bright accents, you can take white or pastel. Ivory coffee table or beige, porcelain figurines with vases, peach translucent curtains, beige carpet, white leather sofa with soft blue pillows. In this room, fatigue will quickly be replaced by vivacity, optimism, a wonderful mood!

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Interior of the living room with pastel shades

More modern and strictly will look like a mint living room with dark accents. For example, furniture from dark wood, covered with a shiny varnish. Add shiny metal decor elements, transparent curtains - you will get a very modern room that will show a great sense of taste of its owners.

Minty living room with dark accents

Do not forget about the ornament with patterns - they perfectly dilute the situation, give it liveliness. White pillows can be decorated with dark strips or peas, and a light blanket - a gentle floral motif. Ornament, patterns, geometric figures perfectly combined with the mint color of the interior!

Ornament, patterns, geometric shapes in combination with mint color in the interior

Cleanliness of the bathroom

The color of mint is ideal for bath or shower. Such a bathroom will shine with freshness, cleanliness, coolness, and cheerfulness and well-being after water procedures will double! You can apply a shade in the base, decorating the entire bathroom with such a tile - ceiling, walls, and floor. But the details can be different.

Color of mint in the bathroom

White bathroom or shower, white curtains for the bath, sink, furniture, decor - this will create an ideal freshness. Here you can "play" with textures, add pearls (for example, in the decor or design of the frame for the mirror), mirror or metal elements, combine glossy mint with matte white. There will be simply a royal bathroom!

Decor and decoration of a bathroom with a mint shade

You can also safely add dark or bright shades in a single color scheme: juicy green, bright blue, pure blue, turquoise, sea waves, azure. Such a mint-bright bathroom will be much fresher, more cheerful and lively. And for a greater variety - combine with a bright orange or yellow decor, dilute a single-colored tile on the walls with bright decorative inserts, experiment.

Mint shade in modern interior solutions is very versatile, it can be combined with a variety of colors, textures, patterns and shapes. The limitation is only your imagination and taste - and there are no strict limits, rules, restrictions, there simply does not exist! The main thing is that the general ensemble should give inspiration, raise the emotional mood, rejoice the eye every day, without bothering. Mint color - just that! He will never be annoying, not bored, but will only please every day. And how to apply it, in what proportions and combinations - it's up to you!

Decor in the bathroom with a mint shade  Mint shade in modern interior solutions  Crumpled color of the walls in the bathroom Muted mint color in the bathroom Bright and decisive interior of a bathroom with a mint shade